Vitamin and mineral complexes


Modern vitamin-mineral complexes (IUDs) are food additives aimed at providing the body with the necessary minerals, vitamins and other various nutrients.

Multivitamins are most often produced in the following types:

To date, there are many multivitamin supplements for various purposes. Manufacturers produce complexes for pregnant women, elderly people and children, specialized complexes for athletes or for people actively involved in sports.

Vitamin-mineral complexes are absolutely safe for health, because they lack hormonal preparations and other dangerous components. Their goal is to improve health and normalize metabolic processes.

Synthetic vitamins: benefit or harm?

At present, artificially created vitamins and minerals, which include E and beta-carotene, are widely used. Are they able to bring real benefits?

In 1994 in Finland, comparative studies were conducted to find out how synthetic vitamins protect a person from diseases. Studies have shown that if a person takes synthetic antioxidants (E and beta-carotene), then the number of heart attacks increases, and the risk of cancer increases by 18%.

Due to inferiority, synthetic vitamins are absorbed on average by 1-5%. A small part of them is excreted in the urine, everything else settles in the liver, kidneys, joints, vessels. It is this fact that leads to diseases.

So what is the reason that makes synthetic vitamins harmful and leading to new diseases?

Natural vitamin C consists of 7 isomers of ascorbic acid, which are in very thin bonds with each other. These connections can not be made artificially. In synthetic vitamins in the composition there is only 1 isomer from 7. The remaining 6 isomers are not synthesized and are therefore simply not available. The intake of synthetic vitamin C leads to cardiovascular diseases.

In synthetic vitamin E, only one of the eight tocopherols is present. It is artificial to synthesize all isomers of a vitamin – this is a very complex and expensive process, and pharmacological companies are not interested in additional high costs. Therefore, synthetic vitamins are harmful, not beneficial. Their only advantage is low cost, therefore they are the most common in the market.

Assessment of the quality of the vitamin-mineral complex

Today in the sports nutrition market there are various types of vitamin-mineral complexes, very different in price, but they differ little in composition.

In inexpensive vitamin-mineral complexes, all vitamins and trace elements are "piled up", which leads to disruption of their assimilation by the body and a significant decrease in efficiency.

In expensive additives today special technologies are used (microgranulation, gradual release, layer-by-layer dissolution), which allow not only to increase the assimilation of certain elements, but also to achieve a synergistic effect, that is, to mutually reinforce each other's actions. It is clear that such vitamin-mineral complexes will bring more benefits.

In the process of assimilation of vitamins, microelements and macro elements by the organism, antagonism (negative interaction) or synergism (positive interaction) between different components is possible.

Negative interactions between micronutrients

  • Copper and zinc are mutually antagonistic in nature, interfering with the complete assimilation of each other, which leads to an imbalance in the body.

Positive interactions between micronutrients

  • Vitamin A promotes the assimilation of iron. The level of hemoglobin in the joint intake of iron and vitamin A is higher than with the intake of only iron.

Vitamins and minerals for bodybuilding

It is well-known that in fitness, bodybuilding and other power sports it is impossible to achieve high results without additional vitamin and mineral complexes.

Often, when recruiting muscle mass or reducing fat mass, athletes have to face the problem of a training plateau. The reason for this situation can be in the deficit of vitamins and trace elements in the body of the athlete, even with proper nutrition and systematic integrated training.

Vitamin and mineral complexes

This is because the classic high-calorie diet does not always ensure the body's need for vitamins and minerals. This is especially evident when doing bodybuilding. bodybuilders can not afford to include in the diet extra fruits or other sources of vitamins, because this can lead to a serious digestive system disorder. At the same time, the body's needs for athletes and athletes in vitamins and minerals are much higher than in people who do not engage in sports. Therefore, for athletes and bodybuilders, the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes is a vital necessity. The peculiarity of vitamin-mineral complexes is that they can be taken both during the recruitment period, and during the active training on relief and under weight loss.

Having a wide assortment of vitamin-mineral complexes, presented on the market and advertised by the producers as the best, it is rather difficult to choose a quality product, good complexes are really small.

The quality of modern IUD is determined by its matrix, capable of releasing substances that are part of the IUD at a given speed and in the right combinations, which ensures their best absorption by the body.

Also, with active training, the body's need for vitamins changes. Some vitamins and trace elements require more at 20%, while the consumption of others increases at times. Therefore, when doing bodybuilding, it is recommended to take specialized vitamin-mineral complexes. They are designed taking into account the specific needs of the human body in conditions of active physical exertion.

Modern sports IQM takes into account the sex of the athlete. They are designed separately for men and women, taking into account the physiological characteristics of both sexes.

It is important to remember that vitamin supplements should be taken with increasing strength and muscle mass, and when forming relief and losing excess weight.

For the correct operation of the CMC, it is necessary to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions. The complex should be taken about 2 months, then make a break for a month. This schedule allows you to maintain the body of an athlete healthy. Constant reception is not recommended, because the body in this case may lose the ability to independently digest the inaccessible vitamins and trace elements from conventional products, and also reduces the synthesis of vitamins within the body.

Vitamin and mineral complexes

For those who train hard and lead an active lifestyle!

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes

A full source of vitamins and minerals!

Vitamin and mineral complexes

A multivitamin complex of high concentration, supplemented with a shock dose of amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes!

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Good evening. Please tell me, where are more vitamins and minerals in a compliment or in vitrum? What is better for sports? Can I drink vitamins every month or need a break? Thank you

Denis, I'll support you. I'm not a professional sportswoman, but an amateur, and I also manage the vitamin complex alphabet classic – he is extremely sympathetic to me because there is such a scientific approach to separate reception of useful substances. I trust this approach, and I feel the result by myself: if earlier in the autumn I could not force myself into the hall at all, now I run faster than myself))) and there is strength and appearance is in order. and if I suddenly get cold – I also start drinking them right away, so that I can quickly recover – it helps!

The alphabet in general about anything, razvodilovo from advertisers about "compatible with each other vitamins." Have a drink of normal vitamins and immediately feel the difference 🙂

A normal – this is what?

Guys, you are certainly good fellows, that you support the domestic manufacturer. But the dosages there are simply ridiculous, for athletes these vitamins definitely do not fit. For example, 45 mg of carnitine in one tablet is what? With an effective daily dose of 500-2000 mg, you will have to take at least 11 tablets of the alphabet per day!

Dmitry, so you are always engaged in sports! 🙂 Here to you and the dosage is small. And for me, for example, sports – descent / climbing to a stop by comparison and at work – to the second floor. Well, if you still run away from the computer for a half hour at dinner. Therefore, the alphabet is quite acceptable. It was worse when I did not take anything at all. And now, though the smile has changed constantly tired expression 🙂

Dmitry, I agree – but this dosage is not enough for professional athletes and for those who go to the hall every other day. and I like because I just love sports and movement – I like to be in good shape, I go to the gym only 2 times a week, and the rest of the time I hang out at the office. here))) just shared how personally I support my body.

The minimum effective dose (or threshold dose) is the smallest dose that causes any changes at the level of the body. So for carnitine it is about 500 mg and does not depend on the level of activity. In this case, the recommended daily dose (depending on the level of activity) can be from 1000 to 5000 mg!

All this means that taking less than 500 mg per day in the body does not happen absolutely any positive changes. It's like drinking water from a tap. And carnitine is just an example, in the Alphabet are many more similar ingredients with the same ineffective dosages. Unfortunately, this situation is observed in almost all Russian manufacturers. This is especially true for the company Evalar, which, in fact, produces pacifiers.

The results of thousands of studies showing the dosages at which the drugs have a positive effect, and for which – no. Do not be lazy and find out the effective dose before you buy something.

Dmitry, where do you see the dosages effective? For me, for example, the therapist assigned the alphabet to a classic. I'm allergic to vitamin E, if I take it separately. And these vitamins are non-allergic.

On the site of the National Medical Library of the United States: It is the largest library of its kind in the world, with more than 23 million publications.

Dmitry, thank you very much.

Vitamin complexes are not that dangerous, but very useful. The last six months I have been drinking Opti-Men. I must say that the strength has increased, and the sick became less, and even in the gym began to work much more productive.

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