Usama Hamdiy Diet: A Professional Look at Weight Loss

If you want to lose a significant excess weight, and are not limited in terms, the ideal option for you will be the diet of Usama Hamdiy. This unique method of weight loss, developed by an American doctor endocrinologist, is based on the principle of changing chemical reactions in the human body. The diet is designed for 4 weeks or 28 days, during which it is lost from 10 to 28 kilograms of excess weight, depending on the initial weight of the body losing weight.

Usama Hamdiy's diet: in brief about the main

  • Type of diet: therapeutic, low-calorie, low-carb
  • Duration: 28 days.
  • Result: from 10 to 28 kilogram.
  • Repetition: not more than once a year.
  • Advantages: visible result, health effect, balance, absence of lack of vitamins and minerals.
  • Contraindications: pregnancy, breast-feeding, allergic reactions to cottage cheese and citrus, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Usam Hamdiy and his creation – cottage cheese diet

The Hamdiy diet was originally intended for people suffering from obesity in diabetes and heart disease. Over time, the technique of losing weight, which allows you to comfortably lose those extra pounds without suffering from hunger, has gained popularity among people who do not have health problems. The scheme of nutrition written down to trifles is suitable for people of all ages, and a varied diet avoids the need for additional vitamin-mineral complexes. The basis of the diet is a strict restriction of carbohydrates, in favor of protein products.

A man is offered a specially designed menu for a month, which he must strictly observe, adhering to the general principles of dietary nutrition. Losing weight is due to a decrease in the amount of carbohydrates in the diet and the prevalence of protein. Faced with a shortage of available energy coming from carbohydrates, the body goes into a different metabolic regime and begins to consume accumulated fat reserves. At the same time the protein reserves remain intact, and the muscles are not subject to changes, which provides a long-playing effect of the Hamdi diet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cottage cheese Hamdiy diet has a number of significant advantages: it is easily tolerated, the date is an amazing result and does not create a deficit of vitamins and trace elements. However, this technique is not recommended for people who have a chronic pathology of the gastrointestinal tract and kidney function. One of the most significant drawbacks of this weight loss program is the need for strict adherence to the proposed diet, which allows you to rebuild the biochemical processes in the body. Any error in the menu will require the need to return to the beginning of the diet.

Golden rules of diet Hamdiy:

  • During the diet, you must drink at least 2,5 liters of fluid per day.
  • Cooked dishes may be seasoned with spices, but not with salt.
  • It is necessary to weigh each day and fix your weight, after the morning toilet.
  • It is allowed to use tea and coffee, but without sugar and milk.
  • Exclude from the diet products containing fats, oil and potatoes.
  • Prohibited fruits: bananas, grapes, dates, mangoes, figs.
  • It is allowed to eat apples, oranges, grapefruits, plums, kiwi and mandarins.
  • With a strong sense of hunger, it is allowed to have a bite of lettuce, cucumber or tomatoes, but not earlier than in 2 hours after eating.
  • Vegetables are boiled in boiling water without adding oil and salt.
  • It is allowed to use lean varieties of fish and meat.

Usama Hamdi's cheese curd: menu

These products are distributed for the whole day, without changing their total number.

Video about the diet of Usama Hamdiy

Video about the Hamdi protein diet

Reviews about the cottage cheese diet of Usama Hamdiy

I really like diets based on proper nutrition, but there is also a menu, do not think about what to cook. Weighed once a week, I do not see the point of doing it more often. dropped about 8 kilo

Last year I was on a diet Dyukana, well off, but because of her health problems had to quit. Over the winter I gained weight, go in for sports, but now I want to go on a diet again. I looked at the menu, it seems like everything is balanced, I'll go to buy products. Girls who sat off as a result and if there were any small piles, after a bitter experience I'm afraid for health.

Debt was looking for a suitable diet for itself, but as usual – there is not like it, from this only get fat, until I came across a diet of Osama Hamdiy. To be honest, I read about the diet only because of the funny name (well, I did not hear about such a doctor at that time, do not throw slippers) 🙂 I really liked the menu: I love the cottage cheese wildly, apples and chicken, and then eat – I do not want. Yes, at first it was difficult, but the main thing is to endure the first week! And on the scales every day! Will see how the weight goes – and you will not want to eat too much. Over 28 days, I dropped 13 kg: from 83 to 70. Weight is not typed, I'm in the same pore for 2 months. I'll wait a year and then sit down again.

When I first read about the diet of Osama Hamdiy, she reacted with distrust to her, because there were too many "non-dietary" foods in her opinion, in my opinion. For example, meat, chicken, fish, cottage cheese. However, I decided to try. Feel great, no exhausting starvation, no side effects! To my surprise, I managed to lose 3 kg for 7 weeks.

It turns out, it's even interesting: refresh dishes not with salt, but with spices. I have already observed the deposition of salts between the cervical vertebrae. The lack of salt in the diet was good for me. The neck stopped hurting, crackling, and it became easy to turn. In addition, my weight from the diet of Osama Hamdi significantly went down. I jumped to the ceiling, getting up in the morning and evening on the scales. Mood! Do not pass.

Hurray, I dropped an entire 10 kilogram! This is real progress for me, because until this time I was not able to reduce my weight so much. And I was helped to cope with this task. The diet of Osama Hamdiy. I'm totally ecstatic and ready to go to the sea with a new figure !!

Dear girls, I want to share the experience of my friend who wanted to lose weight. At first she wanted to go to a nutritionist, but since this is an expensive service, she decided to try a cottage cheese diet, she loves all protein! through 1,5 months it became already noticeable, she lost weight kg on 5, and by the end of the diet she threw off 10 kg, now she is slender, wears short skirts)))

She wanted to lose weight by the time she was born – after giving birth and breast-feeding she gained an extra kilogram. Milk, especially cottage cheese I adore – it almost every day. And then I learned about the curdled diet and I thought – "This is just for me." It was hard to sit on it was not – the only difficulty was for me the drinking of water in such quantity – I did not spill water alas. But even with this I managed and to the right day dropped 11 kg. I am pleased.

I unfortunately did not master the whole month on this diet, but only half the time. But I can say that there is an effect! I advise this diet sweet tooth !!

For several years there was a terrible intestinal dysbiosis, allergies, a loose stool, and so on. When the metabolism was cured and the metabolism was restored, suddenly I began to improve sharply, completely did not understand what was happening to me. Has typed or collected about thirty kg. It turned out that removed one problem and then another, no less serious, arose. I tried several diets, no use. Heard about this and rejoiced, I love cottage cheese and fish). Itself was surprised, how has thrown off for a month about 12 kg. I did not expect such a quick result.

Thank you for this article. Thanks to the diet of Usama Hamdiy, he dropped 9 kg in about a month. Thanks to a large number of protein products, any person can lose excess pounds.

He showed a diet to his girlfriend, who likes to play sports and, as a result, watches her body. The implementation of the diet is quite simple, as there is no need to look for exotic products. Everything comes easily in the shops. With her athletic build and growth in 165, she discarded 5 kg (weighed 65). Better began to look through the press and muscles of the legs. The priest became more elastic.

Dumped on her last year 34. I recommend everyone the coolest diet! The year has passed again, and for 6 days 5,4 kg has already gone.

Magnificent diet, experienced on itself, minus 20 kg, changed the size from 50 to 44. I had to change the wardrobe.

Cottage cheese than tuck?

It can be rather dry! Ile crumbly! Komochkami and so on .

My husband and I buy grain, only we must watch that the fat content was not more than 5%.

Hello. I'm sitting on the egg diet of Osama Hamdia . ..week-5. kg))))) it's a pity,) . ))) it's a pity, really . .that afterwards I learned that there is a cottage cheese option (I do not like eggs very much), but decided to finish it, it hurts the result))) left swelling on my legs .


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