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Weekly menu for the 1200 calorie diet: we lose weight every day

A diet of 1200 calories a day is considered the most suitable for people who want to lose weight with low physical activity. In addition, it is the most innocuous and adequate method of weight reduction. It is recommended not only to losing weight, but also to those who are forced to eat properly due to diseases.

Proper nutrition for a diet for 1200 calories a day

Nutritionists say that when losing weight by this method, it is important not only to count calories consumed throughout the day, but also to observe certain other rules:

  • physical exertion must take place every day;
  • need consultation with a doctor or a dietician before starting a diet;
  • exclusion from the diet of fast food, too fatty, fried foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol;
  • deviations from the diet are not possible, and should also properly exit the diet.

Every day on a diet you can eat a variety of delicious foods, but remember that the food should be thoroughly chewed. There is better slowly, so that the body has time to be full.

The diet is to lower the level of protein and carbohydrates in your diet. It is very effective so you can lose weight for a certain time, limiting yourself in nutrition. But if you continue to eat this way further, then losing weight slows down.

Every day you need to eat fresh vegetables and fruits containing useful trace elements. Do not forget about the drinking regime, because a sufficient amount of water contributes to better digestion of food.

List of products with low calorie content

Eating for a day 1200 calories, you can make your diet quite diverse. It should contain such products:

As for products with the content of slow carbohydrates, they can be eaten in food, however, less than usual. So, in moderate quantities it is allowed to enter into the diet:

On a diet 1200 calories per day is not allowed to eat foods that harm the body, contributing to obesity. Their list includes:

  1. fast food;
  2. products fried in fat or deep-fried;
  3. flour products;
  4. confectionery;
  5. drinks with gas;
  6. beer, alcohol;
  7. spicy dishes, too spicy, salty or smoked.

Recommendations for making menus for every day

Like other diets, a diet of 1200 calories a day has its principles for building a daily diet. If these principles are not adhered to, then you should not count on good results.

The basis of the diet is vegetables and fruits in an unprocessed form. All food should be varied, every day eating meat is not recommended, it must be alternated with fish. It is desirable to reduce the consumption of sweet dishes, and as for baking and flour products, it is better to exclude them altogether during the diet.

Fried foods should also be avoided, do not fry foods on animal oil. Smoked meats and pickles are removed from the diet. Observing the drinking regime, you need to drink up to 2 liters of clean water per day.

Meals should be arranged so that the last meal is not less than 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you really want, then in the evening you can do with a glass of kefir.

Diet of proper nutrition at 1200 calories per day:

What you can eat on 1200 calories a day: a list of dishes for every day

  • For breakfast, you can eat oatmeal (25 gr.), Filled with 150 ml. Low-fat milk with a piece of bread from bran and a glass of cocoa without sugar. As a snack, an apple with 150 ml is suitable. low-fat yogurt.
  • For lunch – 50 gr. chicken meat, a piece of fish, a lettuce leaf, a bowl of vegetable soup and potatoes, which is baked or boiled.
  • For dinner – 70 gr. Poultry meat, lettuce leaf, 4 wheat bread.
  • Toast with honey and banana – for breakfast.
  • Snack – a small tomato and cucumber.
  • Lunch – soup from vegetables, 50 gram of cheese, lettuce leaf.
  • Snack – 100 gram cod, cream cheese, several crackers with cocoa and a large apple.
  • Dinner – 25 gr. oatmeal, filled with 150 ml. milk, 2 piece of grain bread, 100 gram of berries.
  • For breakfast – boiled egg with 1 bread made from wheat.
  • Snack – a few bran bread with a spoonful of honey. Apricot or peach.
  • Lunch – vegetable soup, several crackers, 100 gram of brynza. Salad with vegetables and cheese. Cocoa without sugar.
  • Snack – 50 gr. tuna or cod, vegetable salad.
  • Dinner – 100 gr. meat of chicken and a couple of leaves of lettuce. Big apple and pear.

What are other variants of exchange for 1200 kcal per day:

  • For breakfast – dried bread with 50 gr. low-fat sausage.
  • On the snack – 5 crackers.
  • Lunch – 50 gr. string bean and 70 gr. Bird meat, tomatoes, cucumbers and greens.
  • Snack – boiled fish (80gr), bread toast with honey and a slice of bread with 50 gr brynza.
  • Dinner – cottage cheese (100 gr), large pear and apple.
  • Milk with cottage cheese casserole for breakfast.
  • The baked apple is a snack.
  • Lunch – 100 gr. chicken baked and a bowl of mushroom soup. Tea.
  • Snack – porridge buckwheat with beef and salad.
  • Dinner – matzoni.
  • Wheat porridge with tea for breakfast.
  • Snack – 1 kiwi.
  • Lunch – borscht, orange juice.
  • Dinner – pasta, tea.
  • Snack – a fermented woman.
  • Coffee and noodles on milk – breakfast.
  • Snack – peach or apricot.
  • Lunch – salad from greens and vegetables, pasta.
  • Cheesecakes with coffee.
  • Dinner is yoghurt.

Simple recipes of dietary dishes

For the preparation of cheesecakes with low calories, take:

Persimmons are cleaned and crushed in a blender, the raisins are soaked in hot water. The ingredients are combined, add vanillin, pan the shaped balls in the starch, then fry.

For cooking you need: 6 glasses of water, onion, cabbage, 3 carrots, garlic, green beans, tomato paste and greens.

Method of preparation: grate the carrots, cut the vegetables and pour all the ingredients into a saucepan. Fill with water and bring the mass to a boil. Cook should be 20 minutes on a small fire, after which the soup is filled with tomato paste and spices.

Vegetable stew can be made from different vegetables. A classic recipe for this dish is the use of zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, beets and potatoes. Vegetables are cleaned, cut into cubes, carrots are rubbed, and onions cut into half rings.

All put in a deep saucepan, add tomatoes, greens and spices. Stew the stew for an 1 hour on a slow fire.

You will need 300 gr. skim cottage cheese, two eggs, two tablespoons of mango, baking powder. All ingredients are mixed. In the dough you can put berries of cranberries or currants to choose from.

Dough for casserole poured into a special form, the bottom of which is lined with paper or oiled. Before baking the casserole, its top is smeared with sour cream. The cooking time is 30 minutes.

The following ingredients are required:

Proteins are beaten together with salt until a thick mass is obtained. The yolks are mixed with milk and poured into a frying pan, the squirrels are laid out on top. The omelette is fried without a lid until the squirrel grasps.

To prepare the casserole you need:

Mancro is mixed with milk and left. Cabbage is finely chopped and seasoned with salt. In milk with a manga pour in melted butter, add the eggs and knead it all with a whisk. Spices are added to taste. In the greased mold spread first cabbage, then pour it with the resulting mixture and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

Cut cabbage as small as possible, squeeze it until the juice appears, then add grated carrots and beets. In the salad, you can add greens and lemon juice at will. Before meals, it is filled with olive oil.

On a half liter of water you need:

Ginger tinder on the grater, grapefruit is simply cut, all fold the vessel with warm water. You can consume a cocktail after it is infused for 12 hours.

Why can not you eat less than 1200 kcal per day?

Switching to dietary nutrition is a stress for our body. The fact is that when a person starts consuming fewer calories, his body starts to work in emergency mode. This slows down the metabolism.

With a constant sense of hunger, the body begins to store fat, so it becomes very difficult to lose weight.

What happens to our body when we eat less than it is necessary? He suffers the stress associated with a feeling of hunger. Of course, the weight will decrease, but it will happen dramatically and bring a lot of health problems. So, a sharp decrease in calories causes the body to eat glycogen, which is in the muscles of a person, so that the sugar level is maintained in the norm.

After a decrease in muscle mass, metabolism slows down, and it becomes very difficult to lose weight.

Diet 1200 calories a day: reviews are thin

For more than a week I have been maintaining a diet for 1200 calories, and dropped 7 kg. I'm not going to dwell on this, although it's difficult for me to limit myself in everything.

The principle of this diet is to eat for one day products, the total calorie content of which does not exceed 1200 calories. This is the minimum required for the body. If there is more, the fat will begin to accumulate under the skin. But less is too it is impossible, as it slows down the metabolism, and it becomes hard to lose weight.

Observing a diet, you should lead a healthy lifestyle. At this time, regular physical activity is necessary, which will help to accelerate the process of losing weight.

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In general, if you want to lose weight, you need to eat separately, that is, the proteins are separate and carbohydrates, too, separately. I was so thin on 15 kg for a month.

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