Rigid diets for fast weight loss


A huge number of existing diets allows any person to find the most suitable. Rigorous diets for fast growing thin are very popular. In most cases, such diets consist of low-calorie foods with a low content of dietary fiber, protein and minerals. Fast diets are able in the very shortest time to eliminate 2-3 extra pounds.

Rigid diets for fast weight loss

Advantages and disadvantages of hard diets

To the merits of rigid diets, it is first of all possible to attribute their low cost. As rules, fast diets do not require large financial costs. In addition, with their help, you can lose from 500 g to 1 kg of excess weight per day. A hard diet is the best choice if you need fast weight loss before any significant event.

The disadvantage of rapid weight loss is the stress experienced by the body. Rapid weight loss can bring tangible harm to health. That's why the express diet should last no more than 2-3 days. During this time, such a system of nutrition will not bring much harm. Nutritionists do not recommend applying hard diets more than 3 days, during which you can lose up to 3 kg of excess body weight.

Another significant disadvantage of rapid weight loss is its reversibility. If the diet is not adhering to the end of the diet, the lost pounds will quickly return.

Do not forget that almost all of the hard diets have contraindications. These include heart disease, abnormalities of the stomach and digestive tract, colds and general weakening of the body.

Rigid diets for fast weight loss

Alternative to hard diets

As an alternative to hard diets, exercise days are often used. Essentially, a fasting day is a one-day express diet. The menu of this day is similar to the diet of a rigid diet. However, according to doctors, this weight loss does not cause harm to health. The use of a fasting day is quite a useful procedure for the body, since it helps to cleanse it. Therefore, even people who do not suffer from an overabundance of weight, it is recommended from time to time to arrange unloading days.

Popular rigid diets

All of the below listed diets contribute to rapid weight loss. But in spite of their effectiveness, it is not recommended to apply them more than 3 days. Diets, designed for a longer period, it is advisable to supplement the reception of multivitamin complexes to prevent the deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Low-Carb Diet – the easiest stiff diet lasting 3 days. Her menu is seriously limited by the caloric content of the diet, but in general the carbohydrate content in it is not critical (about 60 g per day). During the whole diet, it is necessary to drink as much water as possible, 2 liters is the minimum required. It is strictly forbidden to use any drinks with the presence of alcohol, fruit juices and fruits, with the exception of grapefruit.

Diet Models – the most rigid diet, since there is no dinner at all. Allows for 3 days to lose from 3 to 5 extra kilograms. Repeat it can be no more than once a month. It is strictly forbidden to consume salt and sugar during a diet.

Jockey diet – a rigid diet, the effect of which can be strengthened by massage and sauna.

Seven-day protein-carbohydrate diet – All put daily standard of food is divided into 5 meals.

Brazilian Diet – is included in the most severe diets, which is due to its two-week period and the possibility of losing from 4 to 5 extra pounds.

Tokyo diet – a six-day hard high-yield diet, which allows you to lose about 5,5 kg of excess weight. The daily menu consists of a kilogram of chicken tobacco two liters of liquid.

Diet actresses – a long hard diet, which can be observed for a long time, because the content of her menu does not interfere with the normal functioning of the body.

Semi-Liquid Weekly Dietsbut – very strict rigid diet, but for 7 days is lost only about 3 kg of weight, which makes the result more stable.

Rigid diets for fast weight loss

Hard diets are an effective way to quickly get rid of excess weight. In principle, any diet, in which the daily calorie content does not exceed 1200 kcal, is rigid. In addition, all mono-diets are considered to be hard diets, as when they are used, nutrients enter the body.

Based on all of the above, it can be noted that you can apply rigid diets. However, they should not be abused. It should also be remembered that any weight loss becomes meaningless if, after the diet is not respected the proper nutrition and do not follow your figure.

You can find out more about hard diets by watching the following video:

Video about unique diets

Video about what threatens rapid weight loss

Reviews of hard diets

When I need to urgently throw off a couple of kilograms, I use a diet of models. Yes, she is very tough, I agree. But if there are no contraindications and there is willpower, why not suffer, for the sake of an important event 🙂 If the time is a little longer, 6 days minimum, I'm sitting on a Tokyo diet. I do not consider it to be very tough, but I throw off stable 3-5 kg. Look at the sensations, the main thing after all is not to harm the body.

Kind time of the day! If you want to achieve results – then go for it and this will help a tough diet, while the main thing is to have also a strong willpower that will allow you to keep on this diet.

Has recovered for pregnancy on 30 kg. Any excess weight itself did not disappear, so I had to go on a diet. Someone may say that a hard diet is harmful, but personally for me, one of these gave a good push to lose weight, adding motivation. I was sitting on a seven-day protein-carbohydrate diet. I will not say that it was very difficult for me. Observed without violations, she was well fed. It turned out to lose weight on it by 3,5 kilograms.

And you are breastfeeding? The fact is that during breastfeeding, the weight disastrously melts before our eyes, but not immediately. Need time. If you are breastfeeding, dieting is contraindicated for you.

After the divorce, I began to eat up my nerves. Could even wake up at night and go to the fridge. My weight, when I finally saw myself, was already 86 kg. I was horrified. And she decided to pull herself together. I started on a low carbohydrate diet. Previously, I went to the gym and, thanks to this diet, almost all the subcutaneous fat was removed. For the first week I dropped 4 kg. Of course, this is not enough and I decided not to stop. In the following weeks it was possible to reset the stable 4-5 kg, since I also connected the physical load. Now my weight is 58 kg

You are right, from nervous situations not only lose weight, but also grow stout. The same goes for me. Although I'm not divorced, my husband drinks heavily, and that's why I'm plagued. Weight gained catastrophically, To it the indifference to the kind has joined. But one day, I was very angry with myself, because to see my reflection became unbearable. I got on a jockey diet. For three days she dropped 4 kg. And so from time to time. In the end – minus 9.

To get rid of excess weight turned out to be problematic for me. Although until the birth did not think that this is possible. I started on a strict diet, because I know that I need control and discipline. I. Hurray, after a couple of weeks I also began to weigh on 4 kg less. And my weight does not stand still – it is constantly decreasing. I'm already used to the diet and I even like it. I recommend it for those who lose weight.

Julia, but do not tell me what kind of diet? I somehow did not believe in the effectiveness of hard diets, it seemed to me that it was stress for the body and after some time the weight would return. I'm attracted to your diet, that weight is constantly decreasing)

A tough diet is ideal for starting weight loss. You "program" yourself, tune, clean the body of excess byaka and prepare for the next stages. But for such diets you need a colossal willpower.

Well, or it is ideal when you need to quickly lose a few pounds. I do this before the holidays, or when I need to appear somewhere in all its glory.

Severely, but effective.

I agree that it works well in emergency situations, but if you consider long-term weight loss, when there is a lot of excess weight, it is better not to get involved with hard diets, because you can finally kill the metabolism and then get fat from the air.

By chance our site also remembered that my wife already

I tried several diets, but I got real results. Offered

her to try this option. and after two months it became easier by five

Now only I hear how she on the phone to all her friends is praised and

recommends this diet.

For finding this information, I, of course, also got my

For me, there is nothing better than hard diets, especially in those cases when you need to lose weight urgently to a certain event or vacation. It is much easier for me to take myself into a fist and severely restrict it for a certain period of time, and then see the expected option on the scales. I use such diets at least once a year closer to summer. And let the nutritionists say that this is not right, but it helps me.

So, I tell you: I have a completely unsportsmanlike wife, that is, she is engaged periodically, but very unwillingly, but, unfortunately, the physiology of her body is such that as soon as the classes stop, immediately the weight goes up, with hard diets it is about the same . HOWEVER, experimentally it turned out that if during a diet to drink VERY much water, it is water, not tea, coffee, etc., and engage in static exercises, for example. callanetics, then, first, the diet is easier to sustain, and secondly, the result will last much longer, because the fat does not just disappear, but melts into muscle tissue. And yet, do not chase after kilograms! Much more important is the volume!

About the volume is absolutely true. Not described above the minus of severe diets is that the first thing goes muscle tissue along with the minimum amount of fat, of course, the girls expect not quite this result.

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