What you can eat after the operation for appendicitis to an adult and a child

After surgery to remove appendicitis, eating in the former regime is strictly not recommended by doctors. During the operation, the intestine is injured, seams are applied to it, so a diet is extremely necessary. Changing the diet in the post-operation period will help to return quickly to the habitual way of life and normalizes the activity of the digestive tract.

The main thing that needs to be learned, the diet should be balanced and easily assimilated. For self-discipline, it is better to fix everything on paper so as not to move away from the system and do no harm to one's health. The list of recommended products includes:

  1. Low-fat soups and vegetable soups are the basis of nutrition.
  2. Porridge: buckwheat, rice and oatmeal. You can combine with vegetables and mushrooms.
  3. Soup puree – the perfect dinner. Grind the ingredients in a blender or grate it through a sieve.
  4. Fish, poultry or lean meat as a second course.
  5. Garnish: cereals, vegetables, pasta or potatoes.
  6. Fruits and berries. For those who undergo surgery, citrus fruits, peaches, pomegranates, raspberries and strawberries are recommended.
  7. Milk products. It is important that the products are low in fat content.

Do not neglect the liquid. It will be useful to drink plenty of water, decoction of rose hips, jelly and green tea.

The food should be boiled, cooked on steam or in the oven.

Before the operation and on the first day after it is generally prohibited. In fact, it is not so difficult, because there is simply no appetite. The organism needs restoration of forces at this time, in order to further normalize.

On the second day, doctors recommend to include liquid dishes:

Milk in the first 3 days is contraindicated, as is any solid food. Approximately on the fourth day you can add soft fruits and vegetables to the above list. All other products will lead to irritation of the joints in the intestines.

What you can eat in the first week after removal of the appendix

Food for the first week should be based on foods rich in fiber. These vegetables are baked or cooked, cereals in the water, baked fruits, soups, purees, dried fruits. Such food is necessary to normalize the stool and prevent constipation.

In this period it is important to start introducing low-fat fish, meat, and sour-milk products into the diet. Nutritionists also recommend adding a little butter to the diet.

A recovering person simply needs a copious drink, if there are no contraindications to the doctor, of course. Usually appoint up to 10 glasses of liquid per day, mostly clean water, which you need to drink half an hour before meals or after 1,5 hours after.

The general scheme of meals should be strictly observed, and in the first week it is very important that the food is delivered every 2-3 hours in small portions.

Diet of the first postoperative month

Following the above, we can draw conclusions:

  • food should be in liquid or frayed form;
  • products must be boiled, baked or steamed;
  • take food up to 6 once a day;
  • drink plenty of fluids.

All salted, smoked, fried, spicy dishes, mayonnaise and sauces should be excluded. Also prohibited are fatty fish, meat and dairy products, products leading to gas production, baking and confectionery.

About the diet after the operation to remove the gallbladder, we will discuss in this article

In the diet can include:

  • light vegetable broths and soups;
  • porridge on the water;
  • vegetable side dishes and pasta;
  • low-fat dairy products;
  • useful sweets: honey, dried fruits, marshmallows;
  • berries and fruits;
  • green tea, dog rose, jelly, jelly.

After a month of compliance with such a diet, you can safely move on to regular meals. However, in any case, you need to do this gradually. It is recommended to add one new product per day to the diet.

A child who underwent surgery to remove appendicitis requires special attention and compliance with the diet. Provide him with a sparing diet, while the whole food needs to be crushed as much as possible and divided into several receptions (5-6 times).

In the case of uncomplicated appendicitis on the first day, you can give mineral water, and by the end of the day – a small amount of mashed potatoes. Usually in a week you can eat the usual food, but make sure that there is no overeating.

With complicated pathology, when purulent inflammation takes place in the abdominal cavity, it will be possible to get out of the hospital only after 2-3 weeks.

In the child's menu, it is recommended to include mashed potatoes, mashed apples, boiled vegetables, liquid cereals and steamed meatballs. In no case should you allow a child to eat meat with chunks or whole fruit. In practice, they and more nuts are the most dangerous, since the child, without thoroughly chewing, swallows all the larger portions. But bananas for a child's body are harmless, they can be given almost immediately after the operation.

How long the child needs to follow a diet, only the attending physician decides.

The attending physician must necessarily explain to the patient how to eat after the operation to prevent complications. Below are the products, the list of which is desirable to put in a prominent place and in no case do not use them. These include:

  • all seasonings, spices, salt, mayonnaise and other sauces;
  • rich chicken, fish and meat broths;
  • salty, smoked dishes;
  • marinated products and any canned food;
  • flour products and confectionery (especially with cream);
  • beans;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • fruits with high sugar content (grapes, pears, nectarines);
  • borsch and ear;
  • whole milk.

It is necessary to have patience and courage to postpone the rehabilitation period. The more carefully the patient follows the recommendations, the faster it will be able to recover.

As doctors say, strict adherence to medical recommendations has an exceptionally positive effect. Soon, patients will experience the result:

  • wounds qualitatively heal;
  • the work of the gastrointestinal tract will be restored.

To get up on legs after the transferred operation of an uncomplicated appendicitis it is possible already after 6 hours. In this case, early activity is even welcomed. In difficult cases, walking is recommended to abstain for at least 1 day. Then you can get up, but gradually, for a start, you should sit 5 minutes on the bed.

If the person before the operation ate irregularly, unbalanced or excessive, you need to completely revise the diet. It is necessary to reduce the amount of harmful food: salty, smoked, spicy, canned.

Alcohol abuse is strictly contraindicated. Weak spirits are allowed only after 3 weeks in a moderate amount.

What causes non-compliance with the diet

If the patient ignores the recommendations, does not follow a sparing diet and reduced loads, this can lead to a number of negative consequences. This is fraught with the wrong overgrowth of the sutures after removal of the appendix, the development of adhesions and even inguinal hernia.

So, after the first day, the patient can eat, but not all. Therefore, it is important to make an approximate menu.

In the morning, drink sweetened tea or jelly (100 ml).

Next, at intervals of 2 hours, use 100 ml:

  • tea sweetened;
  • broth of dogrose;
  • low-fat meat broth;
  • Tea with lemon;
  • cereal broth, jelly;
  • compote strained.
  • oatmeal porridge without milk, salt and oil;
  • Freshly squeezed juice with dry biscuits;
  • soup from vegetables, cutlet steamed, a slice of rye bread, compote;
  • kissel;
  • cabbage stewed, low-fat kefir.
  • millet porridge (without milk) with the addition of a small amount of butter, tea with dry biscuits;
  • juice with biscuits;
  • chicken broth with vegetables and rice, pumpkin porridge, steamed cutlets;
  • yogurt;
  • buckwheat, steam fish cutlets, tea with dry biscuits.
  • buckwheat with butter, tea with a loaf and cheese;
  • non-aerated water;
  • vegetable soup, sauerkraut with chicken meat, bread, tea;
  • kissel;
  • souffl√© or cottage cheese casserole, tea with biscuits.

For successful rehabilitation it is important to undergo a daily examination of a specialist and strictly observe the diet and dietary rules. Thus, after 2 weeks the organism will be safely restored and it will be possible to return to the habitual way of life.

As far as I know, you can eat soup products, like oatmeal. True, she should not upgrade butter and milk.

take food up to 6 once a day. This is a blasphemy. How can I eat 6 once a day a normal person should eat 3 times a day. If after operations, then vobshe 2 times a day.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.

Kiwi used to be like a fairy fruit, now it is sold in every grocery store. Very good.


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