Useful diet for reducing blood cholesterol


On the question: how to reduce the cholesterol in the blood, there is an effective response: reduce the consumption of fatty foods!

The total share of food eaten per day should be polyunsaturated fatty acids, in simple words – more vegetables and fruits, less fatty meat and various dressings with oil and spices.

For people who are obese, it would be correct to abandon the consumption of salt, replacing it with lemon juice.

Recommendations for an anti-cholesterol diet

  1. We change the established food principles. We begin to closely monitor the weight and products on the table.
  2. We introduce olive oil into the diet, we completely forget about vegetable and animal fats.
  3. Less boiled and steamed eggs per day are allowed per week 3 pcs. Considering the different ways of preparing them.
  4. Legumes are in high esteem. They contain a water-soluble fiber that helps to remove cholesterol from the body. According to medical research, 1,5 h boiled beans per day can lower cholesterol by 20% in just 3 weeks.
  5. It is important not to allow jumps with the parameters of the figure. Dramatic fullness or weight loss can cause an increase in cholesterol in the blood, that adverse images will affect your health.
  6. More fresh fruits, preferably ripened naturally, without additional nitrates and other ingredients. Grapefruit fiber is able to lower the cholesterol level by 2% for 7 month.
  7. Favorably affect the body oat bran, they are rich in pectin. And also contain a special substance that expels fat cells from the digestive tract.
  8. Intensive exercise.
  9. Meat products in moderation, red meat is useful for the work of the cardiovascular system.
  10. Sour-milk products of low fat content are also ready to fight for lowering cholesterol in a person's blood.

Useful diet for reducing blood cholesterol

Diet to reduce cholesterol

Breakfast: a portion of buckwheat porridge, unsweetened tea, an apple.

Second breakfast: vegetable salad, with a minimum of salt, dressed with olive oil, a glass of carrot juice.

Lunch: steamed chicken cutlets, stewed vegetables, fresh vegetable salad.

Afternoon snack: fruit salad, two spoons of oat bran, washed down with apple juice.

Dinner: lean fish cooked on the grill, steamed vegetables, a slice of black bread and a glass of unsweetened tea.

Before going to bed: 200 ml kefir low fat.

Such a diet can be a long-term nutrition if the cholesterol level in the blood is very high.

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