What you need to know about running every bodybuilder

In recent months, Chris Gethin has fundamentally changed his approach to cardio, but if you think he lost muscle mass, you are very wrong. That's what, according to him, every bodybuilder should know about running!

Author: Chris Getin

Many athletes consider running and bodybuilding as mutually exclusive sports. If you are engaged in one, it is not only extremely unlikely that you will engage in another, but often completely impossible. Some say that you will run away from the results achieved in strength training. Others swear that a muscular guy on the road is like a fish on the shore – he will suffocate and gasp for air from the first kilometers.

At the beginning of the year, I set the goal to refute both arguments. In preparation for my first triathlon, I continued to train as a bodybuilder. What is even more interesting, I continued to achieve the goals set in bodybuilding.

However, in this there was no accident. Like most bodybuilders, I weigh a lot more than the average representative of the endurance disciplines, so I had to adjust my training accordingly. In this article, I will share everything that I learned about running integrated into the lifestyle of a bodybuilder.

I live, lift the weights and run, proving that with the right diet and sports nutrition, you can "have everything at once." Of course, if someone is only running at stayer distances, developing endurance, ignoring strength training and sticking to a diet low in protein, the loss of muscle mass is inevitable. But my diet has remained the same: a lot of protein, lots of complex carbohydrates and a moderate amount of fat. As never before, I paid much attention to the inflammation and health of the digestive system, reducing stress for the body and improving recovery efficiency. And it has borne fruit.

The frequency of food remained high – six full meals a day, plus protein after each training session and taking casein before bed. Fast-digesting protein, enriched with amino acids, is an ideal choice for post-workout recovery. Casein is a mixture of slowly releasing amino acids, continuously fueling my muscles throughout the night.

Dry residue: if your food is under full control, the body can grow and develop against the backdrop of any tests.

Lesson 2: running increases fitness in the gym

Most of the bodybuilders with whom I have been trained, were strong, but they seriously lacked endurance. Usually this had a marked effect on their ability to overcome the level of intensity of training that I always chased. Running to stayer distances increased the capacity of my lungs and significantly increased the efficiency of the heart muscle, which immediately made itself felt in the gym!

Increased endurance through running and cycling has proven to be especially useful during the recovery between multi-repeat approaches for large muscle groups, such as back and legs. Arnold himself in the "Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" drew attention to the fact that crouching with heavy weight – it's almost like "run a mini-phone." In addition, I noticed that I began to recover faster after weight training. The heart is easier to pump blood into damaged muscle fibers, it helps to remove toxins and lactic acid, and at the same time and continuously deliver nutrients to areas of local damage.

3 lesson: running is good for health

My goal is to live up to 100 years, and this requires more than the aesthetics of the body. I regularly take blood tests and do food allergy tests to get objective information about how my current habits affect my health. I am very pleased to say that since the increase in the amount of endurance training in preparation for the triathlon, the indicators of my health have become better than ever.

The positive effect of endurance training on my heart, lungs, blood pressure, cholesterol level and even bowel work has received tangible and measurable confirmation. As a person who believes that health should always be a top priority, I could not leave this aspect without attention.

For me, the advantages of running are obvious. Nevertheless, as a person who weighs about 30 kg more than a regular long distance runner, I had to understand how to help my body cope with stress – and especially my joints. Just running a little, I have to run right.

Shock loads at each step should occur in the anterior arch or middle of the foot, rather than on the heel – this will help to avoid unnecessary stress for the Achilles tendon, knees and ankles. Because my hips are larger than a normal guy, they tend to get tired faster. Because of this, attention to the correct setting of the foot becomes even more important.

In addition, I began to pay increased attention to the development of the strength of the hip flexors. The goal was to force the legs to move me forward while running for a long distance, and not just toss up and down due to plantar flexion of the foot. Perhaps every runner runner will only benefit if he has strong hip flexors, as for me, I believe that this is not even discussed. I also tried to do most of the runs on park paths and soft surfaces to reduce the negative impact on the joints.

But while we talked only about the lower half of the body. What happens at the top, while running, also matters. First and foremost, I avoided too active movements with my hands. Instead, I tried to turn the upper and lower body in opposite directions during each step. To make sure that the back is in an upright position, I imagined a ball in the area of ​​the stomach that would fall if I bend to the right or left. So I just could not afford to break my posture.

Do not run away from good health!

Running for endurance has so many advantages that I sincerely regret my fellow workers in the iron workshop who do not use them. Let my experience shed light on the possibilities that are at your disposal, so that you become a fully developed athlete who runs well, and in the hall looks better than others. This is useful for your health, it improves the psychological mood, and it helps to educate the character!


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