Yoga: where to start studying and how to practice at home

Every year, such a mystical occupation as yoga is gaining more and more fans around the world. In addition to being a great way to keep a figure and develop flexibility, it will also teach a person spiritual cohesion with himself, help to achieve absolute harmony. Now yoga classes have become a symbol of prestige, one of the trends of fashion. However, it is not difficult to begin the classes and it is possible to achieve results easily at home.

Yes, at first it may not be easy, because there are many questions. However, very soon you will begin to comprehend the basics of this art, and this article will help answer the question: what is necessary in order to do yoga.

Where to start studying yoga and first lessons

Everyone at least once in his life heard the word yoga. It does not matter where you got the desire to do it, the main thing is that it came. That's why it's best to start learning it right away. However, if you decided to do it yourself, then the question arises, where should we start.

We must understand, in addition to the fact that yoga is a gymnastics filled with exercises of varying degrees of complexity, it still carries a deep philosophical meaning, restoring the person not only on the physical plane, but also on the spiritual plane. In fact, over time, yoga becomes a kind of life path, which the seeker of enlightenment is ready to pass. This requires an unusually serious approach, weighty restrictions and a sufficiently long time interval.

In order to start properly, you need to find the most suitable form of yoga for yourself. Find some simple asanas from each and feel your inner sensations, they will prompt what is more necessary for the organism. Also find the most suitable clothes in which it would be very convenient.

The best time for yoga at home

A single answer to this question was never found. Here everything depends on what you need: energy or comfort.

If you want a positive charge of energy for the whole day, then perform the selected asanas during the morning. You can do it in the daytime, if you feel the same desire. Such activities will help restore the emotional background and improve the mood in general, as well as give the necessary energy.

In fact, if you want to practice yoga at some time of the day, even if it happens several times, do not ignore it. Just reduce the time of classes and the number of asanas, so as not to overtax.

However, it is absolutely not worth starting a class if you feel unusually tired, are in a state of arousal or you are sick. The first two days of menstruation should also be a time without classes, except relaxing before going to bed.

Choosing the right place for yoga at home

First of all, decide whether you want to do gymnastics at home or in nature. Each of these spheres has its pluses and minuses. If you have decided, then start to choose a suitable place for yourself on the following parameters:

  1. Comfort and coziness. It does not matter what kind of place you pick yourself up, whether it's a balcony, part of a room or even it's completely,

a home garden or even a park in the park, you should feel unusually cozy in this place. It in itself should be a place of protection for you, do not cause any negative emotions and at the same time be comfortable enough;

  • Silence. Yoga, first of all, is immersion in yourself, which is why there should be no extraneous sounds. Do not choose a place near the roadways, because the sound of passing cars and people will be very much interfere. At home, you must turn off the TV and phone and send relatives with pets for a walk.
  • All this will help to achieve the state of rest, which is so necessary for practicing yoga.

    Starting to practice yoga, one must at once set a goal for itself in the course of time to make it its almost unconscious habit. That is why it is necessary to conduct regular systematic studies.

    However, for those who have just started to comprehend this kind of gymnastics in order to get real support and benefit to the body, the optimal amount of weekly training will be four. 2 training per week is the so-called critical minimum, which is suitable only for those who have absolutely no time. However, with this mode of any results have to wait a very long time.

    If you can set aside for training only an hour a week, then it is useless to take up the mastery of yoga, because such lessons alone can not be called practice. Of course, in a few years, some improvements will be noticeable, but they will be very unstable. At the same time, you can not make asanas familiar to your body and properly perform them.

    However, for those who are full of enthusiasm and free time, the number of trainings can be increased to six. In all sports, always leave at least one day to rest. If you have chosen this pace for yourself, then dilute the exercises with meditations, kriyas and mantras.

    Do yoga need food and water treatments?

    The first thing to do here is to talk about the regime of drinking water. It is the source of life and is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. There are some rules that you should stick to if you want to have a normally functioning organism during the sessions.

    If you practice morning yoga classes, be sure to drink a glass of water before him, but in the evening, it's better to forget about him. However, here everything depends on different practices. For example, kundalini yoga allows you to drink water in small sips, even during classes, but this is more an exception than the rule. Just remember a little advice: during dynamic practices, never use water during the training.

    The last use of water before classes should be about half an hour before and after the exercises. In itself, yoga is aimed at warming up the body. This can easily be prevented by soaking cold water, which will simply narrow the blood vessels and cool the body.

    Yogis are vegetarians, if you really want to know yourself, then you will have to apply this practice by giving up meat. Of course, this is not a prerequisite, without which it is impossible to practice yoga, but such nutrition will positively affect the body.

    The remaining recommendations here are quite simple:

    1. Do not eat before going to bed;
    2. It is better not to consume large amounts of sugar and salt;
    3. Alcohol is an enemy that should be avoided;
    4. Activate eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Here for you the world of spices opens, they will help to give food a unique taste and at the same time will give the body a visible benefit. Indian spices have long helped the yogis in understanding themselves.

    However, be sure to remember that there are no immediately before performing exercises in any case impossible. After a meal, at least a couple of hours must pass before he clears himself of all that is superfluous.

    Without water procedures during the yoga classes can not do. It is from a clean body that any activity should begin, so be sure to wash yourself before starting the asanas. It is best to take a cold shower, and if possible, even swim in the source or pond. After that, do not wipe yourself. Drying in the air is an excellent way of tempering the body. After graduation, it is best to avoid an immediate shower.

    Yoga is certainly very useful for any organism. However, like in any other sports, there are some contraindications that must be observed.

    • temperature above 37 degrees;
    • after other sports;
    • after taking any alcohol;
    • after an exacerbation of a chronic disease;
    • immediately after any meal;
    • a few hours after bathing procedures or massage;
    • in the first couple of days of menstruation.

    As can be seen, the list of contraindications is small and almost all account for those moments when no one will come up with any exercises.

    We bring to your attention a video lesson with asanas for beginners:

    If you use all the small tips that were suggested in this article, you will soon be able to begin to comprehend such a complex art as yoga. It does not require the use of any supernatural abilities or expensive adaptations, most importantly, to adjust oneself to the inner world.

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