Universal diet according to the second blood group


Who would have thought that dieticians could develop an individual food ration according to each person's blood group. Thanks to the scientific discovery of the American physician James Adamo, all that we eat can be divided into two categories: favorable food for the human body and unfavorable, which is also completely harmless and dangerous for the functioning of internal organs.

It turns out that the degree of benefit and danger of the same products for each blood group is different. That's why two different people sitting strictly on the same diet can have radically different results, because changes in the structure of the body takes place at the cellular level. And if you know your blood group and take your "right" foods as food, you can avoid the harmful effects of diet and be slim and fun. The mood depends on the saturation of the body and the correct metabolism, well, maybe a little more from the wonderful environment!

So how do you make people happier?

The second blood group diet is based on the use of plant foods.

People with blood group A are of the type "Farmer", a transition period between the primitive, hunting and agricultural way of life. Practically 40% of people have an 2 group. Such individuals are permanent, organized, balanced, able to control their lives and make bold and reasonable decisions.

According to this, it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of people of type A.

  • YES. They can tolerate changes in diet and nutrition for every day, they are able to experiment during cooking. Having a vegetarian way of life have an excellent immune and digestive system.
  • NO. Sensitive gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, infringements on the side of infectious disorders. High risk of cardiovascular disease, heart, liver, gall bladder, oncological diseases.

Often such people are advised to eat vegetarian food.

Universal diet according to the second blood group

It is better to include in the diet foods of plant composition and preferably in raw form. It is desirable to exclude meat dishes, completely replacing them with fish or meat from a low-fat bird. Dairy products are not allowed in the 2 blood group diet. These products slow down the process of metabolism in the body and cause allergic reactions.

During the planning of a diet, you should choose the right foods, because some of them can cause the body to be full, while others help to significantly lose weight.

Usefull: a number of vegetables and fruits, legumes, soy milk and cottage cheese, mackerel, carp, cod, olive and flaxseed oil, buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat cereals, rice, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, carrots, Jerusalem artichoke, mustard, etc.

Negative: the second positive blood group diet excludes the intake of meat, milk, shrimp, mussels, butter, eggs, cheese, cornflakes, buns, pistachios, nuts, tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, mandarins, oranges, ketchup, mayonnaise.

Restrictions also apply to drinks. Admissible are considered – juices from cherries, carrots, pineapple, apples and grapes. Vegetable cocktails. Water with lemon juice, green tea, soft coffee, red wine.

Prohibited to drink juices from tomatoes, oranges, black tea, alcohol, beer.

Nutritionists recommend in the morning to drink a glass of warm, purified water with a slice of lemon, this facilitates the accelerated cleansing of the intestine from yesterday's food.

Numerous types of diets for the second blood group imply performing physical exercises that can be developed in conjunction with the trainer. Everyday simple exercises on an empty stomach will have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, the figure will be slim and fit, and the mood is fresh and wonderful. For people of type A, such relaxing sports as yoga, swimming, aerobics and stretching are perfect.

Recommendations on nutrition for people with a second blood group

Diet 2 blood group negative

  • Diet 2 blood group negative has no special differences in comparison with positive Rh factor, but there is a slight difference.
  • The daily diet should consist of legumes, cereals and vegetables. Reduced acidity does not allow to effectively digest meat products, so those who often eat meat develop high rice to get obesity. With malnutrition, the immune system may suffer and metabolic processes in the body may worsen.
  • Among the drinks should pay attention to herbal teas, celery, apple, carrot juices, but orange, tangerine, coconut is strictly prohibited. From alcohol will be harmless a glass of red wine.
  • A moderate physical load is useful, without forceful and intensive exercises.
  • Ecologically clean and natural food. It will not be superfluous to even boil water from a spring for tea.
  • Slow walking perfectly maintains the tone of the body, improves metabolism.

Diet 2 positive blood type

  • Diet 2 positive blood group encourages the use of a wide range of vitamins and minerals, it is desirable to limit the intake of pharmacy vitamin A, focusing on its natural reception from food.
  • To maintain a stable normal weight you need to stop eating spicy food, sour berries and fruits, various spices, ketchup and mayonnaise.
  • Beware of the wrong amount of salty foods, smoked fish, herrings, sauerkraut, cucumbers. Eliminate dairy products, cheese, fat yogurt from food.
  • A good supplier of protein in the diet menu on the blood group will be soy dishes, eggs, sausages, bread.
  • Limit the use of sugar and chocolate, you can honey, jam, jam of allowed fruits.

Universal diet according to the second blood group

Several tips on the diet for the blood group are related to the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which is very difficult to digest various meat dishes, and therefore arises in people of the second blood group overweight.

  • Only a plant diet that will help improve the immune system.
  • Fermented food and potato products should also not enter the diet of slimming, garlic, onions, carrots are useful.
  • Moderate consumption of sweet foods.

Excellent dishes will serve

Numerous reviews on the way people feed type A: "For" and "Against."

Lydia, 2 positive blood group.

– I can only say that a diet for the blood group most likely implies not weight loss and muscle building, but a special diet that will help to eliminate harmful foods from the diet and improve the digestive process. Thanks to a special table, which indicates the useful and harmful components of my dishes, I was able to reduce the pain in the stomach, stopped feeling discomfort and even improved my appetite. Yes, the weight of special adjustments has not received, but the fact that I began to fall asleep without pains in the stomach for me is worth a lot of praise. So I advise you to follow a diet according to blood type.

– This special power system does not allow you to throw away the use of useful products so easily and start eating what you want. If you started eating on the chosen diet, you can not back out. Even a superfluous tomato or a spoon of Greek salad can lead to acute pain and malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Be careful! I also recommend not completely abandoning harmful products, and by introducing them into your diet a little, this will allow you to save yourself from lamentable results after visiting a cafe with a friend or a restaurant with your loved one.

Masha, negative second blood group.

– My feedback will be more negative than the previous ones. Yes, I eliminated all unnecessary products from my diet, began to lose weight very much. I lost weight even more than I expected. Therefore she became worried and began to eat again as usual. As a result, I went to a hospital bed, spent two months there and refused to use any diets anymore. It's a pity that it all happened, I understand, it's entirely my fault. It was necessary to gradually introduce the correct foods in the diet and not to throw a balanced diet. But I'm already clever now, but I have not saved myself from the consequencesa.

– For normalization of weight and transition to an intensive sports diet, I began to cleanse the body by choosing the right foods for me, minerals, vitamins and trace elements according to the type of blood. Thank God, everything went fine, for three months I was eating properly, cooked the dishes checked by numerous reviews of Internet users and, on the whole, lost weight by 5 kg. I'm satisfied. It became much easier to go in for sports, began to add to the diet protein food for pumping muscles and no complaints. I advise friends and acquaintances of the type A blood type to repeat my "feat."

Video from the menu diets by blood groups

Reviews about the diet for 2 blood type

Girls, after the second birth, 10 gained extra pounds. What only did not, the result is zero. Have advised a diet on group of a blood. For the second day on it, everything is fine. Can share your experiences and results on this diet?

very much I heard about a diet on a blood group from little girls-colleagues, but could not believe, that she acts. And then our accountant returned from the holiday freshened and postroynevshaya, she said that she changed the diet for the blood group. so I decided to try it. I like very much besides a varied diet, stretching exercises, do not strain, and the body feels fine

I address to all skeptics who consider similar diets quackery! Do you think that this diet is another divorce? I thought the same, honestly! Six months ago, when behind my shoulders was the experience of almost all existing diets, I learned about this. I did not take it seriously. But I tried it! And this was the most sure decision in my life. This diet is the ONLY, which helped me get rid of excess weight! Try before you draw conclusions!

This really works, if you follow a diet for the blood group, you feel much easier.

I also read a lot about the diet for 2 blood group. Today I started, it is very difficult for me, because I love meat products. It's good that you can eat eggs and sausage, I hope I will not fall! Whoever has withstood this diet? How many have dropped, if not a secret? I want to lose weight on 6 kg left after the second birth! And more important for me, is to hold weight later, when will end a diet! Plus, change your diet and eliminate harmful foods!

I've never heard of diets in the blood group. Now I'm sticking to the food that my coach designed for me. In principle, most products coincide with what you can. But all the same I will exclude those that I can not, because I have just the second positive.

After I came from Turkey where I spent 3 weeks, I typed extra 5 kg, I thought that I would drop them easily, I tried a lot of things, I did not help, weight fluctuated: -3 kg and that's it. Stumbled accidentally on a diet for blood groups. At first she did not believe, but there was nothing to lose, she decided to try. I will say the following, if you want to lose 5 kg per week, this diet is not for you, then if you stick to it during the tearing period, the weight is brought to your ideal rate. In addition to weight, well-being, mood also improves. The results were amazing, I did not hope for it, but I repeat again that this diet needs a long period !!

I have a second blood group. I eat about the products described in the article, but I always did it intuitively. I think that because of this I never had problems with being overweight. Although I can not say that I limit myself very much. I can eat peacefully for the night!

To maintain good health, weight and health, I always tried to make myself a menu myself, healthy food there, everything .. I accidentally stumbled on diets for a blood group, I was interested, I had not heard of such before .. It immediately became clear that the diet suits me , since it is not an express method of losing weight, it does not promise -10 kg for a week, a diet for the blood group – a lifestyle, a constant diet for good health and help in losing weight. It was difficult in the beginning, I love both tangerines, and milk, and sauerkraut .. And it's all impossible! Oh God! I used to get used to it for a long time, I could not just abandon everything in a day. It took me a whole month to get used to eating in a new way. But after a month I felt exactly what I hoped for! Diet is mine! Good health, mood, radiant skin! And most importantly! My body began to respond to requests .. I used to go in for sports and somehow it was not particularly noticeable .. But with proper nutrition according to the 2 group of blood, the results from the sport became visible, the body pumped up, more resilient, the skin pleasant. Now I can say that I live in harmony with myself and am friends with my body!)) That's the way to act and diet!)

There was a case, I pounced on this diet with my second blood group. Eliminated milk, eggs, many foods that I'm used to. Did not last three days, because of the cut in the stomach, apparently overdone with vegetables and legumes, so everything muttered inside, that oh! As a result, I returned to the old food, immediately felt better. Still, you must, probably, gradually enter into such a diet.

I do not like harsh, aggressive diets. I am almost always overweight.

somehow after childbirth has decreased significantly, I was very happy, but

now everything comes back again (((I described the diet described scientifically

justified, under the description really much is checked up. switched to it

smoothly, not in one day, but more than two weeks successfully manage,

Weight goes away gradually, not as fast as I would like, but I think it's

Me smokers will understand. As soon as you quit smoking, you immediately gain a lot of excess weight. I had + 15 kg. Was in a shock. I found a blood group 2 on the Internet. Amazing. This is the easiest and most tolerable diet. I tried a lot, but this one is the best. It's easy, it's based on simple things, but it does not become less effective. For the first two weeks I dropped 5 kg. And for a month left 8 kg. At the moment they do not return.

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