How to lose weight? Rational diet for weight loss

Excess weight just does not appear. Any nutritionist and doctor will tell you about it. The appearance of extra pounds indicates the presence of any diseases that lead to a violation of the hormonal background and slowing the metabolic processes in the body. But when a person is completely healthy and at the same time has problems of this kind, it only says that he simply does not eat right.

Malnutrition implies the consumption of a large amount of high-calorie food, which contains simple carbohydrates, leading to the formation of caries, fat and slowing metabolism. Benefits from them there is no.

Therefore, the only way out in this situation will be a change in the diet, it should be balanced, that is, have in its composition all the substances necessary for the body, and rational – to ensure energy balance.

The rules of rational nutrition

Rational nutrition should include a variety of foods rich in vitamins and micro- and macro-elements. In this case, the ratio of the components of the power supply should be as follows:

  • complex carbohydrates should be 60%;
  • vegetable fats – 12%;
  • animal fats – 10%;
  • proteins of plant origin – 7%;
  • Proteins of animal origin – 6%;
  • sugar – 5%.

With this nutrition, the digestive tract is normalized and the metabolic process is accelerated, thereby reducing weight.

In addition to all this, rational nutrition for losing weight implies observing the regime of the day. That is, you need to eat at the same time, while you should not skip meals. The number of basic meals should not exceed 4 times and the food should be fractional. The last meal should be in 3 – 4 hours before bedtime.

The energy value of the consumed products should not exceed the amount of energy that the body spends throughout the day. Calculate the calorie intake in each case individually, taking into account working conditions and lifestyle.

What foods includes a healthy diet, menus?

Rational nutrition includes the daily use of the following products:

  • fruits and vegetables – they contain a large number of vitamins and other nutrients necessary for normal functioning. They should be more than 70% of the total diet;
  • dairy and sour-milk products – they contain a lot of calcium needed to strengthen bones, as well as various bacteria that favorably affect the work of the digestive tract;
  • low-fat varieties of fish and poultry, eggs and legumes – these products contain many proteins that are the "building blocks" for muscles. At the same time, there is little animal fat in them;
  • bread, cereals, high-quality pasta and potatoes – these products contain many proteins and complex carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. Many believe that these foods contain a lot of calories, but this is completely wrong if you use them in pure form.

In addition, rational nutrition implies the use of a large amount of fluid. This is the usual drinking water, and fruit juices without sugar, and herbal teas.

The consumption of sugar and salt should be minimized. Sugar contains simple carbohydrates, which leads to the formation of fat deposits, and salt promotes fluid retention, which leads to the appearance of not only extra pounds, but also edema.

For an adult, the daily intake of salt is 6. The average person consumes about 18 – 20 g salt per day, which is almost 3 – 4 times the norm. It is necessary to abandon the use of salty foods, and to improve the taste, you can use, for example, lemon juice.

Rational nutrition leads to the improvement of the body, so everyone should eat in this way, and not only one who has problems with excess weight. A healthy lifestyle is a guarantee of health and longevity, so do not delay the transition to a rational diet until tomorrow. Start eating correctly today and then you will notice how in a few weeks your figure will start to transform, and your health will improve, there will be a lot of energy and energy that will help you achieve your goals.


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