What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?


What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

What do we know about fruits? First, they are useful for health due to the maintenance in them of a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements. And secondly, these fruits are incredibly tasty.

For today, fruit diets are very popular. They allow you to reduce weight, saturate the body with useful vitamins and remove harmful substances from it.

Of course, not all fruits are suitable for weight loss. Some of them can even do harm to health. Which fruits are allowed to eat during a diet, and which are not, consider further.

Effectiveness of fruit for weight loss and deducing fat

What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

Virtually all fruits are dietary and low-calorie. Their regular use contributes to the removal of fat from the body. To ensure that the fruit diet is most effective, you need to know firmly which fruits contribute to weight loss, and which lead to its collection.

There are fruits that have a fat burning effect. Their use in food speeds up metabolism and promotes the splitting of accumulated fats. Some fruit is useful to eat fasting, since they trigger the exchange processes.

It is important not to forget that a fruit ration will only be useful for losing weight when you start eating correctly, not exceeding the daily calorie rate and actively engaged in sports.

What fruit helps to lose weight?

What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

The beneficial properties of fruit fruits include the presence in them of elements that accelerate the metabolism when losing weight. Particular attention should be paid to low-calorie fruit, which include:

  • Watermelon. Its calorie content does not exceed 35 kcal. In addition, the fruit contains a large amount of liquid and is suitable for unloading days.
  • Peach also suitable for weight loss. Its calorie content is within 40 kcal.
  • Pear – a delicious and healthy product, which positively affects the work of the intestines due to the high fiber content.
  • Apple will help get rid of stagnation in the intestines. You need a couple of fruits a day.
  • Plum has a laxative effect. If there is a fruit for two weeks, then you can throw a few pounds.
  • Lemon in large quantities contains vitamin C. At the expense of this, immunity is strengthened, the fission of fats leads to the removal of excess fluid from the body.

In order to eat and simultaneously burn calories, you need to choose fruits that promote maximum fat removal.

  • Grapefruit. One of the most useful fruits that contribute to the cleavage and elimination of fat. In addition to the fact that grapefruit removes excess fluid from the body, it also has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes. Grapefruit refers to a low-calorie product. Its calorie content does not exceed 35 kcal.
  • Orange. Another product from the family of citrus fruits. Promotes the cleavage and excretion of complex fats, increases immunity, affects the active activity of man.
  • Pineapple – another representative of low-calorie fruit. It contains a special substance – bromelain, which helps to remove fat.

Citrus fruits are best not eaten on an empty stomach: this use may harm the stomach.

When losing weight, can I eat fruit at night?

What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

Often, especially during the diet, I want to eat at night. As it is a question of a fruit diet, we will define, what fruit can be eaten at night at growing thin, and what it is impossible.

  • Get rid of the feeling of hunger is better citrus fruits. Their use does not affect the figure, but will saturate the body, and dull the feeling of hunger.
  • You can also eat mango or kiwi fruit. These fruits contribute to the removal of fat and are perfectly struggling with excess weight.

Apple is a fairly low-calorie product, but it's the opposite, it only stimulates the appetite. Therefore, from the use of this fruit at night it is better to abstain.

Benefit of pomelo

What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

Pomelo is an incredibly tasty and healthy fruit containing a large number of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5) and trace elements (iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium).

Especially great is the use of this fruit when losing weight. Pomelo accelerates metabolic processes in the body and actively burns fats.

Pomelo is considered a low-calorie product. Its calorific value is 32 Kcal per 100 g of product. This allows you to use the product at any time of the day, without harming your health.

Since pomelo differs "fleshiness", it perfectly satiates the body and creates a long feeling full. Fruit is an excellent option for carrying out unloading days. Also he is boldly can be eaten at night.

Useful properties of kiwi fruit

What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

Kiwi is a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins. The use of this fruit for food is incredibly useful for the body.

  • normalization of metabolism;
  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system;
  • improvement of the hormonal background;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • neutralization of harmful substances (nitrates and toxins);
  • rapid breakdown of fats;
  • strengthening of bone and muscle tissue;
  • stress management, etc.

The use of kiwi after the main meal helps to get rid of the heaviness in the stomach. The fruit contributes to the removal of fat, lowering cholesterol and increasing metabolism.

Useful properties of kiwi for weight loss are obvious: it contains a whole complex of vitamins, fiber, organic, vegetable and amino acids.

The use of 3-4 fruit per day will be especially beneficial for the body during the period of weight loss. Kiwi is low-calorie – 60 Kcal per 100 g of product. This allows you to eat it at night.

The only contraindication to eating fruit is the tendency to allergic reactions.

What kind of fruit can not eat while losing weight?

What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

Despite the effectiveness of the fruit diet, there are a number of fruits that are undesirable in losing weight.

These include fruits that contain high amounts of carbohydrates and fructose:

  • bananas – the most high-calorie fruit;
  • avocado – is considered a heavy and caloric fruit;
  • Grapes – contains high content of fructose;
  • persimmon;
  • papaya;
  • figs;
  • watermelon – frequent use violates the water-salt balance;
  • dried fruits – high glucose content;
  • cherry, cherry;
  • dates;
  • peaches;
  • blueberries, blackberries.

Of course, all these fruits are useful for our body! But because of the high sugar content in them, and also the increased calorie content, their use in food is forbidden.

Since your main goal is weight loss, for some time these products will need to be eliminated, replacing them with others.

Cocktail Recipes

What kind of fruit can you eat while losing weight?

Dietetic fruit cocktails are an excellent remedy for combating excess kilograms. They accelerate metabolism and dull the feeling of hunger. Such drinks supply the body with a necessary supply of nutrients and provide a large supply of energy and energy.

One of the most effective are the following recipes for low-calorie cocktails, useful in losing weight:

Cocktail Recipe from kiwi, which helps to burn and remove fat:

  1. In the blender, mix 1 kiwi, 2 a slice of lemon, parsley and mint.
  2. Add 100 ml of water. A delicious and healthy cocktail is ready.

Cocktail recipe from vegetables, apple and ginger:

  1. Mix in an 1 blender apple, 2 tablespoons of ginger, medium beets and 4 carrots.
  2. Add 100 ml of water.

Recipe for watermelon cocktail:

  1. In a blender, mix 500 g of watermelon flesh.
  2. Add 5 mint leaves and 200 raspberries.
  3. All carefully mix.

Recipe for a low-calorie cocktail from grapefruit:

  1. To prepare, you need 100 ml of water, 1 grapefruit, 100 ml of green tea, 10 g of ginger.
  2. All this is mixed with a blender and add 1 a spoonful of honey.

Low-calorie fruits and vegetables promote the removal of fat from the body and cleanse it of toxins.

Fruit and vegetable diet is indicated for those who want to lose weight in a short time without harm to the body. Low-calorie fruits and vegetables promote the removal of fat from the body and cleanse it of toxins.

It is important not to forget that any method of losing weight involves observing simple rules:

  • Exclusion of fasting and overeating.
  • Eating 2,5 liters of clean water a day.
  • Healthy sleep and lack of stress.
  • Use of small portions.
  • Observance of daily calorie rate.
  • Active lifestyles (sports, dances, etc.)
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