Whole body weight training from Ashley Horner

Fasten your seat belts, you are waiting for a roller coaster! Your personal guide will be Ashley Horner's fitness model, which will show you her favorite circular workout. We hope you did not eat too tightly?

Author: Ashley Horner

I'm constantly looking for new ways to test myself for strength, because only so you can continue to move forward. I work on strength and speed, develop endurance. When it comes to fitness, I want everything!

Training for me is more than an opportunity to throw out physical energy. This is a great way to temper the character, learn to cope with difficulties and develop psychological stability, which will help to successfully solve any problems.

You too can learn to overcome difficult periods of your life with the help of training.

Today I will share with you some secrets that help me to progress, be a successful athlete and fitness model, develop strength of mind.

I'm going to take you through three circles of training hell, each of which consists of 3-5 exercises. Circuit training is designed for a large amount of workload and minimal rest between approaches. This will be a very serious test that will test your strengths, functional training and muscular endurance.

It will hurt, so get ready.

Get ready for the painful workout

Between circles can rest as much as you want. But remember that you should always challenge yourself. Leave the comfort zone. Between the rounds, take a moment's pause, but check yourself for strength and shorten the rest periods to a minimum.

Circle 3: 5 rounds (we do not lower the bar)

  • Lifting the bar to the chest: 5 reps.

Take the dumbbells in your hands, go down and press away from the floor. Then, without lifting, with each hand, pull the dumbbells to the chest and press again. After this, with one jump, move the stops to the position for squats and rise. This is considered one repetition.

Holding dumbbells near the chin, go down to the squat position, then go up and perform a dumbbell press above your head. Repeat.

Find a free wall. Lie on your stomach so that your feet rest against the wall. Begin to walk up the wall, moving your hands back. You must finish in a rack on your hands with a face and body facing the wall. Now raise your right hand and slap yourself on the right shoulder, then make a clap with your left hand. Repeat claps five times, go down the wall to the starting position. This is one repetition.

With dumbbells in your hands, go down to the push-up position, touching the chest of the floor. Then jump with your feet between your hips and go up. This is one repetition.

Keep the weight so that it is located between the legs. Slightly bend the lower back and knee joints, move the hips forward and make a swing of the weight, lifting it over your head. Then let the weight return to its original position. This is one repetition.

Keep your muscles taut. Do 10 steps to the platform with one foot, and only after that start to climb the second leg. I make this exercise even more difficult, lifting my free foot at the top.

Just raise the bar and put it on your shoulders is not enough. You must get hooked under the barbell. Use the impulse from the legs and hips to correctly perform this exercise.

Without pause, we move on to the next exercise. Raise the bar above your head until the elbow joint is completely straightened.

Lower, until the knees bend at least at a right angle, and then push the entire foot. While driving, keep your back straight, and the muscles of the body – strained.

Move the bar on your back and lunge forward with one foot. The front leg should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees – do not allow the knee to move inward with respect to the toes of the foot. The knee joint of the working leg should be placed above the foot, and the knee of the second leg should touch the floor. Make five attacks with each foot.

Straighten your back, stretch your torso muscles, breathe smoothly and push off your heel. Crouch deep, below the parallel line!

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