Proper nutrition after weight loss training

Do you go to the gym or aerobics, but you can not see the results of your work on yourself? In addition to a regular, well-chosen program of classes, the second decisive role in losing weight is food. It directly affects the result of the lessons. How to eat properly when training to achieve the desired result? Let's consider all the details in this article in more detail.

What you can eat after a workout for weight loss?

Food before and after training for weight loss dramatically affects the result. To properly eat, it is not enough just to know the names of foods that you can or can not eat while observing the regime. It is necessary to take into account the amount of food consumed, its caloric content, compatibility of products and digestibility.

With food, the body receives fats, carbohydrates and proteins. For effective weight loss you need to learn how to distribute them correctly. The fact is that, depending on the type of sports training and the time when they are conducted, before and after classes you need to use a different ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. In addition, the diet after training in men and women, too, can vary.

To determine, through how much you can eat after training in the gym, you need to consider the purpose of their classes:

  • If you are doing weight loss, you can eat after two hours after classes;
  • If your goal is to increase muscle, create a body relief, that is, you can already in 20-30 minutes after training.

What can I do after the evening training?

Active slimming often ask an important question: what you can eat after training in the evening, to lose weight? Nutrition after a workout for weight loss should be low-fat. It is desirable in the diet of a losing weight predominance of protein, fiber, green vegetables. Remember also that if you eat at night, food should be easy.

To a girl to lose weight, after training you can eat the following foods:

  • protein – a meat of low-fat birds without skins; eggs in the form of a steam omelet or cooked; dairy products, like cottage cheese; low-fat fish: cod, pollock, hake, pike perch; buckwheat porridge without oil; beans;
  • vegetables and greens any;
  • fruit unsweetened – apples, raspberries, currants, blueberries.

From fat during weight loss you can eat only a couple of spoons of olive oil, for example, in a salad dressing. Fast carbohydrates are banned, they affect the accumulation of fat, from which you are trying to get rid of. Protein food gives strength and strengthens the muscles, not allowing them to be burned with excess fat. If you do not use it, and actively engage in it, they are depleted.

Recommended products after the morning workout

What you can eat after a morning workout during a weight loss period? Since the morning meal is considered one of the most important, after a workout you can afford to eat delicious protein foods, like cottage cheese, chicken breast, eggs, cheese, fish. Include in the diet of nutritious cereals, vegetables and fruits. This food will charge with energy for the whole day, restoring at the same time the balance of nutrients in the body after physical exertion.

At the same time, should be excluded from the diet: sweets, baked goods, fatty and fried foods. Nutritionists also do not recommend drinking coffee after exercise. Otherwise, the effect of training for weight loss will be zero.

List of products for fat burning

First of all, determine for yourself what there is a post-workout for weight loss, after all the body needs recharge after classes. However, it is required to give him time to restore strength, not from the food he has just received, but from the reserves. That's why losing weight is advised to wait two hours after training, and already then to trapeznichat. And now you need to understand what is after the workout to lose weight?

What is after the workout to burn fat – a list of products:

Fat products, unnatural foods, coffee, tea, cocoa should be completely excluded from the diet of slimming after exercise.

List of products for drying the body

When drying, the body relief is created, muscles are allocated. This is achieved by a special set of measures, which include both physical exercise and diet, in which the number of animal fats and fast carbohydrates is almost completely cut. It is important to understand that without the help of a professional, drying can seriously undermine your health, especially for girls.

During drying in the diet, you need to include more proteins. Consumed carbohydrates should be complex. Often, professional athletes, bodybuilders and models for this purpose supplement the diet with sports nutrition, rich in proteins. When drying, you are allowed to eat fatty fish. It also helps to increase muscle relief.

Eating after a workout on drying – a list of products:

During the drying period it is necessary to drink up to 2,5 liters of water per day, dehydration can also have a negative effect on the processes of getting rid of excess body fat and the formation of muscle mass.

As with weight loss, during drying under an interdiction are sweets, fizzy drinks, pastries. However, in small quantities you can eat marshmallows and marmalade.

Proper nutrition after a workout for a set of muscle mass

This type of food is suitable for athletes, bodybuilders and those who are just beginning their journey to the ideal relief body. To begin with, it is worth familiar with the basic rules of nutrition for muscle mass gain:

  • fractional meals up to 7 once a day;
  • high-calorie food;
  • limiting harmful fats, as well as fast carbohydrates;
  • daily water consumption – up to three liters;
  • competent daily distribution of portions.

In the afternoon, athletes need to eat most of the daily allowance – about 70%, and this includes the most caloric meals.

So, what you need to eat after training for muscle growth? Immediately after the session you need to drink a protein cocktail, in order to close the protein-carbohydrate window. Then, after 1-1,5 hours, athletes allow themselves a plentiful meal. To eat after training for growth of muscles it is necessary taking into account a parity of fibers / carbohydrates / fats – 30% / 60% / 10%. All these elements after training will be aimed at restoring and qualitative growth of muscle mass.

  • Proteins – from low-fat dairy products, chicken or turkey meat, fish, beans, buckwheat, eggs, nuts;
  • Carbohydrates – coarse bread, cereals, muesli, hard varieties of pasta, bread, vegetables, including mushrooms, greens, fruits;
  • Fats – olive or linseed oil, fish, seafood.

It is forbidden to eat: fast food, sweet, carbonated drinks.

List of products for women and men

Food should be chosen depending on the purpose of exercising – weight loss, drying or muscle building. Besides, food for men and women will be slightly different. It's all about the characteristics of physiology and metabolism – a woman naturally can not build up muscles on a par with a man. Muscle mass is increased due to the hormone testosterone, which in women is not produced in the right amount for this purpose.

The necessary food for the recruitment of muscle mass for women and men is complex carbohydrates, animal and vegetable proteins. Fats should be present in the diet in a small amount, and mostly vegetative.

What you can eat after training to gain muscle mass for girls?

  • Proteins – cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt, eggs, legumes – 30-35%;
  • Fats – olive oil, not more than 10%;
  • Carbohydrates – after training quickly digestible, before – long digestible – 60%;
  • Do not forget to drink water, at least 1,5 l.

What is after a workout for levying muscle to a man?

  • More carbohydrates, including long-digestible ones – 65%;
  • Proteins – 35%. These are poultry meat, salmon, tuna, eggs, milk;
  • Fats – 10-15%, of plant origin;
  • Drink water based on your weight.

What you can not eat after training?

Regardless of the purpose of the workout, whether it is weight loss, drying or muscle set, after exercise you can not eat fast carbohydrates. This rule can not be violated, otherwise training will have no effect.

After training, you should forget about the existence of the following products:

  • sugar;
  • sweet fruit;
  • fast food;
  • snacks;
  • sweet pastries, sweets;
  • fats of animal origin;
  • carbohydrates of long-lasting cleavage – pearl barley, pasta from soft wheat varieties, white bread, pastries;
  • alcohol;
  • sweet fizzy drinks.

They slow down metabolism, contribute to the accumulation of fat and significantly reduce the result of your efforts.


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