Vegan Potato Salad Recipe – Some Tips


vegan potato salad recipeIn this specific article, we suggest anyone to get familiar with a couple of tasty recipes for vegan potato salad recipe. We hope that you will like them.

Vegan potato salad recipe with radishes.

potato with radishesThis salad is very quick. It is perfect as a snack. Also, this salad will decorate any meal.

  • 1 bunch Radishes (a whole)
  • 150 gr Potatoes (very young and little)
  • 1 bunch Dill ((to preference))
  • 2 tablespoons Olive oil (extra virgin)
  • 1 kitchen table spoon Lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons Grainy mustard
  1. Potatoes with skin are washing carefully and then steam.
  2. Give it cool off, cut into tiny pieces.
  3. Wash the radishes and cut down into tears.
  4. Carefully chop the dill.
  5. In a salad plate, mix up olive-oil with fresh-squeezed lemon.
  6. After that, put salt (to liking), hot pepper () together with mustard.
  7. All of components are easily whisking the corolla.
  8. Insert the well prepared radishes with potatoes. Mix.
  9. Prepared salad to decorate sliced dill.

salad with mustardVegan potato salad recipe with mustard.

Five potatoes
Only one middle diameter onion
Pitted olives – fifty gr.
Parsley, table salt, pepper to preference

One table spoon of mustard
Vinegar – 1 table spoon
Sunflower oil – a couple of Tbsp.

How to prepare:
Carefully washed potatoes boiled in their skins. After that, potatoes must be peel and cool down. Then cut it into tears.  Strip the onion, wash up and also chop. Sliced onions mixing up with potatoes include fresh ground black pepper with salt to flavor.

Right now we are making the sauce.
In a different food bowl blend (but definitely not very much) properly well prepared mustard, vinegar, sunflower oil. Place the sauce to the prepared potatoes with onions coupled with spices.  Mix. Send to the salad dish. Now it is a time to designing salad with sliced parsley together with olives.

salad the SummerThe salad – “Summer”

The ingredients:
Potatoes – 5 various small-sized tubers
A single onion
2 fresh cucumbers
Two – three healthy tomatoes.
Several leaves of green lettuce.
For preparation the sauce required salt, vinegar, sunflower oil.

The food preparation procedure.
Baked potatoes in their skins peeled, cut down into slim pieces. Onion must be perfectly chopped and combined with potatoes. Add salt along with a little bit vinegar and oil. Stir once again. After that, slice into slim rings tomatoes and also cucumbers. Get a salad dish or maybe a clean bowl. At the bottom we must be put the green piece of lettuce with chopped cucumber rings (first covering). Then simply creating the next layer from slim plates tomato. Spread upon the potatoes and onions.

Vegan potato with pumpkinVegan potato salad recipe with pumpkin.

Just for this we require:
3 potatoes
Two hundred gr. of pumpkin
150 gr. white-colored cabbage
A couple of red tomatoes
Two standard onions
Dill, parsley, salt, sunflower oil

To create the salad we boiled potatoes to peel, then cut it into small slices. The pumpkin should be without fibers and seeds. After that pumpkin must be chopped into slices. Completely ready pumpkin to pour plant oil and bake in the cooker about fifteen min. Shred the cabbage thinly. To apply salt, put bit cumin. Allow for a few minutes, which will need stood out the veggie juice. In a salad plate place the levels of baked pumpkin, cabbage, potatoes, chopped up tomatoes, sliced onions. In the complete salad add sunflower oil, salt, sprinkle with dill and also parsley.

potato salad recipe with beetsVegan potato salad recipe with beets.

Thefood items:
4 or 5 potatoes
2 or 3 little beets
One table spoon of prepared white beans
Only one pod of sweetened peppers
A single tbsp. of essential olive oil
Vinegar and salt to preference

Technique of preparing.
Steam the potatoes. Bake in the stove until prepared beets. Cool off. Each component peels and also cut into compact cubes. Add done for use white beans together with sliced sweet pepper (keep several rings for decor). Combine with organic olive oil, vinegar and salt. Out onto a bowl. Decorate with thinly chopped parsley and pepper rings.

Some advices to boil the potatoes for vegetarian salads.
Cooking in the skins.
After sorting, same-largest potatoes are washing, placing in a food bowl with a wide bottom. Now we pour the hot water on just one cm. above the potatoes. Don’t forget to add salt – 10-11 g. per one liter of water. Then we close the pan with a lid and cook at minimum boil until tender. Once the potatoes are prepared, remove the water and dry it. After that we are removing the lid on eight to ten minutes and transfer to a cooking towel or dish to cool it more quickly. Crumbly kinds of potato, with an increased amount of starch, in the time of cooking can be extremely seethe and soak with water. This can made veggie watery, tasteless and also almost useless. That it did not happen, it is necessary boiled potatoes with a slim level of water more or less 15 minutes after the water boils. Also it may be cooked onto water bath. To do this, pour boiling water into the pan. Potatoes are placed on a steel sieve. It is installed above the water level by 5 centimeters. Then the pot is capped. Light the fire. Thus potatoes are preparing onto the steam.

Cooking peeled potatoes as well as in the skin. Preparation should be at a small boil.

In comments, you can share your vegan potato salad recipe. The best recipes will be publishing on our magazine.

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