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Why can not you see the muscles? 10 pitfalls workout relief

A lot of people, especially men, just burn with the desire to have a relief body that will raise them in the eyes of the weaker sex and their friends. But there are 10 insidious obstacles, which are encountered more than 70% of all athletes. If everything suits you, then you can not read further, but if you want to finally achieve the desired 8-percentage level of the fat layer – plunge headlong into the text, because this is the key to creating relief traced muscles.

Increased intensity due to violation of technology

The first mistake made by most athletes is to increase the number of repetitions due to "chitting". So they tend to increase the intensity and fat burning, only the problem is that this only distances them from the relief. The whole essence of the traced muscles is the qualitative study of all the beams.

What happens when you increase the intensity, but lose the technique?

The smallest muscle fibers stop pumping, and larger ones are loaded instead. Thus, the development of muscles is sharply reduced. This does not mean that you do not need to increase the intensity, on the contrary, but you should do it gradually not to the detriment of the technique, because it is the main guarantee for the relief of your muscles.

Training on the relief should not last more than 1,5 hours, otherwise it just loses its effectiveness. Your muscles begin to reduce their mass and volume, so you, by working out the relief in this way, cross out 3-x to 5-ti months spent on building up the mass. In order for this to happen, you need:

  • Complete the training so that everything planned can be done in 1,5 hours

If you implement these methods, you can complete a lot of exercises in one workout.

Insufficient or excessive intensity

Here everything is simple, if you do a workout with insufficient intensity, then the muscles will not be drawn due to the low degree of contraction. On the other hand, too high intensity, you will drive yourself into the pit of overtraining, as a result of which you will have to take breaks, and this is a lost time, which can not be returned.

The correct solution is to find the golden mean – a condition that does not bring you comfort, but you do not have any rest. Picking the right intensity, stay in it, because it is thanks to this approach that the maximum relief can be achieved by the end of the program.

Muscle fibers during periods of relief should be able to recover, in order to be ready for new tormenting loads. If you sleep badly, sooner or later – depends on the strength of your spirit, begin to take positions. Lack of rest will provoke:

As a result, you can overtrain, and this will only throw you back in the struggle for a beautiful relief body with symmetrical and symmetrical muscles.

Another reason for not being able to realize their potential is an incorrectly selected set of exercises. Each system must be individual, so another program can have insufficient effect on your muscles. You will either be too tired for the time of training or vice versa, you will not be able to achieve full pumping of your muscles. So always listen to your body:

  • Determine the degree of fatigue after exercise

If you do not have time to rest during the time between training, then you must first revise your regime of the day, and then pay attention to the program.

Despite the fact that you will keep to a diet while working on drying your body, still the protein intake should be such as to nourish your muscles. If the body experiences protein deficiency, the loss of muscle mass will begin, and this is not at all what to strive for. You need to plan your diet so that protein intake during periods of relief development was 2 g for 1 kg of your own weight or 1 g for 1 kg of your own weight.

It is better, of course, to use the first ratio, but not every athlete will have enough money to provide himself with meat for each day. In this case, try to replace the meat with fish, to constantly give the body a protein that will build your muscles.

Nerve strain depletes the body even more than physical, and recovering after it is much more difficult. If you decide to do it, you simply have to make sure that you have a stress pillow:

  • Do not get involved in strange quarrels

It's clear that you can not get rid of stress completely, but you can always minimize their negative impact. Look at the world easier, and remember how you imagine it in your mind, so it turns out to be in reality.

Lack of fluid in the body can play with you a cruel joke in the process of operating the relief. The thing is that when a person gets too little water, it starts to be deposited and the fat layer can increase. Than this threatens your cubes, you probably already guessed.

Therefore, during drying, all experts recommend drinking from 2-x to 3-liters of clean water a day. It is very important to give up carbonated soft drinks, they will interfere with your work on the relief, so it's better to save them for the future mass or off-season cycle.

During periods of drying about the sweet will have to forget. Exclude from your diet:

  • various carbonated drinks

These food products will distract you from reaching the goal, and hobby will not lead anywhere. It will be much more useful to replace them with fruits. Make yourself a variety of fruit salads, which will act as a reward for painstaking workouts in the gym. And remember your goal is to have a beautiful body with the muscles drawn.

The lack of vegetables can be disastrous and will cause the athlete to break during periods of severe diet. All the usefulness of vegetables can not be underestimated, because it is not only useful fiber. This, you can say, is your main food for the whole day. Why should one look at vegetables at all, because they can be eaten a lot and do not slow down the processes of fat burning, which is very important during periods of drying.

Remember! Your norm should be two or better three plates of vegetables for each day.

Your attention was presented to 10 the most common problems that separate the athletes from the result. These pitfalls with each collision make the hull of your ship all the worse and worse, so try not to bump into them. Having considered all the mistakes, you get the knowledge that will help build the workouts, build a menu and distribute the mode to achieve the maximum result.