Watermelon diet for weight loss

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Watermelon diet – a monocomponent food system, which is based on eating watermelon. The portion should be calculated depending on the initial weight of the person. For every 10 kg of body weight you need to eat 500 g of watermelon pulp per day, but not more than 5 kg.

The basic principle of losing weight on watermelons boils down to the fact that an excess liquid leaves the body. It is important to ensure that dehydration does not happen. For this, during the day, you need to drink water (its minimum volume is 1,5 L), the use of herbal teas is allowed. Under absolute prohibition are any alcoholic beverages and carbonated lemonades.

How much can you lose weight on a watermelon diet? As for the duration of the diet program, it directly depends on how much the person wants to lose weight. Optimum is considered a watermelon diet lasting 7 days. During this period it will be possible to reset about 7 kg.

When a person wants to get rid of 3-4 kg of excess weight, then the diet should last approximately 3-5 days. For 10-14 days it will be possible to reset about 10 kg of excess weight.

Watermelon diet exists in three versions: hard, light and free. Choosing one or another option, you need to evaluate the individual characteristics of the body and how it can perceive such a radical change in the menu. Of no small importance is the initial weight of a person.

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Rigid watermelon diet allows you to get a quick result, but it will be able to withstand only those people who have sufficient willpower. As for the free option, it allows you to get rid of a couple of kilograms of excess weight. The result is not too impressive, but the diet does not introduce the body into a state of stress. In addition, a free version of the diet allows you to improve your health in general.

Tough. On a rigid watermelon diet, you can survive from 5 to 14 days. No special preparation for entering the diet is required. Therefore, you can begin to practice it right after all possible contraindications, for example, heart disease or gastrointestinal organs, are excluded.

During the day a person should eat only watermelons and drink clean water. From other foods should be discarded. Once in 3 days, you can eat rusk and bran during the evening meal.

Watermelon should be eaten 4-5 once a day. As for the volume, it is calculated individually, based on the person’s initial weight (500 g pulp for every 10 kg of weight, but not more than 5 kg). If you do not deviate from this technique, then in a week you can lose weight on average 3-5 kg, and for 14 days – for 7-10 kg.

It should be taken into account that you need to get out of the diet correctly. Otherwise, the lost kilograms will return very quickly.

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Lightened. This type of watermelon diet is calculated for 10 days. In addition, that people will eat watermelon, he should eat rye bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables. Watermelon is included in the menu in the morning and during lunch. This approach to nutrition allows us to strengthen the work of the urinary system, due to which the body will actively remove metabolic products. By the evening the speed of digestive processes slows down, which gives the digestive tract an opportunity to rest.

Diagram of nutrition for each day with a lightweight version of the watermelon diet:

The first meal: 2-3 a piece of watermelon flesh, a teaspoon of honey.

The second meal: 2-3 a piece of watermelon flesh, a crust of bran flour (1 pcs.).

Last meal: porridge porridge, vegetables stewed (broccoli, carrots, zucchini). Alternatively, the porridge can be replaced with apple casserole.

To get out of the diet you need to gradually. This will fix the achieved result.

An approximate menu for the day should look like this:

The first meal: brisk toast, turkey fillet, vegetable salad (cabbage, radish, cucumber, onion) with dressing from lemon juice.

The main meal: lentil mashed potatoes, omelette, steamed, beet salad with prunes and nuts.

You can have a snack with watermelon.

Last meal: casserole from cottage cheese.

Naturally, this is an approximate version of the way out of the watermelon diet. You can also include fish, cereals, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products in the menu. With caution, you need to use raisins, dates, grapes, bananas.

Free. Such a diet is tolerated by slimming very easily and involves only a single daily intake of watermelon in food. It will need to be eaten only during breakfast.

The sample menu is as follows:

The first meal: a teaspoon of honey and 600 g of watermelon.

The second meal: any baked vegetables that do not contain much starch. You can also make vegetable soup.

Last meal: oatmeal, apple, steamed pumpkin, a slice of bread from a batterless dough.

As evidenced by the testimonies of people who practiced a free diet option, it allows you to achieve much more lasting results compared to a rigid watermelon system.

In addition, a person will not only lose weight, but also remove toxins from the body, saturating it with magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, C, group B vitamins.

The main condition of a watermelon diet: it is very important to drink at least 1,5-2 liters of water every day, and juice of industrial production, alcohol and carbonated beverages should be discarded.

In addition to the above options, there are certain modifications to the watermelon diet, which involve the combination of watermelon with other food products. All these programs boil down to the need to alternate allowed foods and watermelon throughout the whole process of losing weight. As for the result, it directly depends on how clearly a person adheres to the established rules, and also on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Watermelon and melon diet allows you to achieve excellent results, so it is often used by people who are trying to quickly get rid of excess weight. In just a week, this technique allows you to reset 4 kg and more.

Calories with food comes in a minimal amount, but vitamins and trace elements – a lot. In general, this allows you to have a beneficial effect on the body. Eat every 3 hour, do not drink water with water. You can drink a glass of green tea or water not earlier than an hour after the last approach to the table. To stick to a diet longer than 9 days is not recommended.

Over the course of 9 days, it is necessary to systematically alternate the three dietary options presented:

Cottage cheese fat-free (60 g), 200 g melon, one toast.

Boiled chicken egg, 150 g watermelon.

400 g watermelon, 150 ml yogurt.

150 g of boiled fish, salad: melon, cheese, lettuce. The total serving volume is 200

100 g stewed vegetables, 400 g melon.

Cooked steamed turkey (100 g), 400 g melon, 150 g uncooked rice.

Cottage cheese with 0% fat content – 0,2 kg.

Bread from bran.

Unprocessed rice – 150 g, carrot-apple salad – 100 g, a slice of melon.

Chicken breast boiled (100 g), 400 g watermelon, toast.

150 g of vegetable salad, one cooked potato, 400 g of watermelon.

The system of losing weight on a watermelon-kefir diet is reduced to the fact that a person alternately, every three hours, needs to eat kefir and watermelon. The volume of the drink is equal to one glass. You should choose low-fat, or low-fat kefir. Portion of watermelon should be 300-400 g. The maximum duration of a kefir-watermelon diet is 3 days.

These products produce a diuretic effect, which positively affects the rate of weight loss. For 3 days it will be possible to get rid of 1-3 kg of excess weight. In addition, the work of the intestine, liver, and kidneys will improve.

Contraindications. You can not practice kefir-watermelon diet for people with hypersecretion of gastric juice. The fact is that large amounts of kefir can provoke an exacerbation of already existing gastritis, or cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Watermelon-cucumber diet is designed for two weeks. Every day you will need to eat 1 kg of cucumbers and 1 kg of watermelon. It is important to drink enough water. You can supplement the menu with a slice of rye bread. In the evening it is allowed to drink a glass of kefir.

Since the menu has strict limitations, you should refrain from physical activities, including from the gym. On rest it is necessary to allocate not less than 8 hours per day, spend more time in the fresh air, take vitamin and mineral complexes.

Menu watermelon-cucumber diet is as follows:

The first meal: a watermelon sorbet with mint and lemon juice.

Snack: four cucumbers.

The main meal: a large glass of watermelon smoothies, or 400 g of watermelon flesh.

Snack: three large cucumber and 400 g of watermelon flesh.

Last meal: you can alternate 600 g of cucumbers or as much pulp of watermelon.

One of the most popular methods of getting rid of excess weight is a watermelon-protein diet. The system of weight loss is designed for 2 weeks. During the diet, the body is actively saturated with proteins, which contribute to the burning of fatty deposits and the preservation of muscle tissue. Watermelon, in turn, allows you to remove from the body decay products and toxins. This is possible due to the diuretic and choleretic effect, which produces watermelon flesh. The total weight loss is about 10 kg.

During breakfast, lunch and dinner you need to eat protein foods. Between the main meals should do snacks flesh watermelon. For one approach, they eat up to 0,5 kg of berries.

With regard to protein products, the preference should be given to low-fat cottage cheese, cheese and yogurt, fish, chicken, turkey, seafood.

You can not stick to a watermelon-protein diet for people suffering from the following diseases:

Disturbances in the work of the liver;

Allergy to protein.

The consumption of watermelon and buckwheat will get rid of excess weight without harm to health. At the same time, a person will not experience a painful sense of hunger, and kilograms will quickly go away.

For the day you need to eat 500 g buckwheat porridge and 1,5 kg watermelon. Diversify the menu can be vegetable salads with dressing from lemon juice and olive oil. It is necessary to drink a lot of water, it is also allowed to use green tea and herbal decoctions as a drink. Dinner should be in 6-7 hours of the evening. To satisfy hunger at a later time, you can drink a glass of kefir.

Diet on watermelon and apples should last no more than 10 days. This period is optimal for the qualitative disposal of extra pounds. On the first day, food should only be eaten with watermelon, and the next day – only apples, and so alternate.

If you stick to a watermelon-apple diet for longer than 10 days, then you can cause significant harm to the body. During this period it is usually possible to get rid of 7 kg. If the initial mass of the body is large, the losses can be greater – up to 9 kg.

Begin to lose weight follows from a watermelon day. For every 10 kg of weight you need to eat 500 g of watermelon pulp, but not more than 5 kg per day. The next day should be apple. The daily portion of apples is 1,5 kg.

Diet on watermelon and black bread

Lose weight on watermelon and black bread is quite simple, because during the diet a person will not experience a painful sense of hunger. Therefore, this method of getting rid of excess weight is quite popular.

The portion of watermelon flesh that needs to be eaten per day is calculated based on the initial weight of the person, as we mentioned earlier. As for bread, its volume is 1 a slice for each of the five meals. Bread should be dried in an oven or in a frying pan. Oil can not be added. It is important for a day to drink at least 1,5 l of clean water.

From physical exertion is best to give up, active sports are categorically contraindicated. However, outdoor walks are a must.

If the diet is given hard, and during the day, a strong feeling of hunger, you can eat another extra slice of rye bread, or an apple.

For 10 days on the menu, which consists only of black bread and watermelon, you can lose 8-10 kg.

Diet on rice and watermelon allows not only to get rid of excess weight, but also to cleanse the body. In a day you need to eat 250 g of boiled rice – this is 100 g of dry potatoes. The daily volume of watermelon is 1 kg for every 20 kg of weight, but not more than 5 kg. Other foods should not be eaten.

Since rice is a very nutritious product, it can quickly eliminate the feeling of hunger. Thanks to the rump the person will not experience drowsiness, loss of strength and irritability.

Preferably steamed cereal, or wild or brown rice. Normal white rice for dietary nutrition is not suitable. The fact is that it practically does not contain fiber and refers to fast carbohydrates, which contribute to weight gain.

Those who lose weight, who tolerate dairy products well, the diet on watermelon and cottage cheese will perfectly suit. For a week on such a power system you can get rid of 4 kg of excess weight. Cottage cheese is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, as well as bacteria useful for the intestine. Therefore, during the process of losing weight, there will be no problems with the skin. A person will not feel a strong sense of hunger either. However, it is necessary to observe one important condition – not to combine watermelon and cottage cheese during one meal.

The menu for one day is as follows:

The first meal: 200 g cottage cheese.

Snack: 2 a piece of watermelon.

The main meal: 3 a piece of watermelon.

Afternoon snack: 150 d curd.

Last meal: 2 a piece of watermelon.

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Watermelon diet during pregnancy

During the carrying out of the child, the body should receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and microelements, which will allow the fetus to develop fully. Therefore, future mothers in the autumn period of time can adhere to the watermelon diet, which makes it possible to fill the nutrient deficiency in the body. Another positive factor in the watermelon diet for pregnant women is the ability to cleanse the intestines from toxins, as well as reduce swelling by removing excess fluid.

During the day, a woman will need to eat only a watermelon, but not more than 5 kg per day. In doing so, you should closely monitor your health. If the body does not give a negative reaction, then the technique can continue.

Watermelon increases urination. Therefore, to practice a diet longer than 5 days should not be. You can diversify your menu with rice (150 g per day), cottage cheese (200 g per day), rye bread (up to 3 pieces per day).

Menu to exit the diet. To watermelon diet did not harm the health of women and children, it is necessary to go out right from it. The output should last at least 10 days.

For this purpose, you can use the following menu:

The first meal: oatmeal porridge (portion 200 g), cheese 9% fat content – 100 g.

The main meal: fish fillet or chicken (portion 200 g), vegetable salad: cucumber, carrots, cabbage (portion 150 g), 9 fat% 50 cheese.

Last meal: 400 g of watermelon flesh.

Contraindications to watermelon diet during pregnancy:

The last trimester of pregnancy.

Diseases of the digestive tract.

High blood sugar.

Watermelon diet with urolithiasis

Urolithiasis requires certain dietary rules. To qualitatively clean the kidneys of urate and oxalate stones, you can apply a watermelon diet with black bread. It allows you to soften the calculus in the kidneys and painlessly remove them outward naturally.

If a person decided to apply a watermelon diet and he has urolithiasis, then one should use about 2,5 kg of ripe pulp per day. Supplement your diet is allowed 2-3 slices of black bread. In addition, every day should drink at least 2 l of water without gas. The duration of the watermelon diet against the background of urolithiasis should not exceed a week (maximum 10 days).

During the diet, experts strongly recommend taking warm baths that make it easier and quicker to remove salt and sand. The maximum intensity of excretion of salts is observed in the evening, between 17 and 21 hours.

Adhering to the watermelon diet, you can achieve that the size of the deposits in the bladder will decrease, or be completely removed from the body. After the diet is complete, you should not eat heavy food. For 10 days, you should eat porridge, lean meat, low-fat fish and cheese, berries, vegetables. During the dinner, you should give preference to the watermelon flesh. Such a technique will allow to consolidate the achieved result and in addition will save even more weight from 1-3 kg.

It should be understood that the treatment of urolithiasis always carries risks of its complications. The fact is that with active washing of the kidneys there is a possibility that large stones can be moved from a place. This can provoke a blockage of the ureter and an attack of renal colic. Sometimes it is possible to cope with this problem only in an operative way.

If a man has kidney stones and a bladder, there are phosphate stones, then it is strictly forbidden to practice a watermelon diet.

Pros of watermelon diet:

Watermelon diet is easy to carry.

During the diet will be able to cleanse the body of toxins, remove excess fluid.

Metabolism is greatly accelerated.

A person during the process of losing weight will not experience a painful sense of hunger.

The diet does not require significant financial investment.

For a short period of time will be able to reset to 10 kg of excess weight.

Cons of watermelon diet:

Watermelon does not contain protein, so the body will suffer from its lack. In addition, the flesh of the fetus can not cover the daily need of man in all vitamins and trace elements.

The diet loads the urinary system.

During a diet, the body experiences stress.

Contraindications. Despite the fact that watermelon is a useful berry that allows you to lose weight, when consumed in significant quantities, the body can be harmed. For example, when watermelon is combined with dairy products, it is possible to increase gas production, the appearance of pain in the abdomen. Therefore, if after the beginning of a watermelon diet, the state of health worsens, then it is best to abandon the experiment.

Direct contraindications to the watermelon diet are:

Kidney disease in the acute stage or in chronic form.

The presence of large stones in the kidneys.

Diseases of the pancreas and prostate.

The presence of intestinal adhesions.

Ulcer of stomach and intestines.

Gastritis with high acidity.

Watermelon can pose a certain threat to a pregnant woman. But this applies not to all berries, but only to those that contain in their composition a large number of nitrates. Their maximum concentration is observed in unripe fruits. These substances can harm the body of a woman and a child.

To choose a watermelon that contains a minimum amount of nitrates, you can use a special device – a nitrate meter.

If it is not at hand, you should pay attention to the following recommendations for choosing watermelon:

Before buying, you need to pat the watermelon cake. If it emits a sonorous and high sound, as if inside is almost empty, then the fruit can be considered ripe. And if the sound is deaf and low, the berry is immature.

Buy watermelon in the authorized outlets, which are located away from busy roads and roads.

Before cutting a watermelon, you need to thoroughly wash it, using a brush and soapy water for this purpose.

Most of the nitrates are concentrated in the watermelon crust, so do not eat up the flesh of the watermelon to the end. It is best to leave a “border” the size of 2-3, This rule is especially important for pregnant women.

Keep the watermelon after cutting it should be no more than a day.

A piece of pulp should be placed in ordinary water. After 15 minutes, you should see if the water turns pink. Such a change in color will indicate that the watermelon contains a large number of harmful substances. From eating such a berry should be discarded.

Interesting recipes for a watermelon diet

Watermelon sorbet is a delicacy that perfectly satisfies hunger, refreshes and allows you to get rid of excess weight. It enriches the body with vitamins and minerals, it is a source of valuable dietary fiber.

For its preparation, the following grocery set will be required:

Two sprigs of mint.

Two tablespoons of honey.

200 g crushed ice.

Watermelon is peeled and peeled, placed in a blender and ground together with mint, lemon juice and ice. Transfer the resulting mass into glasses or dessert glasses, stand for 2 hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, decorate with mint, add a little lemon juice.

Smoothies of watermelon with raspberries

To prepare smoothies, you need the following set of products:

3,5 cup watermelon.

1 / 3 cup of sugar.

With the lemon peeled off, squeeze the juice. In a blender, mix all the ingredients, the resulting mass is poured over glasses, add ice and served to the table.

This water is not only tasty, but also a useful drink that perfectly quenches thirst.

To prepare it you will need:

Lime juice – 1 / 4 glass.

Watermelon – 5 glasses.

Watermelon pulp is passed through a blender, then mixed with water and lemon juice. The resulting drink is poured into a jug, and before serving, the table is decorated with a slice of lemon.

Ice cream from watermelon

In order to be able to prepare a watermelon ice cream, you need to purchase molds for an Eskimo in advance.

Two glasses of strawberry.

Four glasses of watermelon.

Watermelon is cut into cubes, the strawberries are cleaned from the pedicels. Products are crushed with a blender, the resulting mass is poured into molds. Hold the molds in the freezer for 2 hours.

This dessert differs original serving.

To prepare it, you need the following set of products:

Four glasses of warm water.

Four glasses of cold water.

Four glasses of fruit and fruit mixture: bananas, melon, watermelon, strawberry.

One-piece cake half a watermelon.

Gelatin is mixed with warm water until it is completely dissolved, after which cold water is poured into it and cleaned for an hour in the refrigerator. Then, a mix of fruit and berries is introduced into the water, poured into a watermelon “form” prepared in advance, again put into the refrigerator for 3 hours. When the dish takes the necessary consistency of jelly, it can be served to the table.

Writes Marina: you can lose weight, if you arrange yourself unloading days on a watermelon at least 1 once a week. I ate the watermelon flesh and rye bread, as a result, only 300 g. Honestly, I was counting on a more impressive result.

Elena writes: Watermelon diet is my favorite. I’m very good at it. For a day I eat 4-5 kg of pulp, the weight goes away very quickly.

Kirill writes: Watermelon diet is an excellent option for carrying out a fasting day. However, watermelon removes a lot of liquid from the body, which can lead to dehydration. In addition, not only fat stores will be burned, but also muscles.

Writes Anastasia: I for a long time adhere to various diets and with confidence I can say that watermelon diet is one of my most favorite. It is very easy to carry, it allows you to clean the body qualitatively. Harmful substances begin to come out about a couple of days after the start of the diet, and then the process of active fission of fats starts. I used to lose weight only with the help of watermelon, and then I learned that it is possible to diversify the menu with other components and also lose weight. Therefore, now I supplement my diet with vegetables, especially beetroot (you need to be ready for the urine to turn pink). Also eat boiled meat, fish, mushrooms. I refuse bread and sugar at all. Long stand the watermelon diet will be difficult, but 7-8 days are quite within my power. During this time, it is possible to bring the metabolism back to normal. Longer adhere to the diet is not recommended, because you can damage the body. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable, then the diet should be discontinued!

Writes Milan: this diet I can safely call paradise. I often use it for days off. I’m full of watermelon that I can not even move, but after half an hour I want to repeat my feast. Therefore, it is better to buy two succulent fruits in advance so that by the evening you will not remain hungry. If it is difficult to sustain an 3 day without a break, then you can do 2-3 unloading days per week with an interval of 1-2 days. The rest of the days you just need to adhere to proper nutrition.

Svetlana writes: I suffer from chronic pyelonephritis, so the watermelon diet for me is a real salvation. My doctor advised me to lean on this berry, but only in season. Of course, to find quality watermelons is a problem. For example, that year I even poisoned myself with watermelons. After that, I could not look at them the whole summer! This year I will repeat my diet again: 3 I will only eat this berry, and then add vegetables, cereals, fish and chicken to the menu. With the help of a watermelon diet, I’m not trying to lose weight, I just want to improve my health.

Elina writes: in order to lose a few extra pounds, very well suited watermelon diet. But you should not start practicing it until August. On weekdays I eat tea and cottage cheese for breakfast (sometimes an omelet). I dine with chicken or boiled fish, and for dessert I necessarily eat a portion of watermelon. Supper with vegetables and watermelon. At the weekend, watermelon pulp eat as much as possible, because it produces a diuretic effect, which is not very convenient at work. My husband supports this diet, but he uses much more meat. I think that 10 kg for a week I will not be able to lose, but I do not aspire to such an active process of losing weight.

The doctor-nutritionist Marina Andreevna:

It should be taken into account that the watermelon diet is not suitable for everyone without exception. Some people literally from the first days begin to experience pain in the abdomen, nausea. Therefore, an individual approach is an indispensable condition for choosing a diet. I advise everyone to consult with a specialist and be examined before starting to lose weight with the aid of a watermelon diet. If something goes wrong, then you should stop the experiment.

The doctor-endocrinologist Ekaterina Aleksandrovna:

I am an opponent of diets. People under this word understand a short change in their usual diet in order to get rid of excess weight. Such experiments introduce the body into a state of stress, and it does not matter which diet the person is losing: watermelon or some other. I advise you to initially build your menu correctly, eating healthy and varied foods with low caloric content and a small glycemic index.

Useful properties of watermelon are due primarily to the chemical composition of the fruit. Sugars in pulp in large quantities (from 5,5 to 13%) are easily digestible. If you take fresh watermelon, just ripped from the bed, then it will be dominated by such sugars as fructose and glucose.

Watermelon diet is one of the most effective, which is very important, while also a delicious way to say goodbye to the slag in the kidneys. Although this method has contraindications, they include – diseases associated with violation of urine outflow, congenital anomalies of the genitourinary system, nephropathy, nephrolithiasis, prostate adenoma.

There is a wide variety of apple diets that help people to effectively lose excess pounds. Today, a very popular technique is unloading apple days. Their essence lies in the fact that throughout the day you should eat only apples in unlimited quantities.

Despite the fact that obesity is a real scourge of modernity, the vast majority of people still do not have such serious problems with being overweight. Most often they just have extra centimeters in the waist and excess fat deposits on the sides. Nevertheless, it is possible and necessary to fight for the ideal figure.

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