Unloading days on water for weight loss: benefit and harm, how much can be reset

Unloading days have long gained a well-deserved popularity among slimming and watching their figure. And people who just want to cleanse their bodies. After the holiday and cheerful feast, when too much high-calorie food was eaten, the body feels heavy and besides there is a fear of gaining extra pounds. It was for such cases, invented unloading days, which help to cleanse the body, restore the former ease and control the weight.

Why do you need a day of water on the water and how often do you spend it?

Water, perhaps, is the most useful of all drinks. The human body needs at least 1,5 liters of clean, fresh water a day. It has zero caloric value and gives the body a real benefit. Helps to disperse metabolism, fight excess weight, improve the quality of the skin, nails and hair. But repeat the experiments of yogis and sit weeks on the water is not worth it, as an ordinary person this can cause great harm. But to choose a certain day and give the body a "breather" is quite useful.

You can spend a day of unloading on the water, not more often than every 10 days. For this day you can cleanse the body of toxins and lose about 1,5 kg. With the regular holding of such days the body will feel better: the quality of the skin, intestinal health will improve, and excess weight will begin to go away naturally. Of course, no cleansing will be effective if the next day again start to overeat. It is best to switch to proper nutrition and then the results will not take long to wait.

What positive changes are observed after a similar unloading day?

  • In the cells, the healing process is launched;
  • Helps skin condition: wrinkles decrease, acne and acne become less;
  • The body is cleansed of many harmful substances;
  • The body derives salt from the joints;
  • General health is getting better.

In general, all the advantages are obvious. What are the disadvantages? You can say that they are not at all. The most important thing is to carry out a fasting day by all the rules and to know the list of contraindications, then from such an experiment only the benefit will be felt.

Of course, many people spend a similar day after they have eaten well before that. But in fact, doctors advise before carrying out such an unloading, for one or two days to switch to eating light food. That is, vegetables, fruits and cereals on the water. But to give up should be from meat and dairy products, as well as eggs. It is advisable to drink a broth of prunes for the night before the discharge day.

  • On the day of unloading the house there is about 1,5-4 liters of filtered water;
  • It is better not to use tap water, there are a lot of harmful microelements in it;
  • Boiled water also does not fit, just filtered;
  • It is best to stay at home on this day or at least not to strain physically. Since energy costs will lead to feelings of hunger and possible failure;
  • During this day it is best to do work, some kind of fascinating affair. In general, that will distract from thoughts about food during the day;
  • Only water is allowed from drinks, with some additives. Tea and coffee are excluded, as they delay the withdrawal of toxins;
  • You can not immediately attack the food. How to enter the unloading day you need to gradually and out of it. So you have to manage vegetable soups, low-fat stewed meat and fruits.

The classic version of unloading

In addition to unloading only on the water, there are still days that allow the use of lemon, tea or kefir. But more on that later. Here you will find the recipe for a classic unloading day on filtered water.

The recipe is quite simple. It is necessary to take up to 4-liters of clean, filtered water and drink it in portions throughout the day, giving up all other products. Approximately one glass of liquid every 40 minutes. But do not pour in another glass, if the water is no longer climbing. The organism itself understands what it needs. Should try to drink for your own pleasure. Although there may be a reverse process, when the body on the contrary feels a stronger thirst. This is only a physiological reaction, indicating that the purification process was started.

Some psychologically difficult to spend a day of unloading on water alone. I want to feel at least some taste. To do this, you can add to the juice of lemon or orange juice. Literally 2-3 drops on the glass. But this is also useful, as the juice of citrus helps the process of splitting fats and it contains a certain amount of vitamins. In addition, the lemon saturates the body with vitamins, due to what "survive" a similar day will be much easier. But remember that the appetite on the contrary will only increase. However, thanks to patience, on water with a lemon you can lose up to 2 kg per day. But it is better not to conduct such experiments to people who have stomach problems, since citric acid is quite aggressive.

For those who are guaranteed not to be able to withstand a day of starvation, there are more sparing days of release. You can try to start with them to prepare your body, and after a while, go only to one water:

  1. Water and green tea. Green tea contains useful elements, it has a positive effect on the body. It is also known for its invigorating and toning properties. So you can add to the unloading day 1,5 a liter of green tea without sugar;
  2. Water and yogurt. Kefir is also one of the popular products for fasting days. It has the properties of removing toxins from the body. Therefore, you can add a liter of kefir to the ration of the day of discharge;
  3. Water and juices. Of course, we do not mean store-made juices with a lot of sugar and preservatives, and freshly squeezed "frashies". They should be diluted in equal proportion with water and drink during the day. Total permissible to drink up to 2 liters of mixtures. But it is important that the body is already accustomed to such kind of drinks, otherwise there may be an intestinal disorder;
  4. Water and apples. This day, perhaps, is easier than all the others, since it contains not only liquid. On a similar day, it is permissible to eat up to 1,5 kilograms of apples, which are also known for the removal of toxins from the body.

Unloading day on mineral water is no different from usual. Although the mineral water will be more useful than usual, due to the content of minerals and trace elements.

But nutritionists deduced 2 version of its conduct – strict and free. If you are strict, you should not eat or drink anything but mineral water. But with free, you should give up only salt, sugar, spices. But with a strong, intolerable feeling of hunger, you can let you eat a piece of protein food. It can be baked fish, chicken breast, boiled egg or natural yogurt. But food though is permissible, but only in small quantities. You can not throw and eat a whole fish at a time.

Despite all the advantages, conducting such an experiment will be useful not for everyone and not always. To some people, he can only do harm, and they prefer to prefer more sparing days of release. And it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting such experiments. Who is forbidden to spend this day off?

  • Pregnant and lactating;
  • In a young or, conversely, retirement age;
  • With a disease of the cardiovascular system or kidneys;
  • At high or low pressure;
  • With diabetes mellitus;
  • During menstruation;
  • With a general weakness of the body, strong dizziness.

How to cope with a feeling of hunger?

To survive the whole day fasting is not at all easy, although the result is worth it. But still many people are worried about the question: "How to overcome the feeling of hunger?". It is especially difficult for those who do not have the opportunity to stay alone at home all day. When people around eat or have to cook for their family. When appetizing aromas are felt from the nearest cafe, it is rather difficult to hold out.

It is best, of course, to occupy yourself in a similar day. This can be ordinary everyday affairs: study, work. It is best to borrow the brain, to immerse yourself completely in some kind of activity, so that there is no desire to be distracted by thoughts about food. You should remember the following tips:

  • A person can do everything – the main correct attitude and self-confidence;
  • With a feeling of hunger, immediately drink a small sip of fresh water, and he will retreat;
  • Contrast shower several times a day will help to distract, relax the body or bring it into a tonus;
  • Here you can also include a hot bath that helps in the removal of slags and a decrease in appetite;
  • Bright scents also help. Putting aroma lamp with essential oil of citrus or mint, you can psychologically alleviate hunger;
  • Presenting before his eyes his own goal – a harmonious and healthy body, it is easier to go to achieve it;
  • You can a day before the day of relieving, rub three garlic cloves and pour them with cold water. Take a teaspoon. This tincture will very effectively reduce appetite.

Unloading day on the water is very popular among slimming, so very many leave feedback about it. Here are some of them:

Victoria, 25 years old, Krasnoyarsk

Svetlana, 34 of the year, Saint-Petersburg

Mikhail, 29 years old, Novosibirsk

"I am engaged professionally in yoga, so the unloading days are a usual thing for me. I spend a day on mineral water 2 times a month. After carrying out, much more lightness in the body is felt, the skin of the face is smoothed, the state of health improves. Clears and consciousness, the character is brought up. Every time you feel how much self-discipline and ability to control your own body were pumping. In general, the impressions are exceptionally positive! "

On the rules of carrying out unloading days on the water you can find out in the following video:

In general, if a person does not have any contraindications, you can at least try to test yourself by spending a day of therapeutic starvation. After that, you can see what changes have occurred with the body and even then decide for yourself whether you need it or not.

I could not stand it on one water. Tried a diet, but I was only up until the evening. Although feeling really has become easier. And if you still combine with meditation, then you can fly simply.

All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

I could not stand it on one water. Tried a diet, but I was only up until the evening. Although feel.

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A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.


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