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The decision of a problem of excess weight is occupied by the most part of mankind, and pregnant women are not an exception. Their body has been actively working for nine months, creating conditions for the development of the child. During pregnancy, especially on the last terms, there is a strong appetite against a background of decreased mobility, and excess weight accumulates. Therefore it is not surprising that women after childbirth begin to struggle with extra pounds. In solving the problem, a water-salt diet will help.

The essence of the diet is the maximum restriction of salt. Ordinary people simply do not use salt in cooking, for pregnant women, the water diet has a more rigorous option. Future mothers should especially carefully monitor the weight, take into account the increase in body weight, necessary for the growth of the baby, but within certain limits. Many people rule out a diet without restrictions and, as a result, gain weight heavily. Water-salt diet is mandatory for proper electrolyte balance in the body.

The first four and a half months of pregnancy require the use of fluid in the amount of 2 l per day. It is necessary to eliminate toxicosis, good metabolism, stabilize the pressure. Pure water, compotes, fruit drinks and natural juices are beverages that should be preferred. Green and black teas, coffee should be drunk with caution or completely eliminated. Carbonated drinks do not bring any benefit, they are only harm, so they do not enter the diet of the future mother.

The second half of pregnancy is characterized by the accumulation of water in the body, the volume of which depends to the greatest extent on the fair presence of salt in food. Yes, salt is important for proper nutrition and maintaining the correct electrolyte balance, but it is in some quantities present in bread, vegetables, fruits, meat dishes, and this must be taken into account. Refuse all salty and marinated products, smoked products, mayonnaise, hard cheeses, sauces, canned food. They have a very high salt content. Thirst can provoke sweet fruit, eat them in limited quantities.

The surplus of salt provokes thirst, causes the fluid to accumulate in the tissues, as a result, edema develops. And their presence is a sure sign of trouble. The doctor can give a recommendation on reducing fluid intake in the last months of pregnancy. Do not be frightened by thirst, because if you reduce the flow of salt into the body, there will be no need for huge amounts of water. It is also important to understand that water is contained in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the need for drinking can compensate for a juicy apple.

Reducing the salt content in the diet is an important task, and the approach to it must be serious. It often happens that after applying a water-salt diet, if necessary, a woman chooses this principle of nutrition for the rest of her life. Everyone can use such a diet as a correct and reasonable weight loss program, helping to maintain good health and always have an excellent shape. The water-salt diet successfully combines with other methods of weight loss.

Water-tea diet is a very effective method of losing weight. Its duration is one month, during which the weight loss can reach 8-10 kg. This diet, in addition to weight loss, helps the body to remove accumulated toxins. Food is based on the use of green tea, which is rich in tonic substances. Its components can block the splitting of carbohydrates and their assimilation by the body. Green tea has the property of slowing down the aging process, and weight loss is harmless.

Basic rules of water-tea diet:

When choosing green tea, it is necessary to give preference to large-leaf varieties grown in China. Further practice of using this diet will determine the tea that is right for you in taste and quality.

Water for brewing tea should undergo additional cleaning and be soft (in hard water, tea will not give up all the useful substances).

The temperature of the water for welding should not exceed 80 degrees. The tea is brewed in preheated china.

The first welding immediately merges, and the second is drunk only after the full spreading of the leaves (quality tea is allowed to brew up to seven times, while it acquires a new taste and new properties).

At 250 ml of water, two teaspoons of tea are taken.

During the day, you need to eat 5 times and drink one liter of tea (the temperature of the drink does not matter). Tea is taken either for 30 minutes before meals, or an hour after. Basic meals can consist of different foods, except for excessively fatty, sweet, smoked. It is recommended to reduce your usual portion by a third and cook the dishes in a boiled or baked form. Strengthen the diet effect of drinking purified water and refusing a late dinner. Contraindications to water-tea diet are diseases of prostate cancer.

It may seem unusual, but bread is used as one of the main products for weight loss. Only the usual white bread, especially the big rolls, should be taken away. On this diet, you need to use rye bread with coarse bran, baked without yeast, or diet bread. In the process of weight reduction, the principle of fractional nutrition is used – meals every three hours, even if it seems to you that there is no appetite.

Women can eat for a day 8-12 pieces of bread, men – 12-16. Bread is supplemented with the following products: lean curd, avocado (smeared with a thin layer of bread), a piece of fish or poultry. Unlimited quantities are allowed vegetables that do not contain little starch, every day you need to use 100 g of fruit. It is allowed to eat three eggs in seven days and after a day to eat on 200 g of boiled meat with vegetable garnish, but on such days on 4 a piece of bread ration is reduced.

Another main product of the diet is kefir. Its daily use will help to adjust the work of the stomach and intestines, saturate the body with calcium. The daily norm of this drink is 300 ml. Choose low-fat kefir varieties. It is very important during the diet to drink enough purified water (per day – 10 glasses for women, 12 for men). Water saturates every cell of the body with moisture, improves digestive processes, reduces the feeling of hunger.

The diet lasts two weeks, for which the body weight can decrease by 5 kilograms, provided that all recommendations are strictly observed. Before you start losing weight, consult a doctor. You may need an additional vitamin supplement or a different kind of diet.

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Water diet – an alternative way of losing weight for people with the need to lose excess pounds and a strong reluctance to limit the diet. The most important condition for a diet is to consume high-quality purified water. The amount of water drunk per day should be at least two and a half liters. The diet is contraindicated to all who are predisposed to edemas. The recommended time of year for the application of this method of losing weight is summer. During this period, the weather is hot enough, which already makes us drink abundantly.

The water intake schedule (approximately 7-9 glasses) is as follows: Drink a glass of water (drink slowly) half an hour before meals, or two hours after. Drinking is strictly forbidden during the process of eating. All drunk for a day the water will lead the digestive system into a normal working regime, suppress the feeling of hunger and bring to naught the need for snacks.

Plus water diet – there is no need to globally change the diet. It is enough to introduce some changes: instead of soda, tea, coffee, beer and alcoholic drinks, drink water. For those who have coffee associated with joy and peace – to each cup of coffee, add a glass of water. Correct application of water diet for seven days will save you from three kilograms, and, the result is felt already on the third day.

Reviews and results of water diet

Olga. Water-tea diet, which I used for a month, the most comfortable of all that I have tried. My diet is rather restrained, so I did not have to change it too much, and tea became a pleasant addition. For a month, I gradually broke up with an extra nine kilograms. I advise you to plan weight adjustment for a long time. If the diet is long, then the result will be long. And not as in the case of short-term diets – you will lose them in three days and back in three.

Ruslana. The water diet immediately captivates with its simplicity, so I chose it. Yes, the result is obvious and on the figure too – three kilos in the red. Quickly, uncomplicated and effective with small excess weight.

There are universal methods of losing weight in the general plan, which do not require great feats for their implementation. The reverse side of the coin is in the low effectiveness of such diets. Only your intention will lead to the implementation of cardinal techniques that have proven effectiveness.

A diet lasting a week is a wonderful solution to the eternal problem! Scientists have proved that it is this term that the body needs to maximize the positive effect of experiments with weight loss. At first glance, this is not a long time, however, from the psychological point of view, it has a great deal.

As you know, the popularity of a diet depends on how quickly it helps to get rid of excess weight, because more often than not we remember this vital problem only on the eve of any important events or holidays. Naturally, in such situations almost all women are looking for the most.

To date, separate food is a fairly popular way to eliminate excess weight. Many popular people claim that they used this method to adjust their weight. Many nutritionists believe that it is easier to follow an established diet in the event that a person alternates foods in.

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