Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight


Yogurt diet is one of the many varieties of express diets. Thanks to this mode of power, it is possible to reset to 3 kg in one week.

The yoghurt diet for weight loss was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, this diet was intended for clients of a high-quality Swiss health resort, its founder was German doctor Zeyk.

As a result of this diet, patients were able to reset to 3 – 4 kilogram per week.

The main principle of yogurt food is to eat up to 500 g of yogurt every day. It must necessarily be low-fat homemade yogurt without added sugar.

Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

Sweeteners are excluded, as well as ready-made purchased yoghurt products. This norm of yogurt should be divided into several meals, preferably up to six.

In addition to yogurt, the diet of a person on a yogurt diet may be different products.

  1. Fresh fruits. From fruit, you can prepare salads dressed with yogurt, as well as smoothies.

However, some fruit should not be consumed. These include grapes of any kind, pears, as well as watermelons.

These fruits contain a lot of sugar.

It will be much better if during the diet use any citrus fruit.

Their use for weight loss is known for the fact that citrus burns excess fats.

The total amount of fruit eaten per day should not exceed 500.

Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

At the same time, its amount for food intake should not exceed 150.

The most preferred types of meat during the yoghurt diet include rabbit, calf, chicken.

They have little calories and fat.

  • Vegetables. In addition to the meat dinner, it is allowed to eat vegetables and make salads from them.

    The most beneficial vegetables for salad are greens, cucumber, Bulgarian pepper, and also tomatoes.

  • Liquid. During such a diet it is important to drink enough fluids.

    The most preferable is to include water (mineral or conventional, but without gases) and herbal tea.

    Also allowed to drink juices.

    However, they must be freshly squeezed.

    They need to be done at home, while buying shops is strictly prohibited.

    The most beneficial juices for weight loss are juices from citrus fruits, as well as apple juices.

    Pomegranate juice is especially preferred.

  • Yogurt is considered the most useful among all sour-milk products, especially when it comes to natural homemade yogurt without flavor additives.

    Among its main useful properties can be listed:

    1. Strengthening the immune system.

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    All of the above useful properties are in large quantities in homemade yogurt. Based on the benefits of the main component of the diet, you can understand that in general this diet will bring a lot of pleasure and health.

    In addition, as mentioned earlier, the diet can be supplemented with other useful goodies.

    The duration of the yoghurt diet for weight loss

    The often asked question is the duration of the yogurt diet. One can not give him one general answer, because the course can last depending on the reaction of the body to a new diet.

    In this case, it is better to repeat this diet only after a month. If you feel worse, you should stop the course.

    Also, if you want to lose even more after a little weight loss on a yogurt diet, you can try unloading days or other effective mono-diets.

    Yogurt diet, like most other temporary regimens, has advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantages of such a diet include the following factors:

    1. It is balanced. This means that yogurt combines all the necessary substances for the normal working capacity of the body. The main ones are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. For this reason, the passage of this diet excludes fainting and poor health.

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    But the diet also has minimal disadvantages:

    • it excludes a long passage, it can affect the health and general health;
    • does not allow sharp disruptions and transitions to full-fledged food.

    As it was said earlier, yoghurt diet can have different terms of passage. The most frequent course duration is three days or a week.

    2. 100 of cottage cheese;

    2. Berries and nuts.

    2. Vegetable salad on cabbage;

    2. Vegetable salad on cabbage;

    3. Pomegranate juice.

    2. Drinking yogurt;

    3. Pomegranate juice.

    3. 100 cottage cheese.

    2. Pomegranate juice.

    3. Vegetable salad;

    4. Pomegranate juice.

    2. 100 g curd mass with raisins.

    2. 5 ripe strawberry berries.

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weightThe recipe for unleavened bread for cooking at home can be found on our website.

    How to cleanse the body of alcohol can be found in the article. Also cleansing the body of the effects of smoking, slag and toxins, cleansing before losing weight.

    Reviews about cucumber diet here.

    After a detailed study of the properties and principles of the yoghurt diet, you can draw the following conclusions:

    1. Yogurt food, although it belongs to the category of express diets, is still easily tolerated and sparing.
    2. It can be complemented by other products, and not only fruits and vegetables, but meat.
    3. Yogurt has several useful properties for the body and immunity.
    4. The diet has many advantages, while there are practically no minuses.
    5. The diet has minimal contraindications.
    6. Based on the reviews, the diet is easily tolerated only by the formed organism.

    On losing weight on a yogurt diet you can learn from the video.

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    Yoghurt diet is an express method for losing weight

    Recently, I cook yogurt instead of kefir for an unloading diet. If you take a good starter, you get a good tasty drink, which can be used for salad dressing, and for desserts. At home yoghurt very soft sour-milk taste which is well combined with any fruit, spent three-day diet on yoghurt with cottage cheese, excellent sensations. I can say that I use Bakdzdrav's starter, it's very convenient and quick to do with them.

    Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

    And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

    Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.

    Kiwi used to be like a fairy fruit, now it is sold in every grocery store. Very good.

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