What is the secret of yoga?

Yoga – the direction of the teachings, which include the mental, spiritual and physical development of man. Therefore, the diet of yogis is a system of special food intake, used to achieve harmony of the soul and body.

Yoga diet, dietary rules

  • any food should be thoroughly chewed to a liquid state, this ensures its easy digestion in the body;
  • if you are very tired or in a stressful state, it is better not to sit at the table, wait until you feel a real hunger;
  • 50% of the daily ration should consist only of fresh vegetables and fruits, greens;
  • correctly drink water: for 30 minutes before meals and after 1,5-2 hours after, a minimum of 2 liters per day;
  • Reduce salt intake to 1-3 grams per day;
  • forget about fried foods.

By observing these simple rules, you can easily improve your state of health, increase efficiency, cleanse the body and gradually reduce the number of extra kilograms.

Yoga diet, food secrets

  1. To make the cooked dish as useful to you as possible, it is very important not only what products it consists of, but also your mood when cooking and eating food. Yoga nutrition is built around the concept of "prana" (psychic energy), which can be extracted from any matter. Therefore, a good mood and only positive thoughts during the consumption of food are mandatory.
  2. There should be small portions and only the most necessary products. Any yogi strives in his development to switch to energy nutrition. The main goal of the yoga diet is to reduce the number of foods to a minimum, choosing from the most necessary and useful.
  3. Preference in meals is lactovegetarianism – complete exclusion of meat. According to yogis, meat products store in themselves all the negative energy after killing an animal, and in their yoga philosophy they can not harm a living animal. But this rule does not apply to milk and honey.

Yogic diet for weight loss

Permitted products

  • any fresh vegetables and fruits, berries for the season;
  • unprocessed cereals;
  • greenery;
  • nuts and honey;
  • milk.

Prohibited products (pran destroyers)

  • all types of meat and fish;
  • eggs;
  • Tea coffee;
  • raw onions and garlic;
  • alcohol, cigarettes;
  • sharp spices;
  • reheated food;
  • roast;
  • flour products on yeast;
  • sugar.

The yoga nutrition system should be maximally useful, easily digestible and natural. Thermally processed food should be consumed no more than 1-2 once a day, it must be filled with vital energy.

Diet Yoga, weight loss for 9 days

Yoga classes often use the nine-day method of cleansing and restoring the body, which can be safely used for effective weight loss. The main thing is to remember and strictly observe the rules and secrets of the yogic food system.

Sample menu for the day

Breakfast: freshly squeezed juice, whole wheat bread, a handful of berries.

Lunch: fresh salad from seasonal vegetables, cottage cheese with berries and honey.

Dinner: boiled vegetables, freshly squeezed juice.

Snacks: up to 5 oranges a day.

Do not mix starchy and protein foods, drink plenty of water, basic meals only 3 times a day.

Such a diet is quite heavy and can be difficult to tolerate, but the result will be stunning:

  • weight reduction up to 5 kg;
  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • purification of the intestines and vessels;
  • clarity of mind;
  • improvement of mood.

Yogic diets, reviews

People who are actively engaged in yoga, study its philosophy and gradually switch to yoga nutrition, usually look good, have a slender figure and a healthy body. Many got rid of problems of the gastrointestinal tract, obesity and nervous disorders. However, to use this method of nutrition is cautious, an unprepared person diet yoga can and do harm.

The diet of Indian yogis was formed over many millennia and is able not only to improve human health, but also to restore the clarity of mind and restore lost vital energy. If you do not know how to lose weight properly, the ancient yogic teachings will help you to find the beauty of the soul and body.


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