What can you eat on atrophic gastritis

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The right diet for atrophic gastritis is one of the most important conditions in its treatment. The main task of the menu is to reduce the load on the damaged walls of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent the acidity of the gastric juice from growing. Nutrition with atrophic gastritis of the stomach should be as gentle as possible, not causing irritation and at the same time full. Individual recommendations can be given to the patient by a physician, but the person suffering from the disease must take care of himself to eat with health benefits.

What is atrophic gastritis?

The main cause of atrophic gastritis is inflammation and thinning of the gastric mucosa, a violation in the work of secretory activity. It can be focal atrophic gastritis, in which a reduction in the functional of cells leads to the death of glands producing enzymes and hydrochloric acid. The disease can affect both the whole stomach and its separate parts. Antral atrophic gastritis, on the contrary, is always accompanied by hypersecretion of gastric juice.

The lower part of the organ, antrum, is always inflamed and can not fully digest food.

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Any lesion of the stomach is fraught with poor digestion, untimely and poor-quality assimilation of food, the development of concomitant diseases, including oncological diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms of gastritis:

  • constant or periodic pain in the upper abdomen;
  • bloating, flatulence, causeless diarrhea, frequent dyspeptic phenomena;
  • frequent nausea and vomiting;
  • eructation with a rotten smell;
  • general deterioration of state of health, loss of appetite;
  • constant low-grade fever (37,2-37,5 ° C).

At the first signs of gastritis should consult a doctor. If atrophy has not yet spread to the large surface of the gastric organ, proper and timely treatment will help get rid of the disease.

Along with taking medications, it is important that the diet is strictly adhered to in case of atrophic gastritis of the stomach.

Only then treatment will be effective if you know what you can eat, and what is not possible at the initial stages of the disease, and follow the rules exactly. Over time, you can go to the normal diet. Otherwise, a strict diet can become life-long.

For those who have atrophic gastritis, the diet should be organized according to the following principles:

  1. Food should be as gentle as possible.
  2. Under the ban, fried foods: they should be boiled, baked, steamed.
  3. The food should be mashed or finely chopped.
  4. In food must necessarily be present the optimal amount of proteins and vitamins.
  5. Salt and sugar can be added in small amounts, any spices, especially spicy, hot, spicy – are excluded.
  6. It is important to eat a little, in small portions, at least 5-6 once a day.
  7. You must set the power mode by the hour.
  8. The daily menu can be approximately 100 g protein, 100 g fat and 400 g carbohydrates. The total calorie content of the daily ration is 2800-3000 kcal.
  9. The temperature of the food should be pleasant to take – about 50 ° C.

What foods can be eaten with atrophic gastritis?

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Treatment of gastritis will be more effective if we restrict ourselves to the use of the following important products:

  1. Meat – only low-fat varieties of beef, veal and mutton, chicken, turkey, rabbit. You definitely need to remove the skin from the bird. Before use, it is better to scroll in a meat grinder or cut into small pieces. Periodically you can afford a boiled liver, scrolled in a meat grinder. Sometimes you can eat boiled sausages or boiled sausages without fat and good quality.
  2. Fish are allowed to be marine and freshwater, but not lean, without skin. It is best to cook it for a couple, cook, use as a mince for bits, baked pies, fish dumplings. You can boil fish broth.
  3. Bakery products – preferably white bread of yesterday’s baked goods, dried or in the form of home-made crackers.
  4. Soup can be the basis of the diet. It should be mostly rubbed, do not contain large pieces of vegetables or meat. The best first dish is on lean chicken, potato or vegetable broth. You can prepare diet soups with milk with different types of cereals – oatmeal, mango, rice, buckwheat or pasta. In a diet it is necessary to include soups-mashed potatoes with meat and vegetables. Dishes can be filled with milk-egg mixture, butter or cream.
  5. Dairy products are welcome if they are not too acidic. Admissible fresh low-fat milk, fresh sour cream, acidophilus, curdled milk and cottage cheese. From the latter you can prepare syrniki, casseroles, vareniki.
  6. Eggs, if desired, you can eat every day for 1-2 pieces. They can be boiled soft and in a bag, cook an omelet, add to the casseroles and broths.
  7. Gastritis can be successfully treated with cereals. Mucous soups and porridges based on oatmeal and rice have a beneficial effect on the stomach, quickly saturate and do not irritate the digestive tract. You can eat cereals every day.
  8. Pasta is not forbidden, but it is better if it is small horns or vermicelli-spiderweb that are well-cooked. You can not eat them undercooked – it will lead to indigestion and pain in the abdomen.
  9. Be sure to include in the diet boiled or baked vegetables with a delicate fiber – potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, young beets and green peas, pumpkin, zucchini.
  10. To replenish the supply of proteins, you can sometimes eat seafood – squid, octopus, boiled at home, sea kale without salt.
  11. Sweet berries and fruits can be consumed only in the processed form – grated, cooked, baked. Small amounts of sweet jam or jam, pastilles, marmalade, marshmallows and honey are acceptable.
  12. Of the beverages it is better to prefer a weak black or green tea, it is possible with milk or cream. Will be useful decoctions and compotes, moderately sweet juices of their own preparation.

From the presented list of products at home, you can prepare full-fledged tasty dishes. The diet can and should be both beneficial and tasty.

What can not be used with atrophic gastritis

The list of products subject to sanctions for stomach disease includes a large number of products that should be completely excluded from treatment.

Many of them negatively affect even a healthy organism, not to mention the patient, especially in the stage of relapse. With gastritis, you can not eat the following foods:

  1. Alcohol in any form is completely excluded. Low-alcohol drinks (beer, cocktails) are included in this list.
  2. It is necessary to abandon any fried foods – both from meat and vegetables.
  3. Freshly baked bread, black bread, especially with bran, any baking, puff pastry.
  4. It is forbidden to eat pork, lard, as well as goose and duck meat, meat of wild birds.
  5. All canned foods and smoked products quickly increase acidity, so complete rejection is required.
  6. You can not eat strong, rich meat, mushroom and fish broth. Prohibited okroshka, meat borsch, cabbage soup, halophyte, pea and bean soup.
  7. Salty, smoked, pickled, canned fish and seafood should disappear from the table.
  8. It is better not to eat any cheeses, especially spicy, smoked and melted.
  9. Fried eggs, hard boiled eggs – it is impossible.
  10. It is better not to cook cereals from such cereals as pyshenka, barley, corn, pearl barley – they are poorly digested and lead to bloating. Beans are forbidden – peas, beans, beans, lentils.
  11. For the menu you need to carefully choose vegetables. With gastritis, you can not eat vegetables with coarse fiber – white cabbage, turnips and radishes, radishes, trout, dill and parsley.
  12. Limit the use of fresh onions and garlic to a minimum.
  13. In fresh form, it is better not to eat any fresh berries and fruits, especially sour or unfertile.
  14. Salted, pickled, pickled vegetables will not bring health to the stomach.
  15. Limit to a minimum the use of chocolate, cream products, ice cream and dried fruits.
  16. All spices and seasonings, vinegar, mustard, horseradish, mayonnaise, any pepper are completely excluded. Do not dress food with any sauces.
  17. Strong coffee, kvass, all drinks with gas are forbidden.

Thus, in order to organize proper nutrition with atrophic gastritis, you need to significantly revise your diet. It is very important to give up harmful products. However, if you follow a simple diet, treatment of the disease can be more effective and less time-consuming. With the improvement of well-being, a gradual return to a more familiar diet is possible.

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