When after the birth you can go in for sports

Sports after childbirth is an integral part of the health of mom and baby. However, it is important to know what exercises you can perform, and which you should abstain from.

After giving birth, newly mummies realize that they can no longer wear their old favorite things, as they gained a little extra weight. Well, this is normal. However, this can not be ignored. The most important thing is that you do not need to panic and, more importantly, get depressed.

Having set a strong goal to lose weight, you will definitely achieve your goal and lose weight. However, along with this, the next question is whether the sport will be affected by lactation, because it is very important. We will tell at once, if to pick up correct and safe exercises it is possible not only to find a harmonous figure, but also to improve a lactation.

Sports activities are very useful, especially in the postpartum period. This allows you to strengthen the weakened body, get rid of fat deposits and increase the amount of breast milk. However, it is worth taking seriously to the rules of physical exercise, and to refrain from those sports that are more harmful than help.

Just in case, it is worth consulting with a doctor before starting any physical activity. Also, you should listen to your own feelings. If during the class you feel uncomfortable discomfort, in this case it is reasonable to stop doing the exercises. The following sports are recommended in the post-delivery period:

Swimming exercises very well strengthen and tonify the muscles of the whole body. During the feeding of the baby or his lulling, the young mommy, most likely, is holding it in his arms, because of this, the spine has an additional load. It is swimming that helps to restore the spine, restore the elasticity of the press and the muscles of the thighs.

A month after the birth, you can begin to engage in this sport. This is one of the best ways to regain your lost figure and get yourself in shape. Water is a natural and, above all, a safe simulator, which does not allow overloading the body, and at the same time it forces the muscles to work intensively. However, it is better to do aqua aerobics with an experienced instructor, who will follow the correct technique of doing exercises.

Recently, this sport has gained unprecedented popularity, including among pregnant women. Yoga not only strengthens, stretches and tones the muscles of the whole body, but also reduces the emotional and physical background. This is very important, because because of stressful situations and depressions, not only the general state of health can worsen, but lactation can also be disturbed. Doctors recommend after the birth to start doing yoga.

The most important advantage of walking is that you do not need to waste time on this lesson. If you have a tight schedule, which is painted up to every minute, and you do not have excess time for going to the gym or pool, combine this sport with walks with the baby in the fresh air.

This is one of the safest and at the same time the most effective form of fitness. During training, there are loads on the muscles of the press and the entire body, which allows you to throw off excess kilograms. Also, there are favorable loads on the spine, so you can correct the posture, giving it the same grace.

Surely, many heard about him. What can be more beautiful than a woman performing belly dancing, especially since this will help to get rid of fat deposits from the hips and abdomen. Your waist will regain its outline, and the stretched skin during pregnancy will be tightened, will become elastic and elastic.

It is also worth noting that belly dancing helps to normalize the genitourinary system, strengthens the pelvic muscles and helps restore normal hormonal background. Naturally, this sport will not help to achieve 100% of the result in losing weight, but it will profitably emphasize and correct your figure.

What could be better than skiing in winter, especially since it will help to strengthen your own organism. If there is a possibility, you can go all family to a ski resort, frosty air will benefit both mom and baby. Skiing will help strengthen the spine, leg and abdominal muscles.

Also, like skis, skates are beneficial for strengthening the body in the postpartum period. In the summer, skates can be replaced with rollers.

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What kinds of sports are absolutely contraindicated?

Immediately after childbirth (in the first months), strong physical exertion should be avoided, which can harm the weakened organism of the nursing mother and reduce lactation:

From this venture should be abandoned, if we are not talking about a short and easy bike ride along an even path. The fact is that during cycling there are intense loads on the legs, which can affect the production of milk.

This sport can be classified as energy-intensive. Running, especially long, negatively affects the production of breast milk.

Whether it's judo, karate, aikido or boxing – it's better to abstain from all these activities. Not only that during the power struggle the body is subjected to significant stresses, so also there is an opportunity to get a chest injury.

First of all, this refers to the so-called "adrenaline addicts". If you were engaged in extreme sports before your pregnancy, in order to get your portion of adrenaline, you should abandon this venture both during pregnancy and after childbirth. The fact is that the release of adrenaline into the blood significantly worsens the process of lactation and the baby can completely remain without milk.

These sports can not be engaged for a number of reasons. First, basketball is directly connected with running, and secondly, this sport, like volleyball, is classified as traumatic. Engaging in it, you can get a chest injury.

When is the best time to start studying?

Remember, every minute of delay delays you from the cherished dream of losing weight. The earlier you begin to perform corrective exercises after the birth, the faster you lose weight. However, do not bring your body to noticeable fatigue, it is likely to hurt, than help.

Experienced specialists and fitness instructors recommend starting the day after the birth to do simple exercises with small loads on the body. If the birth was successful enough, without any complications, ruptures and surgeries, then it is possible to begin strengthening exercises in the postpartum department. Even if you are not getting out of bed, you can start doing simple exercises for the abdominal muscles, this can help the nurse.

Regarding the basic gymnastic exercises, which include squats, tilts, hand swings, body turns, they can be performed only when the spotting stops. Typically, it takes from one to a couple of weeks after delivery.

Exercises for postpartum recovery

While your babe peacefully snows in a dream, you can take care of your figure, doing simple, but effective exercises that are performed, lying on your back.

  1. Lie on a flat surface with your back and bend your knees in your lap (the entire surface of your foot is snug against the floor). Maximize the muscles of the press and buttocks, trying to squeeze them to the floor, then lift the pelvis slightly. Do 15 reps on the 4 approach.
  2. When performing the next exercise, it is also necessary to lie with your back on an elastic and flat surface. Try as much as possible to draw the belly into yourself and keep it so for as long as you can do it. It is very important in this exercise not to hold your breath and perform it several times a day.
  3. We lay down on the back, raise the pelvis and press the chin to the chest, then take the original position. This exercise is somewhat like a "bridge", but with a much smaller deflection.
  4. We accept a horizontal position on the floor. The legs should be compressed in the knees, the feet are pressed to the floor. Align the legs, and then take the starting position. This exercise prevents the occurrence of varicose veins.

With the passage of time, you can add new, more complex exercises that will lead the muscles into tonus and strengthen them.

It is important to adhere to the general rules and techniques for doing exercises, only in this way you can strengthen your own health, get rid of excess weight and improve lactation.

I the doctor after childbirth has forbidden 1,5 months to go in for sports. Although childbirth proceeded easily and without injury. What can damage the class during this period? After all, you want to get into shape as soon as possible.

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