Urgent diet – fast getting rid of extra pounds

Most girls who are constantly forced to fight with extra pounds, plow the expanse of the Internet in search of diets that allow you to lose weight quickly and effectively in just a couple of days or weeks. Such diets exist and there are quite a lot of them, but it is necessary to realize that they do not always pass without a trace. As a rule, there are violations of the internal organs and systems, which leads to the development of various diseases.

However, there are situations when you need to lose weight right here and now, and it is completely unimportant what consequences will arise after that. So, if you need emergency help in the fight against excess weight, then you can use the below presented diets, which in just a few days will help you achieve your goals.

But at once we warn that it will be very difficult to keep the achieved results, therefore it is necessary to observe some rules of an exit from short-term diets, which include:

  • the daily calorie intake should be increased gradually. Do not immediately lean on fried potatoes or meat, because the body will be weakened and he may simply not take this food (vomiting may open);
  • you must also adhere to some rules that go into the diet that you have chosen. That is, if it says, drink a lot of water, then after the end of the diet you should drink plenty of water, if it is not said in it after six in the evening, then after it is over, you can not eat at this time, etc .;
  • if during a diet you feel dizzy, darkening in the eyes, weakness, etc., you need to give up this diet and go to the old diet.

And now let's talk about the diets themselves, which allow you to lose weight urgently.

Protein diet for 3 days

This urgent diet allows only three days to reset from 3 to 5 kg. In this case, it is necessary to consume only protein foods in limited quantities. Namely boiled eggs and low-fat cottage cheese.

In the morning it is allowed to eat only one boiled soft boiled egg. After three hours you can eat a small portion of cottage cheese (150 g) and drink a glass of green tea without sugar. After three hours again, repeat the second meal and do not eat anything else. You can drink only non-carbonated mineral water.

Proteins are very long digested by our body, so he spends more calories for their digestion than he receives. And since with such food he gets a negligible amount of calories for him, there is a significant decrease in weight.

Star diet

This urgent diet for weight loss is popular among actors and show business stars, since it only allows 4 day to bring your figure back to normal.

So, the stellar diet means by itself the use:

  • on the first day an unlimited amount of boiled unsalted rice and tomato juice;
  • on the second day of an unlimited amount of 1% kefir and low-fat cottage cheese;
  • the third day of an unlimited amount of boiled white meat and green unsweetened tea;
  • the fourth day 1 a bottle of red wine and an unlimited amount of cheese, while water can not be drunk.

This urgent diet to lose weight will allow for 3 – 4 kg. At the same time, you will not feel hunger and irritation at all, especially on the last day of the diet.

Weekly Diet

If you have a week in stock, then you can use this diet for weight loss, which has a strict menu, its non-compliance leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the process of losing weight. So, the menu for this diet is:

  • завтрак: a cup of tea or coffee without the addition of cream and sugar;
  • lunch: apples carrots in unlimited quantities, they can be grated and eaten as a kind of salad, or you can use them separately;
  • dinner absent.

In this case, coffee and tea can be replaced with freshly squeezed juices, it is good if they are prepared from citrus fruits, while sugar can not be added to them. And apples can be replaced with cucumbers and cabbage. However, to make such a replacement should be rare, 1 or 2 times for the entire period of dieting.

As you can see, you can lose weight fast, but you should understand that it will be extremely difficult to keep the achieved results, and you can repeat such a diet only through 4 – 6 months, when the body is fully restored.

Since the menu for all urgent diets is limited, it is recommended to take vitamin complexes in addition to avoid developing avitaminosis, which threatens to worsen the state of health and skin, hair and nails.


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