Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back


Today the word "yoga" is often found in our life. If we say that the whole world is embraced by him, then, probably, we will not be mistaken. Everywhere there are meditative centers, schools, ashrams are opened.

Yoga is a religious-philosophical aspect. In the full sense, yoga is understood as the totality of several practices. This is spiritual, psychic, and physical practice. This is a developed set of systems and methods of self-knowledge of the person himself. The ability to control with the help of physical exercises his psyche and the physiological processes of his body.

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Yoga is a very precise science, with centuries of practice. There are a lot of specific exercises and techniques for revealing the inner world, improving the well-being, it is unity, tranquility, calmness.

Excavations in the Indus Valley indicate that India is the founder of the ancient written testimonies that have come down to us. They are more than 3000 years old. One of them is the Veda, which includes 4 parts: the Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda, Atharvavaeda. They are the bearer of information about beliefs, outlook, knowledge, history, culture of those times. Traditionally, yoga can only be transmitted from the teacher to the student, in order to prevent distortion of information.

What is the benefit of yoga to the body and the human condition?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of yoga is its effect on the health of the spine. A healthy spine, as a rule, is the basis of the whole body. Yoga can cure such a terrible disease as scoliosis, get the right posture, get rid of overexertion. And not only the spine, but all internal organs. There are special exercises for the proper functioning of the internal glands and organs that make up their work, and lead to the path of their full recovery.

In addition, yoga helps to strengthen immunity, and getting rid of some serious diseases: impaired metabolism in the body, leading to obesity, sleep disturbance, migraine, infertility, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness.

The cardiovascular system also has great benefits: increasing hemoglobin level, increasing red blood cells in the blood, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, normalizing blood pressure, improving blood circulation. And the right blood circulation is a healthy complexion, thick beautiful hair, getting rid of leakage, tightened skin without wrinkles.

Regular yoga helps to reduce weight. As a rule, this happens slowly and evenly, and thus the extra pounds do not return. Meditating, the soul is immersed in a completely different world, where peace and tranquility is acquired, which helps to concentrate your attention and direct your thinking in the right direction.

Are there any contraindications to yoga?

By the rules, regardless of the state of health, each person can practice yoga and there are no age restrictions. But yoga is not always a physical exercise. Contraindications Hatha Yoga (group classes). Before you begin, you need a specialist consultation. Yoga can not be practiced if you find one of the following:

  • problems with the psyche, the state of schizophrenia;
  • with diseases of internal organs at the stage of exacerbation;
  • with pathological protrusion of the peritoneum into the cavity of the inguinal canal;
  • at high arterial pressure, as well as cranial;
  • postinfarction;
  • with severe heart failure;
  • with leukemia, leukemia;
  • with diseases of ARVI
  • pregnant women from 12 weeks and after childbirth 12-15 weeks;
  • Of course, you can not perform exercises during a period of exacerbation or pain. Whether it's back, neck or joints;
  • categorically contraindicated, if after exercising yoga, a deterioration in the condition or an increase in pain is felt. If this will be repeated after each session, it is better to stop and consult with a specialist.

What rules do you need to adhere to if you are new?

Of course, it's best to start the exercises with an experienced master and get some lessons from him. Get recommendations on books and video lessons. But if there is no such possibility, then it is enough to follow the basic rules, it's also possible to understand yourself.Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

For beginners, exercises should be simple in execution, not having a powerful effect on the physical side. In other words, especially without straining the joints, properly work with the body. This will lay the foundation that will be needed in the future.

Why not start yoga? You can not begin with complex exercises: lotus posture, bridge, complex twists, stand on the head or shoulders. They can be replaced by simpler ones, until you develop the spine and joints. If you begin to perform them through force, without reaching this level of skill, you can cause irreparable harm to the spine, chest, and joints. Then you can forget about yoga at all. This does not mean that you need to be afraid to start classes. There are many safe, easy-to-perform, but no less effective exercises.

Remember the basic rules of successful classes:

  • It is very important to do the exercises for a couple of hours after eating.
  • It is advisable to practice alone.
  • You can take a gym mat, you can just on the floor.
  • It is desirable to warm up, warm up the muscles.
  • Follow the breath – breathing should be smooth and calm, without sudden breaths or exhalations.
  • Relax – you need to listen to your body and mind.

First, we need exercises that increase the mobility, flexibility of the spine and strengthen the joints – this is the pose of the mountain, triangle, snake, relaxation, stork. Starting with these exercises, you can confidently prepare your body and body to gradually move from the initial exercises to complex elements.

As you know, doing yoga in old age is not forbidden, but on the contrary – it is very useful. With age, bones become weak, the body weakens, all the time accompanied by rapid fatigue, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness. It is in old age, as never before, that the body needs support and yoga is necessary.

Many people, having worked their retirement and think that everything. They drive themselves into a corner, throw their affairs, begin to lead a sedentary lifestyle. This all leads to premature aging of the body, and yoga will help support the body in tonus and thoughts at rest.

The basic posture in old age is the posture of relaxation. If you learn to listen to your body in time and restore your spirit, you can avoid many diseases that lie in wait for you in old age. Suppose if you are not able to perform exercises in the standing position, you can do exercises that are performed sitting.

If you can not sit, there is a complex of asanas in a lying position. In addition to yoga, if you enter into the habit of walking outdoors, alternating a warm and cool shower, drinking the right amount of water, you can achieve tremendous results. After all, this is the age when the house is built, the children have grown and now is the time for enjoyment in the company of grandchildren.

Exercises to strengthen the back and spine

A very big problem today is a sedentary lifestyle. Most people spend their time in a sitting position, which certainly has a negative effect on the condition of the back and spine. And stressful situations and internal tension leads them to spasm.

In general, back pain can be different: trauma, damage to the intervertebral disc, a hernia of the spine. The pain in the back arises quite sharply and at times even you are afraid to move, in order to avoid the recurrence of pain.

With acute painful sensations, the first thing to do is not to strain your back, but on the contrary – to relax. If the pain continues, it is necessary to take an anesthetic, lie down and take a comfortable position.

The main task of the exercises to strengthen the back is to improve blood circulation. The influx of blood will help relax the muscles and relieve pain. When performing exercises, pain should not arise, everyone should choose asanas, taking into account their own characteristics and state of health.

So, let's look at several options for back strengthening exercises:

Drawing deep muscles with the help of rolls on the back is easy.Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

  1. Lay down on the back.
  2. The legs are bent at the knees and are clasped in the arms, slightly raised.
  3. In this position we roll on our back 5-6 times.
  4. The back is in an arcuate position to prevent impacts against the floor.
  5. Perform on 4-5 approaches and breathing space.

Pressing the spine to the floor

Drawing of deep muscles of the back, with the knees directed to the sides with the pressed backbone to the floor.

  1. Lay down on the back.
  2. The legs are bent at the knees.
  3. We keep our shins with our hands.
  4. In this position, we press the entire spine to the floor, and hold it for a couple of minutes.

Pulling the deep muscles in a horizontal position with the support of the feet on the wall.

  1. We lay down on the back parallel to the wall.
  2. The legs are raised by the walls.
  3. Hands are straightened.
  4. They are thrown back.
  5. We press ourselves to the floor and lie in this position for a couple of minutes.

Are there prohibitions when practicing yoga?

As such, there are no restrictions, but there are certain rules that yogis adhere to. They strictly observe the rules of nutrition. What foods are included in their diet, and which ones do not eat at all? With what it can be connected?

  • Yogis do not eat meat. The reason for this is that meat refers to heavy food, and this is an extra burden on the liver. Another reason is that meat is a victim. And this brings bad energy and horror, and finally – the food should be clean, and animals can eat anything;
  • All that is fried, steamed, sweets, salted;
  • Yogis try to use a minimum of spices and salt, but do not completely abandon them;
  • Do not eat after 19 hours.

There are several simple asanas, they can be performed without the help of a specialist, and preliminary training. They will not harm the body in an inaccurate performance, but they will help to find a common language with your body.

It is important to approach yoga with special trepidation and aspiration. Many, not understanding what they need, they start and immediately drop out. Many experts in this area recommend not to rely on read books or viewed videos, but listen to your mind and body. Do everything gradually, slowly, without fuss, and never compare yourself with other people. This is the main rule of yoga, regardless of which direction or school you chose.

Also, always pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. We follow the position of the body. After all, when you move from one position to another, blood is circulating, so it's important to carry out the transitions correctly. Stretching is the main thing, so the entire body must be stretched. Stretching – it does not mean stress, everything should happen smoothly, slowly.
  2. Proper breathing during exercise. To learn the right breath is very important. Three organs should be involved: abdomen, thorax, collarbone. We inhale in such a sequence and also breathe out.
  3. Understand all that is happening at the subconscious level. Focus your attention on the involved part of the body. Having mastered this, you can control your emotions, experiences.

Here are the best asanas for beginners:

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Standing exactly on your feet when you inhale, raise your hands upwards, leading them to the back of your head. You can bend one leg and put it on the other. This asana aligns the posture and strengthens the spine.

We rest on the floor with the palms of our hands, with our heels we step back, and raise the pelvis. Head under the elbows. We distribute the weight evenly on the arms and legs. In this position, we stand about two minutes. Exercise gives slenderness to the legs.

In the standing position with your hands up, do inclines down. Exhale flexing in the lower back. Exercise gives tone to the whole body.

To understand that the exercises are performed correctly enough to listen to your body. If there are new sensations, then everything goes right.

We bring to your attention a video with asanas for beginners, it will help you correctly perform the basic exercises:

So, let's draw conclusions from all the aspects considered. Yoga – this is what will change our life for the better, this age-old tried and tested teachings that bring incredible benefits and bring to our lives great changes, changes for the better! Start yoga is not an easy task, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. So why not take this step today, if tomorrow it will only do you good?

In today's world, there is no difficulty in starting yoga. There are hundreds of centers, fitness clubs, where yoga is widely practiced, there are books with exercise illustrations, there are millions of video lessons on the Internet, where everything is shown in detail. Doing yoga, you can significantly improve your health, improve your mental and emotional state, and you can make a program and schedule in any form.

Be engaged useful, be engaged necessary and live fine. Health is the key that opens all doors.

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Yoga for beginners at home: classes for the elderly and for strengthening the back

Can children do yoga? At what age is it better to start studying?

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