What you need to eat to lose weight: the answers of experts to the eternal question

By the 21 century, many different diets have accumulated, both for weight loss and for recovery. But people are obsessed with proper nutrition. Now everyone is actively watching what is put on the plate.

Such a nutrition system is suitable for people suffering from overweight, and doctors say that this is the safest and most effective way to part with hated pounds.

So what is the secret? What you need to eat to lose weight?

Vitamins in the diet for weight loss

Each individual needs vitamins for beauty, health and weight loss. They include many processes in the metabolism, remove unnecessary substances and improve health.

Let's consider the most important:

  1. Vitamin C. Helps metabolism. Participates in fat burning;
  2. Vitamins of group B. They are responsible for the work of the intestines. Maintain an emotional balance. And most importantly, they carry energy through the tissues;
  3. Vitamin D. It significantly dulls the feeling of hunger;
  4. Pectin. Follows the normal work of the intestines and cleans it of slagging.

Also in pharmacies are selling food supplements, containing a huge number of necessary vitamins. Before using them, consult your doctor.

What is there to lose weight: a list of products that solve this problem

Thanks to research, it is possible to say with ease which food products will help in improving the body, which accordingly accelerates metabolism and helps to lose weight. Of course, with excessive body weight.

  1. Sour-milk products. Such as yogurt, ryazhenka, yogurt, tan, ayran. Cheeses and cottage cheese are part of this group, but it is important to choose low-fat varieties;
  2. Soups on vegetable or secondary broth;
  3. Low-fat varieties of meat and fish;
  4. Spices in the form of garlic, onion and greens;
  5. Vegetables;
  6. Fruits and berries;
  7. Useful fats – olive, linseed, coconut oil;
  8. Rye bread;
  9. Green tea and mineral water;
  10. Eggs;
  11. Citrus;
  12. Kashi.

It is difficult to starve with such a variety of useful foods. The main thing is to choose high-quality food without chemical additives.

Completely from fats to refuse it is not necessary. It is necessary to exclude only harmful, unnecessary body, which contain cholesterol in large quantities. These are fatty meats, kidneys, liver, brains, yolk. Fatty fish can be consumed 1 once a week, because it consists of healthy fats.

Prepare preferably steamed, and cook, stew, bake. It is necessary to avoid roast, smoked, salted.

Salt in small amounts is useful, but its high content delays water in tissues. What leads to swelling, and in consequence to obesity.

Negative caloric content of food is what you need!

Each product carries its own caloric value, which is expended as energy for all processes. But there are elements in which it is negative, that is, several times more energy is consumed for digestion than the calories obtained with food. It turns out, when eating food, calories burned.

Here it is, the "magic" list:

  • Cucumber;
  • Daikon;
  • Different types of cabbage (white, colored, broccoli);
  • Beet;
  • Asparagus;
  • Celery;
  • Bulgarian pepper and chili;
  • Lettuce, cress – lettuce;
  • Squash;
  • Zucchini, zucchini;
  • Dandelion;
  • Endive;
  • Rukkola;
  • Bow;
  • Radish;
  • Spinach, sorrel, rhubarb;
  • Turnip;
  • Eggplant;
  • An Apple;
  • Lemon, tangerine, grapefruit;
  • Raspberries, cranberries, strawberries;
  • Mango, papaya, pineapple;
  • Ginger, mustard, cinnamon, dill, cumin, coriander;
  • Seaweed;
  • Mushrooms.

Learn everything about coffee Turboslim for weight loss here, and most importantly – people's feedback.

Have you heard anything about cheatmil? No? Then rather read this article, because under this beautiful word lies an effective measure, strange as it may sound, for losing weight.

If you combine the two previous lists in the diet, then you can grow thin without feeling hungry. Weight loss will not only be tasty and varied, but also enriched with vitamins.

Weight loss increase for the week

What you need to eat quickly to lose weight in a week? In addition to products that carry caloric content with a minus sign, there is an intensifying metabolism. Due to this, fat burns several times faster.

For example, eating 2 grapefruit a day, for a week it is possible to lose up to 2 kg, without resorting especially to diet and exhausting physical exertion.

  • Cereals (buckwheat, oatmeal);
  • Fruits (grapefruit, apple, lemon, kiwi, pineapple);
  • Vegetables (cabbage, asparagus beans);
  • Protein (low-fat meat and fish, egg white, seafood);
  • Seasonings (all spicy, garlic, cinnamon, ginger).

We prepare fat-burning tea to lose weight in the stomach, and throughout the body:

  1. Brew green tea;
  2. Add ginger and lemon, without sweeteners;
  3. We get a tasty and healthy drink on the way out.

Losing weight like natural fat burners, since it is no longer important to take synthetic additives for weight loss.

Eating before weight loss training

What should you eat before training to lose weight? It turns out that you need to think over and feed on physically active days. There are a lot of nuances. We will analyze the important ones for losing weight.

Training is cardio and power. Cardio acts on fat burning, but it only works during classes. Strengths develop muscles and the effect lasts 24 hours, because for growing muscles you need more energy than nonworkers.

The most fruitful lessons – morning on an empty stomach. Because immediately turns on subcutaneous fat and is translated into energy, and if the exercises take place after a meal, then first uses glucose, extracted from the diet.

If all the same lessons are not in the morning, you need for 1 – 1,5 hours, before exercise, eat complex carbohydrates. This is porridge and pasta from durum wheat.

Possibilities were not to eat, how? For 30 minutes eat simple carbohydrates. For a sharp jump in blood glucose. Due to this, efficiency will increase. But it does not have to be cake, ice cream and cakes. There can be fruits, nuts.

Since morning it is impossible to be engaged on an empty stomach? Use the method described above, or eat porridge and do it already in 1 – 1,5 hours.

Do not eat protein before classes.

Nutrition after exercise

It is equally important to know what is best to eat after a workout. This affects the quality of the muscles.

Immediately after training, you can not. We need to wait some time. Optimum 20 minutes. Just do not go hungry, but the time spent in training will go in vain.

If the exercises were forcible, then most of it should be protein and slightly less than half a portion of complex carbohydrates.

If the cardio exercises, then give preference to carbohydrates and slightly less than half the servings of protein.

How it works: principles and advice

Attention should be paid not only to the quality of food, but also to some other aspects. How much to eat? In what time? Why is this or this product in the diet? Many products are not only useless, but also harmful. Exchange processes like constancy in the intake of meals.

  1. We eat at the same time. Breakfast not later than 1 hours after waking up. Further gaps range from 2 to 3 hours. Last supper for 3-4 hours before sleep;
  2. Meals should be a minimum of 5-6. The more, the better, but in small portions and in accordance with paragraph 1;
  3. We get pleasure. Learn to eat without foreign noise, in the form of a TV, radio and computer. Do not pick up the phone. Grind the pieces carefully, feeling every taste;
  4. Drink water in accordance with 30 ml for 1 kg of weight;
  5. Eat more foods rich in fiber. It helps to cleanse the body and build up. Fiber is found in natural foods (vegetables and fruits). With fruits, be careful, they are still simple carbohydrates. It's better to use them before 16: 00. But vegetables in any quantity. It's great if with each meal there will be vegetables cooked by permitted methods or fresh;
  6. The physiological volume of the stomach is 250 ml, a simple glass. At full people, he usually stretches, but it is necessary to overcome himself and eat in one sitting not more than 250 gram;
  7. Favorite harmfulness is not completely excluded. Pamper yourself 1 once a week with chocolate or 1 once a month with a piece of cake. Choose a scheme that will help not to break. Knowing that at the end of the week it will be possible to allow a little more, I do not want to eat at night. It's best if it's morning meals, so you can burn the delicious before sleeping;
  8. All the harmfulness can be replaced. Recipes are generally available. Adherents of proper nutrition have long replaced baked goods, mayonnaise and sweets for utility. And, not yielding to taste;
  9. Use the scheme: breakfast – complex carbohydrates; dinner – complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein; dinner – protein and fiber.

Between meals, make snacks, these can be nuts, fruits, vegetables or protein. Something one of the above or a combination. Let's say lettuce and chicken meat, but a snack on 150 grams.

These principles should be followed to ensure that the body is working properly and did not think that something unnatural is happening and it needs to be stored.

In conclusion, let us recall what has been accomplished:

  • Vitamins, minerals, micro- and macronutrients are important for weight loss and health. It is worth to study its provisions in order to realize whether this product brings benefit or it can be replaced or even completely eliminated;
  • You need to make up your diet from the useful products that are presented in the article. This will help and improve the body's structure, and burn fat faster;
  • It is necessary to engage in physical activity, while before training use either complex carbohydrates, or fast, determining the time of exercise;
  • After training, do not have an hour. Then we look at the type of activity, cardio – more carbohydrates, power – protein dominates;
  • Meals should be frequent and small. Watch for breaks between them;
  • It is required to eat more vegetables and fruits, but also not to exclude the harmfulness in reasonable quantities;
  • Do not forget about liquids.

In general, look after your health and well-being. The body will always tell you how to eat it. Consult your doctor.

The right foods will help you get rid of excess centimeters quickly, but do not go to extremes. Love yourself and your body!

Yeah, some vegetables .. Some vegetables will not go far. In order to lose weight you just need to eat right and play sports or at least do exercises) Of course it's better to give up flour, fried, salty and sweet)

Yeah, what else to refuse? or rather, what is there then? steamed and fresh? no, that's definitely not for me! About the sport can not argue, but the man needs to eat everything, even a little, but that's all. So I bought myself a drug indelible, with him I eat much less. To each his own, but that's what I like so much like


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