Unusual chemical diet

This diet, based on the chemical reactions of the body, the regularities of the metabolic process, which promises a loss in weight for a month up to 20 kg. Many adherents of this nutrition system have proven its effectiveness, overweight disappeared, kilograms do not return.

Even the famous doctor Atkins tried it on himself, the result exceeded all expectations.

According to the eminent American cardiologist, the diet:

  • Improves the general condition of the body, removes toxins and harmful substances
  • Normalizes blood sugar, reduces the risk of diabetes mellitus
  • Prevents fatigue, drowsiness, malaise, headaches, muscle and joint pain, even derives from depression.

Like all dietary techniques, the diet of chemical reactions is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who have kidney and liver disease.

To achieve high results, you need to drink at least 2, 5 l of water every day, completely abandon the harmful products, fried, smoked, fatty, floury, sweet, spicy, salty, sour, etc.

Also, a ban on certain types of fruit fell. It's figs, bananas, dates, grapes, avocados, mangoes.

The basic postulates of a diet on chemical reactions

  1. The food must be cooked steamed, grilled or cooked on water, without the addition of meat broths, with a limited amount of salt and spices.
  2. Do not use different oils and fats.
  3. It is allowed to drink at any time non-carbonated drinks, diet coke, coffee without sugar, unsweetened tea, compotes from dried fruits.
  4. When hunger occurs, you can eat raw carrots, cucumber, green apple, but later than two hours after the main meal.
  5. It is necessary to strictly observe the regime, you can not change the regularity of food intake and replace foods with high-calorie foods.
  6. We are weighed every morning after awakening.
  7. It is necessary to engage in light sports.
  8. If they broke off half way – continue not to diet, just start all over again.

Here is such a strict diet of the chemical reactions of the body.

Sample menu of the chemical diet for a day


Scrambled eggs with bacon, green tea without sugar or half-orange and 2 boiled eggs

Low-fat yogurt or any fresh fruit

100 g of baked veal, a serving of wild rice, a cucumber salad and black tea

250 g roasted chicken with seafood salad, half a grapefruit

Before bedtime

A glass of low-fat kefir or green unsweetened tea.

Numerous reviews of losing weight testify that for an effective result you will need to follow the basic rules of the chemical system of weight loss exactly 4 a week.

Chemical diet for 4 weeks

The principle of nutrition is strict adherence to the basic rules of the diet. You can not regulate yourself with sweets and high-calorie foods, no matter how much you like. Decided to lose weight – then, do not retreat from the goal.

It is important to strictly adhere to the schedule of eating. We have breakfast after the awakening, this is 7-8 am. On an empty stomach we drink a glass of water, and then we take these products. Lunch should be no later than 14.00. In the intervals it is allowed to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. But only from the second week. Supper is more satisfying, in unlimited quantity we eat vegetables, salads, fish, steamed or grilled. The last meal should not be later than 19.00h. Before going to bed, if you really want to eat – you are allowed to drink a glass of warm water.

If you are not afraid of anything, and you are ready to start immediately, then first of all you need to consult a nutritionist, write out the menu for each day and after strictly follow all the prescriptions.

Diet, though strict, but diverse. Many vegetables and fruits are allowed, low-fat diet meat, fish, canned peas, tuna, rye bread, boiled eggs, oranges in unlimited quantities.

The results will be visible after a few days after the beginning of the system of weight loss.

Everyone who wants to start eating according to the diet of chemical reactions must understand that there is a load on the kidneys and liver, and therefore it is not worthwhile to withstand such weight loss for a long time.

For people who suffer from excessive body weight, you need to spend unloading days every week, using the above-described menu for one day. This will help balance the weight and normalize the intestinal flora in the body.

During dietary nutrition, there may be dizziness, weakness, caused by a lack of carbohydrates and fats in the body, possibly drowsiness and fatigue.

This suggests that when a diet of chemical reactions to engage in heavy or intense sports is contraindicated. Allowed easy jogging, walking, non-intensive morning exercises and free swimming.

All these procedures should necessarily talk with a leading nutritionist.

With a severe deterioration in health, the diet should be suspended. By a little restore the strength, and if you really want to continue again, start again from the first day.

Reviews and results

Katerina from Belarus writes:

I have well mastered the basic rules of the chemical diet, a strict list of products and a limited time for it. For three weeks I already had the ideal weight, minus 14 kg, but I still withstood all the 4 stages of this system of weight loss.

I'll tell you everything in order. At first it was very difficult and even dangerous for health. I lost consciousness several times, especially the first week, when besides oranges and boiled eggs there was nothing else allowed. But then it became much easier, meat was added to the diet, fresh vegetables. which could be chewed in between meals.

I am very pleased with myself that I have not stopped and I have not lost the strength of will and hope.

Today I completely changed the wardrobe, met a young man with whom we are planning a long and happy future together. Everything is fine.

Victoria from Kiev says:

I was flattered for the high result of the diet, it's not a joke to you, for 4 weeks you can lose up to 28 kg of excess weight, but I inattentively studied the diet. Accordingly, I did not adhere to strictly allowed products, when I really wanted to eat, broke and ate my favorite donuts and chocolate. As a result, my stomach and stomach area started to hurt so badly. The perception of food was distorted, there was a terrible gas generation. A week after 4 days of diet I spent in bed with a sharp attack of gastritis, which was in my chronic form. What I was thinking about, I do not know. Only my family and friends scared.

It's my own fault as a result of the diet. Therefore, I can not say anything bad about the power system according to chemical reactions.

Knowing one thing for sure, I do not want to lose weight anymore and have an eerie feeling of constant desire to eat a whole horse . Bitch!

Chemical diet reviews of doctors

Nutritionist Maria Ivanovna, is pretty skeptical about this diet. She justifies this by saying that protein foods without carbohydrates have a detrimental effect on the liver and kidneys of the skinny, and consequently causes spasms in the digestive system. If you really want to lose weight, you should take the main points of this method of nutrition. Everyone should know. That orange and grapefruit are strong sources of fat-burning acid, which helps the intestines to digest food faster and remove excess fat cells from the body.

The metabolic process that causes the permitted products of a chemical diet allows the digestive tract to normalize the blood sugar level, preventing the occurrence of diabetes mellitus.

"Yes, of course, there is good in it, but there are more drawbacks, unfortunately. The first week of the diet is very strict, just imagine that it feels intestine, when the whole week you give it only boiled eggs, a solid protein, complex, especially if you eat before going to bed or in the afternoon, and an acidic grapefruit, whose acid corrodes the walls of the intestine, provoking malaise, abdominal pain, spasmodic sudoras.

As soon as you feel something like this, immediately stop this diet, you can lose weight and you will be able to, but to return to life and full functioning the gastrointestinal tract will be much more complicated.

Such a diet will be very handy for those who have a lot of excess weight, and remove it no turns. Here in this case, a diet based on chemical reactions will even be useful.


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