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Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)

Vitamin B12 – is one of the water-soluble B vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the body. It helps nutrients to transform into energy.

Functions of vitamin B12 in the body

Cyanocobalamin is required for:

  • metabolism of proteins and fats

Cyanocobalamin is found only in products of animal origin:

Consumption of yeast bread (especially white) can worsen the absorption of cyanocobalamin, for this reason, bodybuilders are advised to exclude yeast bread from food.

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

When cyanocobalamin deficiency is manifested:

  • anemia (accompanied by general catabolism and hematopoiesis)

The daily requirement for vitamin B12:

With a balanced diet, this dose can be obtained with food, but those who are actively engaged in bodybuilding, you need an additional source of this vitamin. At intensive loads the dose of vitamin B12 can make 10-50 mcg per day.

Due to the fact that cyanocobalamin can be obtained only from products of animal origin, it is very important for athletes after a strict vegetarian diet to get a doctor's consultation about vitamin B12 supplements.

Vitamin B12 can help in improving your results, as it has inherent properties of the involvement of fats in energy metabolism, which provides better energy supply to the body when working on the relief.

This vitamin helps the correct functioning of red blood cells, thereby increasing their ability to transfer oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue.

Also vitamin B12 supports the work of the nervous system, which stimulates the work of muscles, controlling the coordination of movements and muscle contractions.