With insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a violation of the metabolic response to endogenous or exogenous insulin. In this case, immunity can manifest as one of the effects of insulin, and to several.

With insulin resistance

A prerequisite for the effectiveness of insulin resistance is compliance with the diet. The diet should be predominantly protein and vegetable, carbohydrates should be represented by products with a low glycemic index.

Insulin resistance is registered in 10-25% of people who do not have metabolic abnormalities and obesity

Recommended for use are vegetables with low starch content and foods rich in fiber, low-fat meat, seafood and fish, dairy and sour-milk products, dishes made from buckwheat, as well as products rich in omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium.

Vegetables with a high content of starch (potatoes, corn, pumpkin) should be limited, white bread and rich pastries, rice, macaroni, whole cow milk, butter, sugar and confectionery, sweetened fruit juices, alcohol, and fried and fatty foods should be excluded. .

Patients with insulin resistance are recommended a Mediterranean diet in which the main source of food lipids is olive oil. In the diet can include non-starch vegetables and fruits, dry red wine (in the absence of pathologies of the cardiovascular system and other contraindications), dairy products (natural yogurt, brynza, feta). Dried fruits, nuts, seeds, olives can be consumed no more than once a day. It is necessary to limit the use of red meat, poultry, animal fat, eggs, table salt.


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