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What muscles work when jogging, on the stairs and with dumbbells

Beginners asking questions about what muscles work when you run, pretty much bring into the stupor of any fitness coach. The problem with this kind of activity is that the muscles of the legs, body, arms and abdomen can contract. But here "pumping" or "suspenders" with them may not happen.

The thing is that the "slow" muscle fibers predominantly work, which are not able to achieve significant hypertrophy. So, we will not get from this visual effect "body athlete".

By the way, about this – runners do not at all look like motivating fitness models. A typical athlete lacks or normal muscle mass, a healthy percentage of fat and a fairly smooth outline of the body. Dried presses, hypertrophied hips and buttocks and prominent shoulders – this is about professional sports. But still running can be useful if you do everything right.

Honor the modern gurus of fitness training. Katya Usmanova writes in her blog that she refused to run, and promotes unstressed cardio on the stepper and walking down the hill on the path. She claims that a fitness athlete is more likely to injure joints and overload the nervous system, but will not receive from the run what all women want – a beautiful figure, round buttocks, slender legs and good posture.

The trainer-radical Anas Nuriyev generally despises running. He believes that there are more humane ways to increase motor activity, for example, simple walks on foot, shopping trips or activity together with children. Running, according to this coach, is a manifestation of an irrational approach to fitness. What should I do? Classic and frontal squats, deadlifts, presses, pull-ups and other exercises of force format.

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At the same time, there are many running schools that are ready to force you to run a half marathon, help improve technique and time, and argue that there is no better physical activity than running.

The objective advantages of running are:

  • it is absolutely natural for a healthy person, does not require "twisting" of the joints;
  • the study of technology takes much less time than mastering the same squat at a good average level;
  • equipment for fans is not very expensive, it can be found in a budget store or a Chinese mega-mall, second-hand or even in non-specialized stores;
  • there are schools of running in every city, just look at the Olympic Reserve schools and sports schools for children. Trainer in track and field athletics will be there with ease;
  • injured athletes or people with excess weight can start with running in an elliptical machine, prepare ligaments, joints and muscles to load in this way;
  • running lowers blood pressure if you exercise regularly;
  • classes contribute to increasing calorie consumption, if you choose sprint or fartlek, then "deferred increase in metabolism" works;
  • with the help of running you can lose weight if you eat moderately and add to the workouts the power loads;
  • systematic exercises improve blood circulation, help reduce blood sugar, improve heart function, improve sleep quality and prevent depression.

Running can be practiced in almost all conditions, it is important only to choose the right sports shoes and dose your training, so as not to bring the body to overload and exhaustion. A subscription to the fitness club is not required, the track and field athletics coach is much cheaper than the next "guru" from the winners of the regional fitness bikini and beach bodybuilding championship.

In addition, the method of training in running and training is developed by normal sports organizations, and not by those whose main goal is to extract profit from the pockets of desperate and ready to lose weight all wishing to lose weight.

Muscles with the help of training on a track or track in the hall can not be pumped. Unicums that write on the Internet about unrealistically grown hips and calf muscles are likely to be pumped by a slight natural increase in the tone of the musculature. It can add about 1 cm in the volume right after the workout, as the blood content of the muscles improves. And the same centimeter safely comes to nothing just in 2-3 hours.

Tone the muscles of the anterior, posterior and inner thighs, glutes and muscles of the hands and body (yes, they also work with the right technique), but no more. During training, slow fibers are involved, they are in principle not inclined to a sharp increase in volume.

Is the person getting stronger from running? Obviously, not if it's not about sprinting, running uphill for short distances and going through a streak of obstacles. The usual passage of the distance in 3-10 km, typical for an amateur, does not help in the development of force muscles.

Who should not practice running training

Training in the running style and the corresponding general physical training are not suitable if:

  • in a person exacerbation of hypotension, he has a systematically low blood pressure. In this case, during the period of exacerbation, the workouts are canceled, and in the neo-period, a more moderate cardio on a low pulse is recommended;
  • the patient has a diagnosed scoliosis or pelvic displacement. This creates an unnatural shock load on the spine, pain and nerve pinches are possible;
  • the heart is overloaded due to rhythm disturbances, high blood pressure or exacerbation of chronic inflammatory disease;
  • the first trimester of pregnancy is taking place, a woman has never run before. That, he trained, it is recommended to move to an elliptical simulator for a while to remove the shock load and fight the risk of increasing the tone of the uterus. In the second trimester, some recommend returning jogging at a very slow pace, others – go swimming;
  • there are joint diseases – arthritis and arthrosis;
  • there is an exacerbation of kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal tract;
  • a person has a cold or has a flu.

With the wrong technique, the increased load is placed on the joints, ligaments and spine, and the risk of injury is large enough. Contraindications are thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, this applies to athletes, and for fans – a controversial moment. Many continue their workouts simply by using compression clothing

Primary development of muscles

Jogging evenly loads the muscles of the legs and body, involves the long back muscle and transverse abdominal muscles as stabilizers. He involves the biceps and the upper fascicle of the triceps at the expense of hand movements. Mostly slow muscle fibers are trained. Trusca does not give muscle hypertrophy and is recommended for those who are afraid to gain muscle mass.

The use of slides transfers accents to the muscles of the thighs and promotes hypertrophy of the flexor and thigh extensor. If the athlete is strongly leaning forward, gluteal muscles are involved.

This kind of running works more on the hamstrings and buttocks than on the quadriceps, but the front surface also gets its load. Calories are consumed more actively, fat is burnt.

If you pick up light dumbbells, your biceps and triceps will work harder. But the potential for fat burning from this is greatly overrated. Loaded hands slightly increase the consumption of calories, just the action itself is a good special-preparatory exercise for strengthening the hands and upper shoulder girdle.

Thus, running is an excellent cardio exercise, primarily working on the heart muscle and only then – skeletal muscles. He can help in recovery if running, observing the right technique, regularly and not overload the body with training.

I do not see anything wrong with running for health, it's much better than usual walking, another thing is running jogging, jogging for health in the morning, or driving yourself in a race like a horse is a big difference, as Urgant would say. However, everyone is not forget about it

Previously, he lived on the fifth floor and did not go up the stairs, but tried to run. At what he ran, stepping on the edge of the steps with socks. Caviar just buzzed at the beginning, but then it became commonplace and the pain stopped. In general, running is very useful, but not for everyone and in moderation.

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