How to lose weight in a month at 10 kg at home?


The question of "emergency" weight loss, at least once, but stood before everyone. Time is short, and extra kilograms are not 1, not 2, but whole 8, 10 or even 12. Of course, it would be more correct to take care of a slender figure in advance. But do not despair, because you have a whole month left.

Any experiments, one way or another, related to health is important to think in advance. It is very important not to harm yourself while losing weight.

You can resort to the help of fitness trainers and professional nutritionists, but having the willpower and the desire to lose weight – it is quite possible to achieve a visible effect. The main thing, at the same time, know the basics of safe weight loss and use them competently.

Principles of nutrition to lose weight by 10 kg per month

To efforts have not gone in vain, do not neglect the basic principles of nutrition for weight loss, namely:

  1. Every hour, drink an 1 glass of still water to improve metabolism. We tend to confuse hunger and thirst. Before eating, drink water and the amount eaten will decrease at times.
  2. Caloric foods are consumed for breakfast, so that during the day all excess calories were consumed.
  3. For dinner, give preference to low-calorie varieties of meat or fish. Combining them with stewed vegetables.
  4. Limit or completely exclude the use of salt. It detains excess fluid in the body, and this prevents weight loss.
  5. Exclude from the menu sausages, sausages, cutlets of industrial production.
  6. Their confectionery products give preference to bitter chocolate and desserts based on fruits (jelly, sorbet, salads).
  7. Exclude flour, fried, smoked, sweets and fast food.
  8. Portions should be small.
  9. Exclude fasting and overeating.
  10. Fractional power (Eating 5-6 once a day).

For, to lose weight by 10 kg per month at home, you need to plan your diet in advance and paint the menu for the coming month.

Effective diet for a month

Is it possible to lose weight in a month for 10 kg? It all depends on the input data. If you grow 170 cm, you weigh 60-65 kg, then the question of losing weight on 10 kg is not at all advisable. For this case it is better to use a balanced, healthy diet and sport.

But, if the problem is serious, and you are overweight – diet for a month – just what you need!

So, diet for weight loss at 10 kg per month at home:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal on the water and 1 egg;
  2. Snack: 1 banana;
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup, low-fat steamed fish and any cereal;
  4. Snack: 1 apple;
  5. Dinner: vegetable salad.
  1. porridge buckwheat on water and 1 slice of cheese;
  2. a handful of dried fruits – 20 g;
  3. vegetable stew and boiled brisket;
  4. low-calorie kefir;
  5. diet cottage cheese casserole – 150
  1. cheese cakes diet;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. vegetable soup and baked fish;
  4. 1 cottage cheese with low calorie content;
  5. salad of tomato, cucumber and boiled bacon.
  1. scrambled eggs;
  2. 150 g low-calorie cottage cheese;
  3. dietary ear and 2 cutlets;
  4. 2 baked apple;
  5. carp steamed and 150 g rice.
  1. 2 boiled eggs, a slice of black bread and 20 g cheese;
  2. 1 apple;
  3. mashed potatoes and brisket;
  4. 1 low-fat cottage cheese;
  5. tomatoes and gurtsi – according to 2 pcs.
  1. Dietary casserole;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. vegetable soup and boiled brisket;
  4. fruit;
  5. salad of fresh vegetables and 1 slice of bread.
  1. 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese and a slice of black bread;
  2. a handful of dried fruits;
  3. vegetable stew and boiled chicken meat;
  4. 2 apple;
  5. Salmon steamed and a little rice.
  1. Breakfast: kefir with buckwheat and 1 egg;
  2. Snack: 1 apple;
  3. Lunch: onion soup and boiled brisket;
  4. Snack: 1 banana;
  5. Dinner: vegetable stew and jelly with fruit;
  1. oatmeal with dried fruits;
  2. 1 low-fat cottage cheese;
  3. soup puree from vegetables and hake steamed;
  4. 1 apple;
  5. dietary casserole.
  1. cottage cheese with dried fruits and nuts;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. Beet soup with a slice of black bread;
  4. salad from vegetables and brisket;
  5. kefir.
  1. omelet steamed and 20 g low-fat cheese;
  2. low-fat yogurt;
  3. vegetable Shchi, boiled buckwheat with brisket;
  4. 2 apple;
  5. 150 g curd 0-5%.
  1. 2 eggs, hard boiled;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. mashed potatoes, carp baked;
  4. 1 apple;
  5. vegetable salad with the addition of brisket.
  1. dietary syrniki;
  2. a handful of nuts;
  3. low-fat ear and a slice of black bread;
  4. 1 apple;
  5. kefir.
  1. yoghurt with dried fruits;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. mashed potatoes and 2 cutlets;
  4. 2 baked apple;
  5. macaroni of firm grades and boiled brisket.
  1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge on milk;
  2. Snack: 1 banana;
  3. Lunch: cabbage soup, rice with vegetables;
  4. Snack: 1 apple;
  5. Dinner: steamed fish with cucumber salad.
  1. oatmeal and 1 egg;
  2. fruit;
  3. pumpkin soup, rice with cutlets (for a couple);
  4. fruit jelly;
  5. kefir.
  1. buckwheat and 1 egg;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. onion soup and 1 slice of black bread;
  4. boiled brisket meat, raw vegetables.
  1. diet pancakes and tea;
  2. a handful of dried fruits;
  3. borsch dietary and a slice of black bread;
  4. vegetable casserole.

Unloading day on buckwheat and vegetables.

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal and 1 egg;
  2. Snack: fruit;
  3. Lunch: fish baked with vegetables;
  4. Snack: kefir;
  5. Dinner: boiled brisket.
  1. omelet steamed and 1 slice of cheese;
  2. a handful of nuts;
  3. rice soup and baked fish;
  4. 150 cottage cheese.
  1. rice porrige;
  2. curd – 1-2% fat content;
  3. boiled fish with vegetables;
  4. fruit smoothies.
  5. porridge buckwheat, kefir.
  1. 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. low-fat broth, rice with boiled fish;
  4. smoothies;
  5. dietetic omelet.
  1. yoghurt with dried fruits;
  2. fruit jelly;
  3. mashed potatoes, steamed beef steaks;
  4. berries;
  5. a fresh vegetable salad.
  1. oatmeal on water and a slice of cheese;
  2. a handful of dried fruits;
  3. low-fat broth, rice with boiled fish;
  4. fruit;
  5. kefir.
  1. toast with cheese;
  2. 1 banana;
  3. stew with boiled chicken meat;
  4. 2 baked apple;
  5. fermented woman.

By stopping the use of salt in food, the body very quickly parted with excess fluid and, as a consequence, for a week you can lose weight on 4-6 kg!! These are quite real numbers when losing weight! So you are on the right path to a slim body.

How much should I consume calories per day?

It is safe to lose weight 850-950 g per week. However, if you want to lose weight quickly (in our case, 2.5 kg per week), then you should strictly follow the recommendations in nutrition and increase physical activity.

The diet for weight loss at 10 kg per month, must include:

  • vegetables and fruits: can be, both fresh, and stew. It is better to give preference to vegetables rich in fiber (squash, cabbage). They have a lot of coarse fibers, which has a positive effect on digestion. The exception will be potatoes and bananas;
  • proteins – meat, eggs, legumes. Proteins-nutrition for muscle tissue. They are quickly absorbed, which prevents them from settling on our waist, in the form of plain skladochek. Preferably, white meat – chicken, turkey, low-fat fish (cod, sea bass);
  • slow carbohydrates – porridge, bread from the flour of coarse grinding. It is better to use them for breakfast, tk. they are very caloric.

How much should I consume calories per day to lose weight by 10 kg per month? For effective weight loss a woman needs to eat no more than 1 200 kcal per day, a man 1400.

When losing weight, it is important to remember the drinking regime in (every hour a glass of water). It is recommended to eat multivitamins in order to make up for the lack of minerals and trace elements when losing weight.

What exercises do you need to do?

How to lose weight for a month on 10 kg on proper nutrition? If you are determined to go to the intended goal, then without the normalization of the diet can not do.

To safely lose weight and lose excess weight, be sure to stick to it basic principles of proper nutrition:

  • drink more water;
  • regular exercise;
  • do not overeat (eat often and gradually);
  • Exclude salt (you will immediately see a noticeable result).

So, having decided to "give battle" to the magnificent forms, it is necessary to understand that the restrictions in nutrition will be small for weight loss.

For the weight to go off evenly, it is necessary to carry out complex of physical exercises.

Training should last 40-60 minutes, 3-4 times a week. It is better to do exercises for all muscle groups, paying special attention to problem areas.

Exemplary workout plan for losing weight:

  1. Squat – a simple and very effective way to remove the accumulated fat from the thighs and lose weight in the sides. Place your feet shoulder width apart and sit on an imaginary chair. You can do deeper squats or to increase the load, pick up some weight (an ordinary bottle of soda, filled with water). The number of repetitions, it is better to choose on the basis of the physical state, on average, three approaches for 15 repetitions.
  2. Scissors. Take a lying position. The loin is pressed to the floor, raise your legs at a right angle and swing your legs, imitating the movement of the scissors. 3 approach for 15-20 repetitions.
  3. Planck. Stand on the floor, leaning on your elbows and socks at the same time. In this position, you need to be at least 30 seconds, each day to increase the duration to several minutes. Work the muscles of the press, the front muscles of the thigh, hands.
  4. Push ups. Put your hands on the floor, placing them on the width of your shoulders. Legs on toes. Bend your arms in the elbows as smoothly as possible, lowering the body to the floor. Do not forget about the straight back. 10-15 repetitions, on the 4 approach.
  5. Impacts. Here we will need dumbbells weighing 1.5-2 kg. Take them in hand. From standing, step right foot forward and squat. Then change your leg. The number of repetitions 20 times for the 3 approach.

Before classes start, you need to warm up your muscles – Walk on the spot, within 10 minutes.

To quickly lose weight at home on 10 kg for a month without diets, you need a lot of training. Sport helps to solve the problem of losing weight and to achieve a slender and elastic body.

Cardio-training for losing weight

Cardio training Is primarily an aerobic exercise aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. If the heart works faster, the metabolism increases.

It is important not to overdo and give the load dosed (2-3 times a week). In order for the body to recover.

  • The most accessible, but no less effective, exercise for home jumping rope. 120 jumps per minute – average speed. In total, 750 kcal is burned in an hour.

To effectively lose weight by 10 kg per month with cardio, before starting workout it is recommended to wrap the body with food film. This will help quickly lose weight and remove excess fluid from the body.

Cardio slimming program for 10 kg:

  1. Squats with jumps: feet shoulder width apart, perform a squat with a straight back. From this position, make a jump upward. And so – 15 repetitions.
  2. Jumping on the rope – 20 minutes.
  3. Falls and flies on 40 times;
  4. Push-ups: put your hands on the floor, shoulder width and rest your head with your toes. Smoothly fall parallel to the floor. Therefore, 20 reps.

Run the 3-4 approach.

When you follow all the recommendations, you will be able to get rid of extra pounds and lose weight effectively in just a month.

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