Fruit diet for weight loss

It turns out that you can part with extra pounds without resorting to debilitating diets, the daily menu of which includes a piece of cheese, one carrot and several spinach leaves. Lovers of sweets (and lovers too) will be very happy when they learn that it is possible to lose weight deliciously and juicy on a fruit diet. The lucky ones who have already changed the wardrobe, thanks to such a food system, note that along with the centimeters also slackness, apathy and bad mood also go away. This is not surprising, because fruit diets for weight loss make up the lack of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the body, which means that immunity increases, the condition of hair, nails and skin improves, and metabolism normalizes. For ten days of fruit diet can lose from 7 to 10 kilograms.

Fruit Diet – this is only the general name of the system of weight loss, based on the use of fruits in large quantities. In fact, such a diet can be conditionally divided into several subcategories:

To find the best and most comfortable way to lose weight, you need to consider each of these diets in more detail.

Fruit abundance or some apples?

When talking about a fruit diet, most often mean a food system, in the menu of which only fruits are included. If you want diversity, you can include in the daily diet several items: apples, pears, kiwi, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, peaches, apricots, bananas, etc. However, you need to consider the following point: high-carbohydrate bananas, pears, mangoes, etc. It is better to eat in the morning, in the evening you can be content with apples, oranges or tangerines. By the way, fruits do not have to be whole, you can make delicious salad or smoothies from them.

An approximate menu of a multi-fruit diet for a day will look like this:


  • Fruit and berry smoothies from bananas and strawberries with the addition of natural yogurt;
  • A cup of green tea.


  • Berry fruit juice or compote of dried fruits.
  • Fruit salad from oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, etc .;
  • Green tea or mineral water.
  • 2 green apple;
  • Any drink.

This scheme is given as an example sample. In general, any fruit diet assumes the use of fruit in any quantities (although this does not mean that you can eat two dozen bananas a day). Good results are also given by fruit mono-diets. The principle of such diets is very simple: during the day you can eat only one type of fruit (for example, only apples or the same bananas). Diets that include one fruit component are difficult to follow, but the desired effect is achieved much faster.

Widely distributed watermelon diet (despite the fact that watermelon is a berry, the diet is referred to as fruit). For 3-4 days supply of watermelon flesh can lose weight by 2-3 kilograms. The most effective fruit mono-diet is apple (apples are very useful fruit for weight loss) – eating only apples for a week, you can lose weight by almost 9-10 kilograms. The optimal timing for diets is 3-7 days for mono-diet and from several days to one and a half weeks for a multifruit diet.

Fruit and vegetable mix for weight loss

Diet on vegetables and fruits is the most sparing option, as it will not be difficult to sustain it. The main principle of the diet is the use of fresh vegetables and fruits for several days. Now the menu is even more extensive, as it can include a variety of vegetable salads and snacks. From drinks you can still drink a green hour, fruit drinks, compotes and mineral water. The unloading of the organism on the fruit and vegetable diet will also have a positive impact on overall well-being: thanks to the high content of fiber in fresh vegetables, slags and toxins will be excreted from the body, and the complexion and normal digestion will be normalized. Adhere to such a scheme of nutrition can be from a few days to a week and a half.

"Paint" kefir diet

In the effectiveness of the popular kefir diet, not one thousand women, who were considerably prettier after three or four days of nutrition with only a sour milk product, became convinced. To easily "sit out" on such a diet and not run out of saliva at the sight of any food, you can enrich the "kefir" menu with a variety of fruits. Include in the daily diet 0,5-1 a liter of kefir and some of the most favorite fruits. You can also prepare from the ingredients delicious yogurt, grinding the ingredients in a blender. The average duration of the fruit and kefir diet is from 3 to 5 days.

Fruit-protein diet with carbohydrates

During protein diets, the body experiences severe stress, as it practically loses such an important nutrient as carbohydrates. Naturally, you should not scoop them out of cakes and pastries, but a few juicy ripe fruits will only come to the good. A diet based on fruits and protein products, allows you to eat eggs, cheese, boiled or paired chicken meat, boiled lean fish, vegetables and fruits. If you make the right diet, you can gradually lose weight and not feel hungry at the same time.

Approximate menu of a fruktovo-albuminous diet for a day:


  • 2 eggs soft-boiled;
  • 2 slices of cheese with a leaf of lettuce;
  • A cup of not strong coffee (without sugar) or green tea.
  • Vegetable fat-burning soup;
  • 100 g paired chicken meat;
  • Salad of cucumbers and tomatoes;
  • Compote or mors.
  • 100 g of boiled lean fish;
  • Casserole from Cauliflower;
  • Green tea or compote.

In between meals, you can eat any fruit, preferring high-carbohydrate in the morning.

Fruit Diet: Pros and Cons

The main advantage of a fruit diet before other ways of losing weight is simplicity of implementation and a fairly diverse menu. Do not torture yourself with hunger – at any time you can eat an apple or pear and kill this unpleasant feeling. In addition, if you choose the right approach, you can really part with a few extra pounds – is not this the main goal of any diet?

Nevertheless, despite all the obvious benefits of a fruit diet, you need to consider several "pitfalls" of such a scheme of weight loss. First, like any other food system, a fruit diet has a number of contraindications:

  • allergic reactions to certain types of fruits;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis with high acidity, ulcer and others);
  • diabetes.

In any case, before you start to follow a particular diet, you need to consult a specialist and conduct the prescribed examinations. This is necessary in order to exclude a possible hidden disease.

The main thing in the process of losing weight is to improve externally without harm to health, so in everything you need to know the measure. The recommended terms of the fruit diet are from three to ten days. You can also occasionally arrange delicious unloading days on fruits and enjoy the next day with ease, a surge of energy and a wonderful mood.

Video about kefir-fruit diet

Video about fruit diets

Reviews about the fruit diet

Do not believe it, but he sat down on this diet, when he began to notice that from the chicken and fried potatoes appeared boka and a small ledge in front! Fortunately, it was summer, there was a vacation, at work it was not necessary to strain. A friend, having learned that I'm on a diet, began to be pinned that on apples and tea you will not go far! Small physical exertion, and please! . -3 kg per week!

I'm on it and dumped 5 kg! For a month, really . No, of course, if you need to throw a kilogram of 10-15, then apples with bananas here will not help. I had all the problems in that I ate a lot of chocolate and flour. It was difficult. of course, at first on a diet, bread and more. but nothing. Well, again – you need to consider your body, for example. a colleague has an allergy to apples and citrus fruits

after to me the doctor has told or said to cease to be engaged in a sports hall because of sprains of muscles of a back, for me it was as a sentence! After a couple of months I gained a lot of weight, from which I had to get rid, here I read an article for a fruit and vegetable diet. After I started to stick to it, I lost 6 kg. Very effective diet, satisfied with the result!

Well, just do some fruit diet makes it possible to improvise. I, for example, also have an allergy to oranges, so I do not use them. I just do this diet in the summer, when you can do without exotic fruits, when there are apples, pears, plums and all sorts of other fruits, for example I like peaches very much. So usually during the summer I bring my figure in order.

I think this fruit diet is perfect for those girls who like fruits as much as I do. I lost ten pounds in 2 weeks and will not say that I woke up at night from wild hunger. And due to the fact that the diet was not all harmful enhancers of taste and preservatives, the skin came in order, and in general, the state of health throughout the diet was excellent, I think if you add a little sport, the result will be excellent!

Once, before the wedding, I had 75 kg in me, and I felt just fine then. Has passed 15 years, and here in me 122. A lot of sores were attached, from pressure to gout. There are pills of buckwheat very tired, decided to quit and fight the root cause – obesity. I've never sat on diets, I've studied them a lot, there are very tough ones that I can not at all decide. I decided to choose Fruit-protein; life without meat does not represent. For a couple of days I got used to fruits and cooked chicken, I add more vegetables. The results may not be as steep as others, but 12 kg per month – for me it's just superb! Already now I think and I am surprised: "How could I have carried a half bucket of water with me. ". Now we have to get rid of the whole milk can. I do not even say that I do not give up, I just now quite satisfied with such food.

I like a fruit diet, but with the prefix "mono" – I eat apples all day long. Apples are quite nutritious, so that the day passes relatively well, you do not want to eat, and plus a cool detox for the body. But now I think to move on a full-fledged fruit diet, because the menu is simple, and for the body, additional nutrients. How will the results – accomplish your goal!

I do not even know how to start talking about my problem. I had a lot of stress, after which I began to recover. For a week I was gaining 6 kilogram. I'm weighing 130 already. I tried a diet, I drank pills. Nothing helped. I was advised a fruit diet. I could not believe my eyes. I began to lose weight. I weigh already 70 kilogram. I will not dwell on this. I feel great.

I began to recover very abruptly and somehow unfoundedly, immediately ran to the doctors to find out the reason. And this cause was a hormonal failure (((The hormones were put in order, we even had to resort to a small operation, but now everything is in the past.) The only problem remained was the excess weight that had been refused for that time, which simply refused to go anywhere. the decision to go on a diet and go in for sports, sport is just the support of the body, but the diet plays a decisive role in my opinion. "I sat" on a fruit and vegetable diet, it was in the summer, just the season itself. , so also mega useful A whole body, after all how many vitamins you get with this! All in all I was able to easily achieve the desired result, which is what I wish you all))

Classroom diet) Due to lack of time, I stopped doing fitness. The result is predictable – a couple of months + 5, a nightmare. I tried a multifruit diet (I was fed on the sample menu, which is offered). Only now I could not give up my favorite chocolate .. and the result is just super! for 2 weeks, she dropped not only the purchased kg, but even more)) (in general, it turned out negative minus 7 kg) And this despite the fact that the diet is really easy, there is no feeling of hunger or weakness. You eat delicious and healthy fruits, so you lose weight)) I advise everyone!

This is perhaps the most delicious and easily tolerable diet in the world! I strictly adhered to it this spring before the beach season (well, the girls will understand me – it was impossible to strike the dirt in the face :-)). For two weeks dropped almost 5 kilogram. True, I still ran and did exercises (all sorts of exercises), but did not overreact. So the main effect was the diet – this is 100%. I adhered to the fruit and vegetable diet. Fruits and vegetables, I just love, so everything was easy and without failures at all. Dare girls (and boys). Be the most beautiful and healthy.


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