Useful properties of mint in combination with a pleasant refreshing taste

On Earth, an incredible number of plants grow, most of which can be useful to humans.

We use the properties of these amazing creatures in cosmetology, perfumery, medicine and cooking.

For a long time scientists have proved that the first medicines were the wards of Flora, who throughout the history of mankind provided immense assistance to medicine.

All this is peculiar to a small and unimpressive plant, which has an amazing attracting aroma.

It will be about mint (motherboard, bib).

From the general diversity of the green world, it may seem strange that so much attention is paid to it.

It is interesting that mint is used in many countries since ancient times.

This miracle is used both in traditional medicine (on its basis created validol), and in non-traditional.

Unique properties

Peppermint is a very common herbaceous plant.

Her menthol taste and amazing smell are just unique.

The treatment uses more of the aboveground part, meaning fox and inflorescence, because they are rich in essential oils.

Collect and harvested mint usually in the summer – this is the time of flowering of the plant, which can persist for a long time.

It is a universal plant for disease prevention and treatment.

The plant has anticonvulsant, soothing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and carminative action.

Infusion of mint is used for coughing, heartburn, diarrhea, headache.

Apply it and as a remedy for various diseases of the stomach.

Mint is used as a bactericidal drug in cuts and frostbite.

Since this plant has a pronounced disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect, it is often used for colds and lung diseases.

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External water mint infusion use for lotions with cramps, arthrosis and rheumatic pains, with inflammatory skin processes.

Mint finds a place in the composition of toothpastes and powders, mint drops, also in confectionery production and in cooking, like spiciness.

Also, this herb has found its wide application in problems of the nervous system due to a pronounced soothing effect.

Possible harm

The strength of the action on the body depends on the amount of mint.

The composition of medicinal plants include active substances that affect differently on the body.

Menthol (a drug from the essential oil of mint) has a noticeable effect on the work of the heart.

The plant is used in the manufacture of corvalol and valocordin.

But because of this, mint can negatively affect people suffering from arterial hypotension.

It is especially worth noting that poisoning of all types is possible, so use the plant only with the permission of the doctor.

Allergic reactions are possible.

Experts do not recommend using mint to children under six years old.

Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are also contraindicated.

Peppermint: all secret properties of the plant

This plant was first grown in 17 art. in England.

On the territory of Russia, it became known from the end of 19 art.

There are other names of this plant: English (camphor, fragrant, canine, black), female mint, blessed, cold, a fragrance.

Still there is an unofficial name for peppermint – menthol.

This is because English peppermint oil contains 50% menthol.

There are two forms of peppermint – white and black. Mint white – a gentle smell, and black – more menthol.

Black mint is a valuable source of menthol.

It is prescribed for various neurotic conditions, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

The roots of parsley, useful properties are much richer than green leaves. Learn more about this, and about many other features of using this plant.

When it is necessary to collect the flowers of hawthorn, so that their useful properties were kept as much as possible, read here.

Preparations from fragrant mint have antimicrobial, antiseptic, bactericidal, expectorant action.

There is a positive effect on the immune system of mint English.

With the help of peppermint in the home you can also scare away mosquitoes and mosquitoes.

Application for women

Today, women can safely use the power of nature to get rid of some of their problems.

For example, with gynecological problems, sedentary baths using aromatic mint oil will be helpful.

Here it is worth to be attentive to the nature of pain, so as not to confuse with appendicitis.

Apply these baths no more than 20 minutes, otherwise dizziness may occur.

Lotions of menthol water will help narrow the wide pores, which can be the cause of sweating.

Some experts argue that, given the absence of congenital defects or organic defects, the use of infusion of mint leaves with honey and lemon can help in the treatment of female infertility.

Women who have elevated levels of testosterone, there is an increase in weight, as well as hair growth on the face and body.

Therefore, women consume peppermint containing phytoestrogen to reduce the amount of male hormone.

How mint affects men

There is an opinion that mint somehow has a special effect on men's opportunities.

There is no unequivocal answer.

The decrease in potency in men with mint is approved on the basis of research by American scientists on mice.

The animals were given mint infusion instead of water, because of which there was a decrease in sexual activity.

It should be remembered that mice drank only this liquid.

In this case, an overdose could occur that has contraindications.

We also note that this plant has a calming effect and healing properties on the whole organism.

While it is not known about the precise effect of mint on men.

At the same time, mint tea with black raisins or dates can positively influence the potency that has arisen from nervous exhaustion.

It is interesting that with the help of mint, which is part of medicinal tea, you can get rid of smoking.

This drink is recommended to drink at times of keen desire to smoke.

How to combine business with pleasure

How nice to spend time in conversation with family over a cup of tea with mint.

Note that tea made from herbs is just an ideal drink for the whole family.

With the taste of tea, you can experiment an unlimited number of times.

Tea on mint can be drunk at different temperatures: it depends on the season.

The composition of herbs in the collection for tea can also be chosen suitable for any meal.

Tea with mint and for thirst quenching is suitable.

When drinking tea, remember the amount of drink you drink.

Such tea will be useful to people suffering from disorders of the nervous system, from headaches, to restore peace of mind.

Suitable for such tea suffering from hypertension.

It is necessary to pay attention that it is often impossible to drink such tea.

The number of leaves per cup is not more than one to avoid side effects.

We have become acquainted with an amazing and miraculous plant – mint.

She will become a true friend and helper to each of us.

If this plant is used correctly and with caution, given the contraindications, it is possible to get rid of a number of problems.

Useful properties of mint give it the opportunity to occupy a leading position in folk medicine.

This is your true friend.

Video dessert

Look, the video "Green Pharmacy", about the benefits of plants with a pleasant menthol flavor.

I love tea with mint. It was nice to learn that he still helps to get rid of excess weight.

Peppermint attracts me primarily with its smell, and only then I remember that it is not only fragrant, but also useful. And what a wonderful tea is with mint: tasty, aromatic and, undoubtedly, very useful.

And I cook mint syrup (like jam). And throughout the winter we enjoy the whole family with tea and even coffee with an unmatched mint flavor.

Menthol does not affect the work of the heart. It is worth reading the medical literature before writing the articles, as well as the mechanism of action. Menthol is used as a topically irritating agent for a distraction effect.

Neurology does not "appoint" "mint", because the smell is very sharp. This can provoke different effects, especially in people with epilepsy.

You are the only one who wrote the truth about the mint. Thank you. I wanted to know about the mint more

Hello. My 5 summer child had a strong toothache. Because it was in the evening, when the polyclinics were already closed, took advantage of tincture of fresh mint. Enough literally three times to rinse your mouth and the pain went away.

Along with the usual fresh mint I use liquid mint from Alberto Croozo, perhaps you know about this. What I can say is, first of all, it is very convenient, because liquid mint is water soluble and it is convenient to use it in almost all dishes. To whom it can be interesting, go to them on the site, everything is there, but the thing is cool and worthwhile, I always recommend and advise everyone!


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