Warm up before training. Why is it needed?

Any training, regardless of whether you are in the gym, at home or on the street, should start with a warm-up. After all, as you know, the right one warm-up before training not only protect you from injuries, but also significantly increase your efficiency. Nevertheless, most beginners and even experienced athletes pay very little attention to the warm-up before training, which sooner or later leads to sad consequences. That's why, today we'll talk about how to properly do warm-up before training.

As already mentioned above, any workouts should begin with a warm-up. Warm-up before training is an integral part of physical education and sports. It allows you to gradually prepare the body for the upcoming workloads and avoid getting injuries in training. The right warm-up provides:

  • an increase in the heart rate to the working level (130-140 bpm);
  • increased mobility and warming up of all joints;
  • increased blood flow to the muscles;
  • bringing the muscles into tonus.

In addition, warm-up before training helps to tune in to intensive work, increases the speed of transmission of nerve impulses from the brain to the muscles, leads to a tonus of the nervous system of the body, accelerates the metabolism, helps to prevent injuries, and also helps to release adrenaline, which ultimately raises the working capacity of the whole organism.

How to do warm-up before training

I think you already saw for yourself how important the warm-up is before training. Now let's talk about how to warm up properly before training. The first thing to begin with is a general warm-up of the whole body. Probably the general warm-up is familiar to everyone from school physical education lessons. Start from the top and gradually go down (neck> trapezium> shoulders> chest> back> pelvis> legs). Exercise smoothly, without sudden movements, gradually increasing the tempo.

Exercises for warm-up before training

  1. Tilts head back and forth, right-left.
  2. Circular motion shoulders.
  3. Circular motion with hands.
  4. Swing your hands in front of you.
  5. Slopes of the case back and forth.
  6. Circular movements of the pelvis.
  7. Squats without burdening (12-15 repetitions).
  8. Circular motion of the knees.

Also in quality or as an addition to the set of exercises for general warm-up you can use running at an easy pace and jumping rope. The optimum total warm-up time before training is about 5-10 minutes.

After a general warm-up, a special or, as the athletes say, the warm-up work is done. It is performed immediately before each exercise with light weight. That is, as you understand, special warm-up is nothing but warm-up approaches. Before each exercise is performed 1-3 warm-up approach, depending on the working weight. The more your working weight in a particular exercise, the more you will need warm-up approaches with a gradual increase in the weight of the weights.

Special warm-up before training allows you to gradually prepare the entire neuromuscular apparatus and tune in for the upcoming intensive heavy work with free weights. In conclusion, I want to remind you that warm-up before training not only avoids getting injuries, but also significantly increases the performance of the athlete. Therefore, never and under no circumstances miss this important part of the training process. And how do you warm up before training? Write in the comments.


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