Useful properties and contraindications of blackberry berries

Blackberries are a small and very tasty berry of dark purple color.

This berry is the closest relative of raspberry.

Unfortunately, only a few people know about the beneficial properties of the blackberry garden berry.

And yet, this berry is very valuable for human health.

Composition and calorie content of berries

Blackberries are a real storehouse of vitamins and microelements.

It includes such substances as:

  • organic acids (salicylic, apple, tartaric and citric);
  • salts of mineral substances (manganese, potassium, nickel, copper, chromium, barium, magnesium, iron, calcium, molybdenum, strontium, sodium, cobalt, vanadium, titanium, phosphorus);
  • vitamins (tocopherol, vitamins PP, C, A, K, ascorbic acid, B vitamins, rutin);
  • sucrose;
  • cellulose;
  • fructose;
  • glucose;
  • fatty oil;
  • amino acids;
  • carotene;
  • tannic and aromatic compounds;
  • pectin substances.

With such a rich composition, the calorie content of the blackberry is quite small – only 36 kcal in 100 grams of berries.

Blackberry Properties

Since ancient times, this tasty berry has been used to treat a variety of diseases.

Among them were even such serious diseases as diabetes, inflammation of the joints, kidneys and bladder.

Thanks to the content of bioflavonoids (natural antioxidants), blackberries have anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effects, and also promote better digestibility of vitamin C and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Systematic reception of blackberry broth helps to destroy intestinal parasites and other pathogens.

Drink from the blackberry – an excellent antipyretic, which will help you, if at hand suddenly there will be tablets of aspirin. This drink not only reduces the temperature in the shortest time, but also eliminates the focus of inflammation.

Blackberries are truly unique!

Especially it is useful to women who have reached the menopause period or experienced strong menstrual pain and frequent hormonal problems.

What is Echinacea and how to use it can learn here. This herb is useful for children.

Do you want to normalize blood pressure, improve the blood composition, calm the shaky nervous system and remove the increased excitability?

Eat a blackberry in fresh form or prepare from it a useful tea!

By the way, this way you can improve the work of the intestines.

Remember, immature berries are used as a fixative, and those who are ripe have a laxative effect on the body.

Blackberry accelerates the metabolism in the body, it is very useful for obesity.

And this berry helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, because it is often used to treat the liver.

Moreover, pectin, contained in the blackberry, removes from the body pesticides and salts of heavy metals.

And to help the heart heal from a neurosis, regularly take a decoction of blackberry branches.

Helps the blackberry and with spikes, resulting from surgical operations.

Benefits not only in berries!

If you think that all the power of the blackberry is concentrated in its berries, you are very wrong!

No less useful are the leaves of this plant.

They have good astringent, antipollution, wound-healing and diaphoretic action.

Because of this wide range of action, experts recommend taking a decoction of blackberry leaves with dysentery, diarrhea, pulmonary and gastric bleeding, ulcers, eczema, lichen and purulent wounds.

And if you are not too lazy to finely chop blackberry leaves and squeeze out juice from them, you get a good medicine for bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, anemia, sore throat, pharyngitis, fever and many gynecological diseases.

Also this juice has a restorative, tonic and soothing effect on the body.

Decoction of blackberry leaves is very useful in gastric bleeding and gastritis, but infusion is often used as a rinse for various diseases of the gums, caries and stomatitis.

Fresh leaves of blackberries can be applied for several hours at the feet with varicose veins or chronic ulcers.

They will have a regenerating effect and will reduce painful sensations.

Once the leaves are completely dry, change them to fresh ones.

Do not forget to pamper yourself. A list of low-calorie sweets can be found here. Without sweet it is difficult.

If you are on a strict diet, I recommend a drink from ginger for weight loss: Tea with cinnamon and ginger is an effective remedy.

Do this procedure until the ulcers are completely healed.

But as for varicose veins, such compresses should be done regularly for a long enough time.

Do not abuse the blackberry

No matter how useful this berry is, it, like any other product, has a couple of contraindications.

You should also read them:

  • an allergic reaction in the form of nausea, intestinal disorders, and sometimes in the form of disorders of the heart muscle;
  • kidney disease;
  • people suffering from diseases of the small intestine and stomach, it is better to replace berries with blackberry juice;
  • if you have an increased acidity of the stomach, do not take more than one glass of blackberry juice per day.

In all other cases the blackberry can become not only an excellent dessert, but also a good medicinal product of natural origin.

How to procure a blackberry

Bushes of blackberry fruit only in the summer, and we want to be healthy in any weather and in any season.

Do not worry, blackberries are equally useful in fresh as well as in processed form!

You can cook from them a delicious jam, which also has useful properties, and compote, to prepare a delicate jelly, sweet syrup and medicinal tincture.

Moreover, the blackberry perfectly tolerates the influence of low temperatures, so it can be safely frozen in the freezer!

This is very simple!

Just carefully place the berries on a flat dish so that they do not touch each other.

Now they need to be frozen, and then poured into a special container to store food in the freezer.

Take for a rule to eat at least a small handful of blackberries a day and be healthy!

Video dessert

For dessert today, a scientific and educational video about the hero of our day – the blackberry.

My grandmother told me about her useful properties. That's why I eat it in large quantities.

This berry I'm already eating and harvesting for the winter. Vitamins are never superfluous.

I like the blackberry very much and am looking forward to the season to prepare it for future use. We have it growing in the country and we are eating it right from the bushes. Leaves dry land and in the winter we make tea. But that leaves can squeeze the juice and that it has useful properties, did not know. Thank you. Very informative article.

Interestingly, the taste of blackberries in the mountains, is different from the purchase. I tried to eat "wild". About the juice from the sheets of blackberries did not know. Pleasantly surprised. Very useful berry, it will be necessary to purchase.


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