Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)


All those who read information on how to build muscle tissue, it should be known that to increase it you need to consume more calories than you burn in a day.

It is useless to wait for a positive result, if you do not take care of building materials. Does it make sense to hire builders to erect a house without having provided them with bricks and other building materials? Obviously, spending money on attending a sports hall without proper food will be empty.

Nutrition can contribute to your progress or prevent it. You can go to the gym every day, but if you do not eat properly, your muscle volume will not increase. Yes, you can become stronger, but this does not affect the size of your muscles.

Considering the foregoing, even if a person realizes that he needs to consume more calories to build muscle, he does it wrong, trying to eat as much as possible and consume everything.

Then the choice of food becomes especially important. If you do not choose only useful food for yourself, you will gain weight, not increase in muscle mass.

Below you will find tips on how to choose the right thing for what you eat, if you really want to achieve an increase in muscle mass. You have to replace food, which promotes rapid saturation, foods that are more caloric. Then you will realize that getting a lot of calories is not such an impossible task.

Finished oatmeal is a source of slowly digestible carbohydrates, it is inexpensive, and it is easy to prepare. Using oatmeal for breakfast, many people are just confident in improving their health. In addition, breakfast can be varied, given that oatmeal can be eaten with a huge number of fillers and additives.

Unfortunately, during the cooking process, the oatmeal is too saturated with liquid, which contributes to your rapid saturation. Hardly you can eat something other than a portion of oatmeal, but get only 300 calories.

Instead, you can eat porridge in raw form. Pour a small amount of oatmeal into the bowl, put a banana cut on top, pour a little milk (as much as you usually fill in the flakes). In that case, the liquid will not saturate the oatmeal too much, so there will be room in your stomach for more food, respectively, and more calories. 400 g of raw oatmeal is about 700 calories, which makes raw oatmeal the perfect dish for breakfast.

4-5 servings of fruit a day will provide your body with the necessary antioxidants. In addition, in fruits – a large amount of fiber, their use will help you to refrain from eating sweet.

Unfortunately, in this case, as in the case of oatmeal, a large amount of the liquid contained in the fruit will give a too rapid saturation effect.

To cope with this problem, replace the fresh fruit with dried fruits. Using them, you will get almost 10 times more calories, and the benefits of dried fruits are not less than fresh fruit.

Dried fruits can be mixed with nuts, they can be used as fillings in muffins and cupcakes, they can also be added to dough for pancakes – this will be a quick and high-calorie breakfast.

According to the recommendations on healthy nutrition and considering all the useful properties of fish, more and more people add fish to their main diet.

White fish is an excellent dietary product, because it is low in calories and high in protein. But if you are striving to build muscle, then because of its low calorie, white fish is not suitable for you.

Replace the white fish with salmon. Salmon is a source of very important fatty acids for the body, which favorably affects both the general health state and the increase in muscle mass. Salmon contains twice as many calories as white fish, so it is so useful for building muscle mass.

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Like white fish, egg whites are an important source of proteins. In addition, proteins are very simple to prepare, and their purchase is inexpensive.

Given that few eat red meat or chicken meat for breakfast, depriving themselves of protein, egg whites can become their source.

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Instead of throwing yolks, it is better to eat them. By balancing the consumption of whole eggs and egg whites, you can maintain a low level of cholesterol in the blood, at the same time, getting enough calories.

If you do not have health problems, then you may well include one or two whole eggs in your daily diet. The yolk contains many useful substances, for example, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and thiamine, so your body will only benefit from the receipt of important trace elements.

Regular use of a sufficient number of dairy products is important for strong bones and correct muscle contraction. Low-fat yogurt is a very popular dairy product for those who adhere to a diet, in addition, you can choose yogurt with any filler.

The problem is that in 100 g fat-free yogurt contains only 50 calories, which clearly does not contribute to the increase in muscle mass.

Replace your yogurt with pressed cottage cheese, which contains twice as many calories and almost twice as many proteins. Pressed cottage cheese – one of the best sources of protein, so its use contributes to an active increase in muscle mass.

You should reconsider your diet if you are used to start the day or have a bite toast.

In a piece of bread contains only 80 calories, despite all the statements of nutritionists, who say that bread helps build muscle.

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Instead of bread, you can put a cut bagel into the toaster. Rollahlik from the raw grain spread peanut butter – a hearty breakfast is ready. You will get about 500 calories and 12 g protein. Supplement the bagel with butter and a large glass of milk – and you will make your breakfast full.

It is not necessary to overeat to get enough calories. Make several adjustments in your menu, and you will be able to get enough calories without risking one day not getting into your size.

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Useful tips for replacing products (for building muscle mass)

Very useful article, thank you!

It is the one that brews 15 minutes, or even raw, read the composition of bp oatmeal and you will understand a lot yourself.

Which oatmeal is better to use: the one that is cooked 15 minutes, or one that is simply poured with boiling water?

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