What kind of cereal can you eat while losing weight?

There is a stereotype that porridge and weight loss are incompatible things, but this is not at all the case. Those who want to lose those extra pounds should not forget about the benefits of slow carbohydrates contained in cereals, which enrich the body not only with useful microelements, but also provide a feeling of satiety for a long time. Of course, do not forget and about calories calories, because in average 100 grams of the product give the body 300-350 kcal, which when losing weight is a large part of the energy value of the whole meal. But first things first.

For weight loss oats, buckwheat, corn, linseed porridge, and not only. They should be cooked mainly on water, with the addition of a minimum amount of salt, and it's better to do without it at all. It is very important to prepare saturated with vegetable fat cereals during weight loss for breakfast – then they will provide the body with energy for a long time, and will not rest on the waist. For lunch and dinner, you can also prepare porridge, but you should choose less calories.

The most effective diet pills

The most effective cereals for weight loss are buckwheat and oatmeal. They contain the maximum amount of vitamins and trace elements, and in oats, in addition, there is also a valuable protein.

The best porridges in the fight against excess weight will be:

  1. Oatmeal. It contains a huge amount of fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it is water soluble, unlike fruit. When dissolved, it removes salts of heavy metals from the body. When heat treatment of oatmeal, mucus is formed, which removes toxins from the body and protects the gastric shell from exposure to harmful substances. The weight, flatulence, constipation is gone. Quick-cooking flakes are not suitable for losing weight. You need to buy a regular oatmeal, on the packaging of which the cooking time is 10-15 minutes, not 3-5 minutes. Energy value – 345 kcal per 100 gr.
  2. Buckwheat – The most useful for reducing weight. Along with good taste qualities, it contains essential amino acids, vitamins B, P, iron, calcium. Buckwheat is the basis for diets of many celebrities. For maximum benefit it is important to properly prepare it: for one glass of cereals, take two glasses of steep boiling water. Cover and leave overnight. In no case should salt be added.
  3. header – a hypoallergenic product that effectively inhibits the process of food fermentation in the body, which also speeds up the process of losing weight. The proteins contained in it are very poorly digested, so the caloric content of the prepared dish decreases at times. Contained in corn porridge trace elements contribute to an excellent metabolism, the removal of fats, prevent the rotting of food in the intestine. The level of cholesterol in the blood is noticeably lower. It contains 337 kcal per 100 gr. product.
  4. Linen – Women's porridge. It contains a substance similar to the hormone estrogen. Therefore, with its regular use, the hormonal background normalizes, the condition of hair, skin improves. It is rich in fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6, 9, which accelerate the metabolism. If in the past you are a fan of fast food and other gastronomic delights, then linseed porridge – this is exactly what you need. Seeds of flax is better not to cook, and soak: 150 gr. pour warm water, leave it so overnight. In the morning, pass through the blender, if desired, add greens. Its value is 425 kcal per 100 g of product.

Which cereals can you eat?

Losing weight with the help of cereals remains popular for many years. Cereals are an inexpensive product, but rich in microelements, amino acids, vitamins and vegetable fiber. And yet, what cereals can you eat while losing weight?

  1. Millet – not only stops the absorption of excess fats, but also contributes to their elimination, which is extremely important both during weight loss and during normal diet.
  2. Buckwheat – the most environmentally friendly croup, as when it is cultivated, weeds are not used because it is capable of hitting them. It contains complex carbohydrates in large quantities, so eating one serving can provide a feeling of satiety for a long time.
  3. Wheat groats – helps regulate fat metabolism in the body, fights with excess cholesterol. Its low calorie content is ideal for losing weight.
  4. Oatmeal – it contains retina, which will help relieve the intestines of toxins. But it should be remembered that it contains a lot of fat – about 6 gr. on 100 gr. product. Basically, weight loss is achieved through a thorough cleansing, so weight loss can be observed for several days after the end of the diet. A pleasant bonus in the period of losing weight, is not it?
  5. Pearl barley – this groat will help "deceive" the stomach. When it is cooked, the grain is increased by 4 times. It is this feature that allows you to quickly saturate while eating a small portion.

Recipes of dietary cereals

With strict mono-diets on cereals, do not forget that for longer than a week such a regime will only worsen the situation during weight loss, because after strict limitations, the losing weight most often breaks down and quickly recovers weight. Therefore, once you choose a more suitable diet regime, and always regularly diversify the ration. It is very important to maintain health include in a balanced menu when losing weight, different cereals. They give the body during weight loss all the necessary elements of nutrition, which are not in other useful products.

For breakfast, you can combine cereals with boiled vegetables, fruits or eggs, for dinner it is better to limit yourself only to serving porridge – up to 150 gr. Do not be afraid to eat porridge for dinner when losing weight. The main thing is to prepare them only on the water, without the addition of salt, sugar and oils. You can choose recipes from oat, buckwheat, corn, pearl barley or rice porridge.

Dietary diet pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Nutritious breakfast – Flaxseed porridge with vegetables

From the night we soak the seeds in a small amount of water. In the morning, we remove the fruit from the skin, remove the core of the pears and apple. We cut them into large cubes, send them to a blender, sprinkled with cinnamon or shavings. Next, we send the flax to the blender together with the thickened water. Ready mashed potatoes, saturated with natural sweetness of fruits, are divided into two portions, one of which can be shared, or sent to the refrigerator until the next morning. This delicious dish is an obligatory compound menu for weight loss.

Vegetables prepare, peeled, cut into cubes, let in oil on a small fire in a cast iron or saucepan. Buckwheat, wash. When the vegetables come, pour in the buckwheat and pour in the water. Salt or not – to decide the losing weight. After boiling water cover with a lid and allow to cook for 25 minutes, turn it off, and leave it under the lid for another 10 minutes. You can decorate a portion of 50 g brynza at will. Sprinkle with herbs. This recipe is good not only for lunch, but also for supper during weight loss.

Dietary Supper – Pearl barley with mushrooms

Boil the pearl bar until cooked. Vegetables are washed, peeled, chopped, then sent to the pan for a few minutes, then add a little water to allow the vegetables to fade. When the water is absorbed, pour in the prepared rump, add seasoning, mix, cover, and let stand. If the diet for weight loss is strict, you can not fry vegetables, but only boil.

Dishes on the water

Low-calorie porridge for weight loss on the water – the first thing that is associated with a healthy getting rid of excess weight. And although the nutritional value of cereals is high, the caloric content of the finished porridge depends on the preparation recipe, namely, on what it was prepared for. On average, the croup in its pure form contains about 300-320 kcal per 100 g of dry product. Most cereals can be consumed in any of the meals, but no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Lowest calorie among them – barley, if it is welded on water without any additives, its energy value is 76 kcal per 100 gr. Oatmeal on water is also valuable when losing weight, because its value is only 88 kcal per 100 gr. During losing weight, it is mostly consumed before lunch, as it is saturated with fats.

Porridge in the multivariate

How to cook a slaughter porridge in a multivariate? To do this, you need to take the necessary amount of grains, fill it with water and choose the appropriate mode. It is very convenient for these purposes to use a timer – after putting in cereals in the evening, a portion of fresh porridge for weight loss will be ready for breakfast.

The recipe for a delicious and healthy slimming cereal in a multivariate:

Milk millet porridge with pumpkin in the multivark

Rinse the groats and leave in water for 15 minutes. Pumpkin pulp crushed, send to the multivark together with the oil for 10 minutes in baking mode. Add the croup and milk to the ready-made pumpkin, mix and put into the milk porridge regime for 50-60 minutes, depending on the desired consistency of the porridge. When it is ready, you can add honey.

Oatmeal scrub

This method of cleaning the body from the inside can be called prophylactic, it will clear the intestines of toxins, and improve metabolism. And this is an important part of healthy weight loss.

Recipe for scrub for intestines from oatmeal for weight loss:

Pour in the evening 5 tablespoons oatmeal with the same amount of warm boiled water. In the morning, add a spoonful of honey and nuts. We eat on an empty stomach – it is not recommended to drink water, breakfast in 3 hours. Take in a month 1-2 times a week.

Summarizing the above, you can see the benefits of cereal, both for weight loss, and for health in general.

Effective diet on cereals

Speaking about the role of cereals in losing weight, most people think of strict mono-diets, like buckwheat, when nothing is allowed except for this ingredient. Such a restriction rarely leads to long-term and reliable results of losing weight, not to mention the damage to health, because if you do not give the body the necessary food for work, it starts to stock up fat from everything, and demand more food. This will inevitably lead to a breakdown. A rip off the mono-diet "only for a day," losing weight without the developed willpower simply can not stop until he gets a few extra pounds to those that he had before the diet. Therefore, reasonable restrictions always have an advantage in losing weight.

The output can be diet on the porridge for weight loss. This regime is distinguished by a variety of menus and will certainly bring health benefits, and most importantly – will help to lose weight without harm and disruption.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal on water -100 gr., Dates – 5 pcs, green tea without sugar;
  • Lunch: meat broth -200 ml, fresh cabbage salad with addition of 1 h / l of olive oil – 150 g;
  • Afternoon snack: cottage cheese skim – 150 gr .;
  • Dinner: oatmeal on the water – 100 gr., Apple-1 pcs.
  • rice porridge on the water – 100 gr., Prunes – 5 pcs .;
  • beef boiled – 100 gr., cucumber – 1 pcs .;
  • natural yogurt -150 ml;
  • rice porridge on the water – 100 gr., boiled egg – 1 pcs.

Following this diet, on average, you can lose 5-7 kg per week, depending on the initial weight of the losing weight.


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