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Vegetable Diet: menu types and light recipes for delicious dishes

One of the most mild and safe ways to lose weight and bring the body into an excellent physical form is a vegetable diet.

Vegetable diet will help to get rid of 2 to 4 kg for one week, from 5 to 8 kg for 2 weeks and accordingly 10 and more kilograms per month (of course, provided that you have extra weight).

Your results depend not only on the duration of the diet, but also on the restrictions chosen for the time of improvement.

"Vegetable diet – how disgusting!" – you might think, but it's not so bad:

  1. Vegetable diet does not mean exclusive use of vegetables. The name says only that the main base of this diet is a vegetable diet.
  2. With the right, skillful cooking, vegetables can be even tastier than meat or sweets. Important: the use of various spices and seasonings (except salt) will not only improve the taste of the dish, but will gradually reduce your appetite, accelerate metabolism.
  3. Vegetable diet is a lot of different variations and dishes (if you try a little, then for the whole diet time you will not have to eat twice the same dish).

The disadvantages and benefits of a vegetable diet

  1. Vegetables are good for removing harmful toxins and toxins, which helps to accelerate the long process of losing weight.
  2. Vegetables are well absorbed by the body, in addition, almost all of them are low-calorie due to the huge amount of water contained in them.
  3. Such products are inexpensive (the main thing is to choose the right season).

Even in winter, it is quite easy to find and cheaply buy various mixtures of frozen vegetables.

  • Vegetables can be eaten after 18.00.
  • Eating vegetables will improve the general condition of your body, give your skin and eyes a healthy shine and a beautiful natural look.
  • Vegetables contain much more vitamins and nutrients than meat, cereals, sweets, flour products.

    That's why they strengthen muscle tissue and destroy fat.

    1. If you eat a lot of raw vegetables, you may have stomach problems.
    2. If you consume large amounts of the same type of vegetables, you may develop an allergy to them.
    3. Vegetables can be very poorly digested with individual characteristics of the body.
    4. Vegetables are very low-calorie, so sometimes you have to eat a lot to satisfy the feeling of hunger.

      This feature will not contribute to the appearance of fatty tissue, but it will help increase the volume of your stomach.

      Stretched stomach will require more and more food to get full.

      Especially negatively it will affect your body after a diet, when you return to the usual diet.

    On the menu of vegetable diet can be learned from the video.

    Types of vegetable diet for weight loss

    There is a huge number of different versions of this diet and each has its own positive and negative sides.

    Raw food is the use of different vegetables and fruits in your diet that did not undergo any heat treatment. Raw vegetables – live vegetables.

    They carry a lot more useful, untouched vitamins and nutrients.

    Exceptional consumption of raw vegetables

    The option, which is great for losing extra pounds, has a sense of ease. By the way, the wonderful sensation of "flat belly" comes immediately the next day after the beginning of such a diet.

    Unfortunately, it is not suitable for all people. Also, it is not recommended to adhere to such nutrition in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, pregnancy, breast-feeding, it is advisable not to use it for children under 14 years.

    1. Not all vegetables can be eaten raw.
    2. Some vegetables can cause bloating.
    3. Raw vegetables are digested by the body more difficult, so after a meal you can feel discomfort or pain in the stomach.

    A more perfect option than the first. The variety of vegetables can be supplemented with a variety of fruits.

    Fruits, basically, and we use them unprocessed, so the body is more adapted to them. "Diet can be not only useful, but also tasty", – it's almost an exact characteristic of a vegetable diet.

    1. Sensitivity to some fruits, allergy is possible.
    2. You need to consume vegetables and fruits in turn, because some of them simply do not tolerate each other. This may manifest as a weight in the abdomen and a swelling.

    Option 2. Exclusive use of raw and cooked vegetables

    Great option for a diet. It is allowed to use all kinds of vegetables in any form (it is desirable to exclude only fried vegetables).

    And then you can turn off all the restrictions and include your imagination and fantasy. Is there a better time to learn to cook any new and interesting dishes?

    The only negative: this food can not be called fully balanced, as some vitamins and minerals are contained in vegetables in very small quantities, and for proper functioning of the body all kinds of nutrients in certain proportions are needed.

    Option 3. Eating vegetables and fruits

    Vegetables can also be cooked in various ways. It is allowed to add a small amount of vegetable oil, when refueling salads and cooking dishes.

    Fruit is an excellent addition to vegetables. Together with the fruits they form a single balanced and harmonic complex of nutrients and nutrients. The diet is easily tolerated.

    Minus: for men, for example, it is very difficult to be saturated exclusively with such products, so it can torment a constant feeling of hunger, discomfort.

    Option 4. Complex: vegetables + fruits + low-calorie dairy and sour-milk products

    There is no more ideal variant of a vegetable diet. This diet is rich in all vitamins and minerals that a person needs for normal life and development.

    Option 5. Vegetables + fruit + dairy products + poultry

    A good combination for the right balanced diet, but not the most successful mode in order to throw off all that is superfluous. In principle, if you do not hurry up with the results, then this option was created just for you.

    With this diet, you are unlikely to lose weight more than 2 kilograms per week or more than 6 – per month.

    Sample menu for a week of vegetable diet (for example, option 3: eating fruits and vegetables)

    Correct this plan depending on the variant of the diet chosen by you.

    Do not forget to add spices.

    It is believed that this technique is one of the varieties of diets on vegetable soup, as it is present on the menu every day.

    • breakfast: herbal tea or berry compote; cabbage salad with apples;
    • dinner: vegetable soup;
    • lunch 2: carrots (cooked or raw), dressed with olive or linseed oil;
    • dinner: baked in the oven sweet Bulgarian pepper (with tomatoes and eggplant).
    • breakfast: salad from forest berries;
    • dinner: tea (at your discretion); vegetable salad (can include cabbage, cucumbers, onions, olives, bell peppers, tomatoes);
    • lunch 2: one medium apple baked with honey;
    • dinner: green tea; light vegetable soup.

    • breakfast: salad from boiled vegetables;
    • dinner: baked potato; sauerkraut;
    • lunch 2: salad of tomatoes and cucumbers (not tucked, spices only);
    • dinner: dried fruits compote; vegetable stew (potatoes, carrots, beets, cauliflower).
    • breakfast: baked in the oven colored and Brussels sprouts;
    • dinner: soup from vegetables;
    • lunch 2: an Apple;
    • dinner: salad (at your choice).
    • breakfast: banana – strawberry salad;
    • dinner: cabbage soup;
    • lunch 2: one medium baked potato;
    • dinner: vegetable broth; dried fruits compote.
    • breakfast: smoothies from apples and kiwi;
    • dinner: soup from cabbage;
    • lunch 2: tomato – cucumber salad, dressed with olive oil;
    • dinner: Herb tea; baked beans with vegetables.
    • breakfast: fruit salad (fruit of your choice);
    • dinner: boiled peas;
    • lunch 2: vegetable stew (seasoned with tomato sauce or vegetable oil);
    • dinner: zucchini, stewed with carrots and aubergines.

    Dishes that are great for a vegetable diet

    • 2 medium potatoes;
    • 1 carrot;
    • 1 zucchini;
    • a small onion;
    • cauliflower;
    • peas (3-5 tablespoons);
    • spice to taste, bay leaf, a little vegetable oil.
    1. Clean vegetables, wash them.
    2. We pour 2 tbsp. vegetable oil in a frying pan, put it on the fire.
    3. Grind the onion, pour it on the heated frying pan.
    4. To the onions, add carrots and zucchini toast (until golden crust).
    5. We pour the vegetables into the pan, fill them with water, add the remaining sliced ​​vegetables.
    6. For 5-7 minutes before the readiness we add spices and condiments.
    7. Low-calorie, nutritious, rich in vitamins soup is ready!

    Nutritious and low-calorie vegetable stew

    • 2 carrots;
    • 4 potatoes;
    • 1 large beet;
    • bow;
    • spices to taste, a little olive oil;
    • 3-4 tbsp green peas;
    • 3-4 tbsp corn.

    The culinary process of cooking ragout looks like this:

    1. Cook the carrots, potatoes and beetroot in the peel. After cooking, peel and cut into cubes.
    2. Separately cook peas and corn.
    3. Onions are cleaned, crushed.
    4. Mix all the ingredients, fill them with olive oil and add spices.
    5. Dinner is served!

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    I tried this diet from despair: I like to eat and I want to be slim. At first nothing happened, probably because I always ate potatoes. The menu changed, added other vegetables, fruit, kefir. I was on a diet for a week (not counting the unsuccessful start). Has thrown off 4,5 kg. I do not plan to dwell on this.

    I sat on a vegetable diet a little less than a month. I thought that I could not stand it, but the result is worth it! I dropped 8 kilograms. I feel easy and attractive. I recommend!

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    I'm on a diet is not particularly thin. Now here on the advice of a nutritionist I take the drug Modelform 40 +. Although only 3 a week, but already there is progress in losing weight, and to feel more energetic, cheerful.

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    Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.