Varieties of fasting days on buckwheat

Unloading day on buckwheat porridge is one of the most popular express diets, which is successfully used not only by slimming, but also slender people, seeking to give the body a breather, to clear of toxins and toxins, to remove excess water. Such a day includes a sparing diet of limited calorie intake – about 900 calories per day.

Periodic restrictions once a week make it possible to lose weight without excessive effort. And used for this buckwheat differs a lot of useful properties, ease of preparation, and most importantly – effectiveness in the matter of losing weight. Buckwheat for weight loss is recommended even by the famous TV presenter Elena Malysheva.

Important is the fact that The fasting day on buckwheat does not apply to the so-called hungry days, which means that losing weight can pass comfortably.

Why choose buckwheat for grocery days:

  • it contains many vitally important vitamins and minerals that are not produced by the human body on their own;
  • has a low glycemic index, that is, it prevents a feeling of hunger, ensures a long saturation and minimizes disruptions on that day;
  • gives the necessary amount of lysine – an important amino acid;
  • polyunsaturated fats of buckwheat in a large amount lower cholesterol, improve fat metabolism, allow you to lose excess weight;
  • plant fibers significantly improve the functioning of the intestine;
  • saturates with fiber, providing weight reduction.

This means that it is right to choose buckwheat correctly and from a health point of view to discharge the body. In addition, a day you can lose weight on 0,5-1 kilogram.

Unloading days for weight loss on buckwheat:

  • provide a full work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • avoid the feeling of hunger, discomfort;
  • accelerate the body's processing of fats;
  • remove the liquid – make it possible to lose weight.

How to spend a fasting day on buckwheat?

Caloric content of nutrition before the event should gradually decrease, and the next day after it gradually increase – so the body will not experience a sharp drop. Diet on a fasting day will consist of buckwheat and water, you can also diversify the menu with green tea. Some supplement the diet with kefir, fruits, vegetables, everything in order.

How best to cook buckwheat for a fasting day – to decide to lose weight. Some cook it in the usual way – they cook, others, including nutritionists, insist that buckwheat Croup should be poured with boiling water and kept closed for the whole night. Why is this method considered more optimal? It's not about the simplicity of cooking, when steamed buckwheat preserves more useful vitamins and minerals, rather than when cooking.

The optimal amount of buckwheat for one day off – 250-300 grams in raw form. For this amount you need two glasses of steep boiling water. After the buckwheat was washed, it is poured with boiling water, covered, wrapped in towels and left overnight.

Nutritionists advise during a day of rest divide meals by five to six times. There is a need every two and a half hours. It is very important to drink during the unloading diet not less than 2,5 liters of water per day – this ensures reliable removal of accumulated slags and toxins. The main amount of fluid is taken up to 15 hours a day to avoid edema.

Physical stress is undesirable – Unloading day should be arranged not only for the stomach, but for the whole body. On this day it is worth to visit the bath or take a bath. A good idea will be a relaxing massage or other spa treatments. This will also ensure the disposal of excess fluid and harmful substances.

Important: in the presence of chronic diseases, you should always consult a doctor beforehand.

Weight Loss Benefits

Some losing weight choose a more enjoyable version of the express weight loss – a fasting day on buckwheat with kefir. This is also a popular way to lose weight and purification, but you should know that it acts on the body much more powerful, especially on the intestines. Kefir can have a laxative effect.

Benefit from losing weight on a buckwheat day with buckwheat is a simultaneous recovery and a serious cleansing due to the properties of buckwheat groats and the laxative effect of kefir.

Buckwheat with yogurt when unloading perfectly complement each other:

  • two useful and well-digested products do not allow the feeling of hunger;
  • excellently exchange processes;
  • Effective for removing excess fluid – in fact losing weight;
  • provide the necessary substances;
  • improve the work of the intestines.

Such unloading is easy to tolerate, it is quite effective, it is of great benefit to the body. It is especially useful for carrying out with swelling, constipation.

How often can you spend?

How often can one spend fasting days on buckwheat? Nutritionists recommend unloading the body on buckwheat once a week. Within seven days, you can not spend more than two days off – this strict diet can have a negative impact on health.

  • increased arterial pressure;
  • various liver diseases;
  • the dangers of atherosclerosis;
  • osteoarthritis;
  • propensity to edema.

It should be noted that a fasting day on kefir and buckwheat can harm people suffering from a number of serious diseases. In what cases from the fasting days it is necessary to refuse?

Contraindications for carrying out unloading days on buckwheat and yogurt:

  • gastritis;
  • intestinal, gastric ulcers;
  • gastroenteritis;
  • diseases of capillaries.

Tips for pregnant women

Is it possible for pregnant women to spend a fasting day on buckwheat? In the period up to the 28 week of pregnancy, the discharge of the body, like any food restriction, are undesirable. The fact is that the fetus for the formation requires a varied full-fledged diet. After this period, a fasting day for pregnant women on buckwheat is permissible. But the main option only on one buckwheat is undesirable.

For pregnant women, unloading on buckwheat groats is supplemented with vegetables, apples, kefir. Thus it is necessary to drink up to two liters of pure water. Carrying out once every two weeks a fasting day for the body with buckwheat porridge and green apples prevents swelling in pregnant women.

Options for fasting days on buckwheat

To improve health and lose weight on buckwheat can be in several ways. Buckwheat mono-diet is perfectly combined with green fruits and vegetables – apples and cucumbers, dairy products – kefir, milk, supplemented with green tea. Recipes for fasting days are quite diverse. Consider how you can cook buckwheat for a day of unloading.

Variant with steaming of cereals: washed 250 grams of buckwheat, put in a thermos, pour twice as much boiling water, steal 10-12 hours.

Buckwheat porridge is brewed this way: boil water in a volume twice that of croup; pour a portion of cereals; cook for fifteen minutes.

A good result of losing weight gives Unloading day on buckwheat and cucumber. The recipe for this strict diet provides that cucumbers eat as a snack.

In addition, you can vary the mode, if you choose day with buckwheat and vegetables for weight loss. It will work here salad recipe from three cucumbers, two carrots, beets, cabbage. For a salad, the beetroot is boiled and rubbed. Cut into her carrots, cucumbers, cabbage. You can eat it three times a day with a porridge, or as a snack.

Unloading day on buckwheat and kefir

The combination of buckwheat porridge and fermented milk product for a whole day gives a total of highly effective unloading and excellent results. This popular diet is not only effective, but also quite easily transferred.

Unloading day on buckwheat and yogurt can exist in two main versions:

For the first method, boiled or steamed buckwheat on the water in the amount of 0,25 kg. Separate into portions. During the day instead of a snack drink 1,5 l of low-fat kefir.

According to another recipe buckwheat groats are filled with low-fat kefir, swells about eight hours. Divide into five or six servings. In addition to kefir, you must drink water, at least 1,5-2 liters per day.

Buckwheat with milk

Effective for weight loss Unloading day on buckwheat with milk. Milk provides a softer effect than kefir.

In the first version, the unloading day for milk and buckwheat is mixed: 0,25 kg of buckwheat is filled with skimmed milk. The basic rule is to eat a little every two hours, not letting the body feel hungry.

According to the second recipe, milk is drunk between porridge receptions. Do not forget to drink water throughout the day.

Porridge in combination with green tea

An excellent result of losing weight gives Relaxing day on green tea and buckwheat. However, this is one of the most stringent options for unloading, because tea is the only thing that can vary the menu. The advantage of this day is that in addition to porridge and water, nothing is included in the diet, so weight loss is ensured.

Buckwheat with green tea for a fasting day is suitable for those with good aging. The recipe is very simple: a porridge is eaten in six receptions and drink green tea without restrictions.

Apples and buckwheat porridge

Useful for health and Relaxing day on apples and buckwheat for weight loss. The regime is supplemented with a kilogram of apples, which are eaten in the interval between the greens. Apples with buckwheat for a fasting day can be combined into one dish. For example, a part of apples grind on a blender, adding to the porridge for taste.

Weight Loss Results

Usually, when the unloading day on buckwheat and yogurt can be dropped from half to one and a half kilograms of excess weight, depending on the initial indicators. The hard variant of a day of unloading on buckwheat porridge and water is especially effective. But it is better to use it, only in those cases when a person has self-control and willpower.

Those who regularly cleaned with buckwheat, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle on other days, easily lose extra pounds, and after several months achieve significant results in losing weight.

Results of weight loss after fasting days on buckwheat:


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