Useful properties of plum

The name "plum" comes from the Latin word "Prúnus", which refers to the genus of stone fruit plants, which includes, in addition to the domestic plum, also peach, apricot, cherry, almonds.

Currently, there are several hundred species of domestic plum, common in temperate northern latitudes.

Plum has lanceolate, simple leaves with serrated edges.

Flowers are plum pink or white, there are five petals and five sepals, perhaps a single inflorescence, or collected in an umbrella (2-6 inflorescences).

The fruit has been known for a long time.

It contains a large number of vitamins, minerals, as well as elements that are necessary for normal life of the human body.

It contains many proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber.

The composition includes free organic acids, there are calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, copper, manganese, provitamin A, vitamins B1, B6, B2, PP, as well as vitamins E and C.

Plum is rich in vitamin P, which can reduce blood pressure, strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

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It should be noted that vitamin P remains in the sink even after its complete processing.

Not only fresh plums, but also dried, in particular prunes, compotes with pulp, have a mild laxative effect, so they can be used for constipation, as well as for intestinal atony.

Black plum or prune

Black plum has such useful properties as activation of a metabolism in a sick body, and also help the body with rheumatism.

Doctors advise to use it to patients suffering from hypertension, as well as people with kidney disease.

Thanks to the systematic use of prunes, it is possible to remove "malignant" cholesterol from the human body.

In the black sludge there are chemical compounds of potassium (214 mg per 100 grams of fruit), which have a diuretic effect, that is, promote the removal of excess fluid from the body.

Potassium is characterized by participation in the transmission of nerve impulses, due to which the muscle contraction occurs, the activity of the cardiovascular system is also maintained, and the acid-base balance in the human body is regulated.

Thanks to the potassium that is in this fruit, the bile separates.

Not only the fruits of the plum, but also its leaves have medicinal properties.

From dried or fresh leaves of plum, you can prepare tinctures that promote wound healing.

Plum is included in the diet of patients suffering from intestinal diseases, gout.

It is necessary to use it in the presence of atherosclerosis.

In the fruits of black plum there are coumarins – substances that can prevent the formation of blood clots on the walls of blood clots, besides they help to cure thromboses, promote the expansion of coronary vessels.

The body easily digests plum, its fruits help to form additional red blood cells, effectively cleanse the stomach, relax the lower digestive tract.

The fruit is most effective as a therapy for diseases that are associated with excessive bile in the body.

Thanks to the use of plums, the liver is strengthened, blood is purified, toxins are eliminated from the body.

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When eating compote from dried plum you can reduce body temperature, so plum compote is recommended for use for the treatment of colds.

The unripe plum is not able to help the body, so we recommend leaving the unripe fruit for a while, and use it only after full ripening.

Use in folk medicine

Traditional medicine suggests using the sweating properties of plum wood, the antipyretic effect of its cortex, the laxative effect of flowers.

In the sink contain pectin substances, due to which there is no development in the intestines of putrefactive processes.

Thanks to the presence of vitamin C in the plum, folk medicine recommends it as a means to improve immunity, and also as a method of preventing infectious and colds.

Plum helps the body recover after a long illness.

this fruit is able to prevent the formation of cataracts, since it contains provitamin A.

Traditional medicine involves the use of plums as a means of strengthening the nervous system.

Due to the low caloric content it is possible to include it in any diets, or to consume a plum on special unloading days.

Contraindications for use

It is known not only useful properties of plum, but also contraindications to its use.

It is not desirable to take in food for people suffering from obesity and diabetes.

Care should be taken to drain the children, as possible indigestion, diarrhea.

Fruit juice should be used neatly for rheumatism, gout, as for these diseases it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of liquid in the body, and draining helps to remove excess fluid from the body.

Plums are rich in sugar, so for diabetics it is recommended to use only a minimal amount.

Useful properties of ossicles

In the kernels of the stone plum there is amygdalin, which belongs to the group of cyanogenic glycosides.

After entering the human body, under the action of enzymes, bacteria, amygdalin begins to decompose.

After the destruction in the body accumulates hydrocyanic acid, but its amount is minimal, that is, there is no danger to the body.

No trouble for the body when swallowing plum seeds will not occur.

When cooking jam from the plum, the amygdaline is destroyed, and therefore the bones are absolutely harmless.

Chinese medicine suggests using the seeds of plum, apricot for the preparation of infusion, helping to get rid of a cough that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Such tincture can be recommended as an expectorant, that is, for the treatment of colds.

Plum is not only delicious, but also a useful fruit.

When using it, care must be taken for people with diabetes and children.

It helps strengthen the body, restore it, and therefore is recommended as a dietary nutritious product.

Video dessert

Watch the video, from the series of programs with Elena Malysheva "Live healthy!":

I love both fresh plum and prunes. Fresh love because it's just delicious, and prunes perfectly cleans the body. You can not eat much, because it's quite caloric and you can easily put on weight. But the truth is to clean just enough to eat all 4-5 prune stuff.

I have a standard breakfast – 30 gram oat flakes + 30 grams prunes (this is 2-3 stuff). And the porridge becomes sweeter, and for digestion it is very useful)

What a fine fellow! You can immediately see that you watch your health and figure. At me though and not such useful breakfast, but from plum I shall not refuse never, in any quantity. I just adore her in all kinds. A plum jam is generally something.


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