Workout for beginners at home: exercises for girls and boys

Vorkaut is a new direction, the name of which is borrowed from the English workout – checking, training. This kind of sport comes from the United States, more precisely from American street sites, where young people did not have access to sports halls and shells. The mandatory requirement in the vorouth is great endurance and explosive power. In the Russian conditions, the voraut has undergone some changes. The style of the Russian vorkaut is more focused on power and static powerful exercises.

Originating on the street vorkut and remained a street sport. They are engaged in the open air, usually – without a coach, but in the company of friends. Training is based on four exercises: pull-ups on the bar, workout on the uneven bars, push-ups and squats. Sometimes, it could also include an omdöme & test.

There are several directions of the vorouth, each of which has its own peculiarities, exercise and its followers. Most often distinguish three types: street, ghetto and sports vorkaut.

Street wrestling is also called street (yard) or jimbarr (gimbarr). Exercises of this direction are performed on outdoor sports grounds, in parks, and so on. This version of the vorkaut is from Colombia. It includes both general exercises, and specific only in jimbarre. He develops coordination. Flexibility, endurance and strength. You can practice this style of wrestling on any sports ground and in other places where there is a regular crossbar.

The main feature of street wrestling is the lack of competition. There are no worst or best, the atmosphere of camaraderie prevails, among athletes it is customary to help each other and share their knowledge and skills. If there are competitions, they are usually team.

The ghetto style comes from areas of American towns populated by African Americans. Since there were few sports grounds there, it is based on exercises that can be performed anywhere. Instead of a horizontal bar you can use downspouts, stairs, benches, trees and fences. All these and other items in the ghetto vorkauta are replaced by sporting shells.

Developed relatively recently against the backdrop of the increasing popularity of this sport. From other views differs by increasing the number of complex combinations and strength exercises. In this direction, real competitions are held, with judges, standards and ranks

On this kind of competitions are held, from local to world level. The sportswoman not only performs all the necessary elements – artistry and an unusual manner of performance are also evaluated. But the determining factor is the complexity of the program. As in gymnastics, all performances have musical accompaniment. The unofficial hymn of all the vorkauters is the composition “I’m Workin ‘Out!”, Also popular songs 2Pac, Tayler and other performers. This direction has received a lot of admirers in many countries of the world.

Training on vorkautu allows you to work out a variety of muscle groups, as well as the nervous system, in a very special way. When performing these exercises involve such muscles, which are usually practically not used. Usually, for mahovye movements, we use only the musculature of the right shoulder, and we carry the support only to our feet.

When exercising on the bar, the back muscles become the support, and the muscles of the legs are used for the swings. This allows you to more fully develop your body, become sturdier and stronger. In the process of training, the work of the vestibular apparatus improves, coordination and even thinking improves. Forcing your body to work differently, you can get such strength and power, which can not be achieved with the help of ordinary occupations.

The main principle of the vorouth is that for training you can choose any time and place. Doing always and everywhere, without spending money on this – this is the fundamental idea of ​​this sport. To train, you do not need to go to the gym – enough sports ground in the yard or any school. It was the availability of classes that became one of the main reasons that made the vorkout so popular.

With the help of this sport everyone can work on his body. It will only need its own desire – the training systems are designed in such a way that even beginners can easily cope with them. At first, they perform the simplest movements, as the trainings complicate the program.

Training on the vorouth includes both dynamic movements and static ones. Among them there are several basic elements – having mastered them, you can easily cope with any program. Among the most common elements of this sport can be identified:

  • Horizon.
  • God’s walk.
  • A spear.
  • Checkbox.
  • Swallow.
  • Exits of the angel, the prince and the officer.
  • Force output on the zve or on one arm.

If these names seem incomprehensible to you, then start with the most simple and familiar to all movements, namely:

  • Push-ups from the prone position and from the bars.
  • Vis on the horizontal bar.
  • Pulling up.

By doing these exercises, you will be able to train muscles and begin mastering the more complex elements that are made by experienced wrestlers.

As already mentioned above, no special sports equipment is required for training with a wright. However, not very simple shells to use all the same need. Best of all, if for training you will find a site where there will be:

  • The tourniquet is an indispensable simulator that strengthens the muscles of the hands and back, it is used for pulling up.
  • Bars – help to work out a variety of muscle groups, used mainly for push-ups.
  • The bench is on each site. With its help, you can pump the press.
  • The Swedish wall is used for a variety of exercises, strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs, back and the press.

In sports wrestling stands discharge, as in any other sport. They are not defined randomly – there is a special system by which the skills of each athlete are assessed. The ranks of these are all allocated from seven to nine. The most complete includes:

  • First, the Beginner – it is necessary to perform 8 correct pull-ups, 15 push-ups from the bars and 30 from the floor, sit down at least 15 times and manage to carry the tray of legs to the bar without swinging.
  • Second, Athlete – the number of pull-ups increases to 14, push-ups from the floor and bars to 45 and 25 respectively, squats to 25, trays to the queen’s legs – up to 5 times.

It is also necessary to sit on one leg 2 times, perform a corner on the uneven bars up to 5 seconds or more, perform a lift with a coup and exit on one hand at least 3 times.

  • Third, Turnikmen – in addition to increasing the number of standard exercises, you need to perform exercises such as a feather, coffin and a vial on the uneven bars.
  • Fourth, Athlete – a typewriter and swallow are added to the general list, the number of repetitions increases.
  • Fifth, Athlete – includes not only normal pull-ups, but also three repetitions on each of the hands, as well as an increase in the number of repetitions of each exercise and a new element, a horizontal emphasis on the horizontal bar.
  • The sixth, Olympian – to the previous category adds a three-second horizontal stop on the floor.
  • Seventh, Candidate Master of Sports – will include pull-ups, including those with 15-kilogram weight, push-ups are usual and with a weight of 25 kilograms, horizontal stop under the bar, on the floor and other exercises.
  • Eighth, Master of Sports – for pull-ups, an additional weight of 15 kilograms is used, for sit-ups of 40 kilograms.
  • Eighth, the Lord of the Vorkaut is the maximum number of repetitions of all elements used in the previous categories.


If you have never been engaged in a wrestling and other sports, you should start very carefully. The main problem is the insufficient preparation of the vestibular apparatus. Because of this, beginners are often lost in space and fall during the exercise. This can lead to a very serious injury, so you should train according to a special system that assumes the gradual development of strength and endurance.

The development of the vestibular apparatus is an obligatory element of the training of the beginner. Such training includes a number of exercises:

  • Hanging upside down on a horizontal bar.
  • Rocking.
  • Rise with a coup.

Rocking on the bar should have as much amplitude as possible. The wider it is, the more effective the training will be. However, the swaying time should not be too long – no more than one minute. Otherwise, you can lose consciousness and get a serious injury. Gradually, as far as exercise. The execution time can be increased. The load when swinging passes from the pectoral muscles to the broad and back. When performing this exercise, you need to fix your position in space as best as possible and maintain your orientation. To swing, you need to slightly bend in the back, then relax, pull your legs to the chest and throw away their beliefs. Repeating this cycle, you can swing more and more.

The inertial impulse will allow to save and increase the amplitude of motion. When moving backwards, the legs are important to keep straight, and when moving forward, slightly bend and throw forward so that the swing is wider.

This training includes:

  • The first day – pull-ups on the bar with the usual grip, push-ups with the hands on the width of the shoulders, on the horizontal bar or the Swedish wall with the legs lifting, push-ups with the help of beams with a slope.
  • The second day – pull-ups with a grip wider than the shoulders, push-ups from the floor with the setting of the arms are also wider than the shoulders, the lifts are similar to the previous day, push-ups without inclination.
  • The third day – pull-ups on the bar with a grip already shoulder widths, push-ups with articulation of arms are already shoulder widths, push-ups with forward inclination on uneven bars, legs lifts.
  • The fourth day – stretching and push-ups with the usual width of the setting of hands, legs lifting and simple push-ups with bars.

Many believe that the vorkout is a men’s sport, and the girls involved in it are really not so many as guys. However, there is a special direction of the vorkaut for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, which provides for the development of primarily flexibility, not physical strength. Strengthen the musculature, it also allows, but between training in endurance and flexibility, a balance is maintained, allowing the girls to keep their figure beautiful and graceful.

Training for girls can be built on such a system:

  • In the sitting position, the straight legs should be maximally diluted to the sides, one of them left straight, the other bent. It’s important to keep your back straight. Perform slopes to the straight leg at the maximum amplitude. Then change your legs and perform similar exercises in the opposite direction. This exercise helps to develop flexibility and improve the stretching of the hips.
  • In a similar situation, you need to straighten both legs. The slopes in this case do right, in the middle between the legs. The goal is to touch the floor or the ground with the chest.
  • The starting position – lying on the back, hands to wind the head. Alternately bend the leg in the knee and touch the left foot of the elbow of the right hand, and the right foot – the elbow of the left hand.
  • Their analogous position is to bend the legs in the knees, put the feet on the floor and rest your buttocks on the floor. Transferring weight to the feet and shoulders, raise the pelvis as high as possible.
  • In the prone position on your stomach, straighten your arms and pull them forward. The legs are also straight and connected together. From this position, you must simultaneously raise your arms and legs as high as possible and hold them for 30 seconds. Exercise repeat several times.

Of course, no one can forbid the girl to engage in the usual vorkaut. But this may require more time and training, since the strength of the girls is initially lower. But with due diligence, any girl can become a real wrestler.

The most effective exercises for beginners you will find in the following video:

Starting to train, each athlete must observe several important rules. Before every workout, a warm-up is essential. It will help warm up the muscles and reduce the risk of injury. During the training session, breaks are not done. All the exercises are repeated in three to four laps, only after that you can rest. Between each round the break is not more than five minutes. To avoid overwork, training is not done every day, but four to five times a week.

It’s unclear why this became some kind of sport. All these exercises are forced to do in the army, beginning with the course of the young fighter. And they pass standards on tightening and push-up. There it is forced to do. And at the end of the service, all the soldiers are already performing the upsurge of the coup and the crypt. That’s where he came from the US to us.

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